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  1. The only way this could be "fixed" is to dump the science aspect of the game having anything to do with unlocking parts and come up with something else. They could tie achievements and efficiency into the ability to unlock parts. I basically only play career mode and end up creating a science "roller" and visit every biome in the launch complex to get the science necessary to get to the Mun or Minmus. Mean while really tough missions like rescuing Balbee from orbit get passed up because it doesn't have the science to make it worthwhile. If you need money, you can build a huge war chest flying tourists on Kerbal suborbital/orbital missions over and over.
  2. Jacmac

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    I look at all EULAs pragmatically. I ignore them unless/until the EULA owner does something stupid. I must have accepted thousands of EULAs over the years, I don't know what any of them say. They could say I'm giving up the right to exist on Earth and I wouldn't know it.
  3. Jacmac

    Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    If you're really concerned with what might be sent from KSP, collect the network traffic and analyze it. If you find something illicit in the communications, I'll be there with the pitchfork too. Otherwise, das macht nichts.
  4. Doesn't it depend on Steam? I thought Steam did their mid week specials change and Steam updates on Tuesdays at 4pm PST??
  5. Jacmac

    Mission Parameter: "Flying"

    I figured it out. It wasn't "Flying", it was the speed when it shifts into Orbital. I was slowing down and missing the surface speed range.
  6. Jacmac

    Mission Parameter: "Flying"

    No doubt that I'm heading out of the atmosphere, with my angle of attack, I'm going to hit at least 80K. I'll try a vehicle designed to plow through horizontally, I wan't really using thrust vectoring, just going straight up.
  7. I have two assigned missions in career mode that appear to be impossible due to the parameter "Flying". Both missions involve testing a component above 41K meters at speeds greater than 600 M/S. When I pass approximately 38K meters, I shift from Surface to Orbit. I don't know whether Surface means "Flying" but I am at about 650 M/S when this happens. When I get to 41K at 650 M/S all parameters show a green check, except for "Flying". Is this a bug or am I missing something?