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    Hello DECQ, I recently installed your mod Space Shuttle System and I have a problem with the cockpit and my fuselage which is black. Need help


    Hello Dragon01. I talk to you because I have a problem with your Bobcatind sovietpack (I took Soyuz, Mir parts and Buran). When I go on the VAB and I try to assemble Buran the parties do not want to get fixed between them. Help me please. Thank you. Nath '. You do an excelent job. (I have the same problem with CSS) (Sorry for the translation I am French and I use google translation)

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    2. Nath'


      Hi Dragon 01. I have a problem with the Space Shuttle System: I use mechjeb to make an orbit and when I get to the separation of the boosters the perigee increases but the time before arriving at the perigee decent example: Perigee: 50 000 km time before being there 1 minute, after boosters separation: 60 000km time before being there 30 seconds need help

    3. Nath'


      The same with Above the sky

    4. Dragon01


      Shuttle isn't easy to fly, MechJeb isn't too good at it. Learn to fly manually. Also, don't overload it.