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  1. Hi all, just wondered those days why my game keeps on crashing randomly in the VAB. I think I found the reason ( "Tig´s" logfile looks pretty identical to mine). I´m glad to see that you ´re already working on it. Btw I really like the color scheme integration of the kis parts!
  2. Thats so cool, really missed that one in the 1.4.x versions. BIG THANKS!!!
  3. Hi, I´ve got a problem with KSP, that I never had before. I´m playing for over three years now, and never had GPU issues. It´s a pretty high end PC with a 1080GTX card, 64GB Ram, 8 cores, no bottlenecks, etc. I always had tons of mods running, but since I updated to 1.4.4 and 1.4.5 ( of course as always a fresh install) my GPU is always at the limit ( not in the VAB, but as soon as I enter the launchpad, the FPS drop from 60 to 40 ) By changing to the tracking Station, the FPS drops to 9-10 and the GPU runs at 99-100%. I have no active flights running. Theres nothing to do for KSP than rendering the orbital lines and Gael/Kerbin. Graphics are maxed out ( but I always had graphics and aa maxed out) . CPU is always cool at 10-25% and Ram never gets over 25-30 GB. It´s only the GPU. Does anyone of you have any suggestions, what could be the reason for this?
  4. One of the best part mods ever. I love it. And I really like that u implemented the new 1.4.1 colorizing possibility to some of the parts. Just awesome
  5. I´m using 1.3.1 and auto-strut. I tried to disable auto strut ( disabled / enabled auto strut in severeal parts / combinations ), but it is always the same. At the moment i click on the other cargo type, the game stucks for 1 second and then the cargo container explodes. My Station actually has 4 main parts that have to be delivered seperately. One of them is the "cargo part (several parts pre assembled to provide a good setup for the orbital station)". Switching the cargo setup in flight of the "cargo part" ---> no explosion . Switching the cargo setup after assembling the station ---> explosion. I´m not sure, but I think it could have something to do with auto-strut.... Are the mods fully compatible with rover dudes mods? I use the weldable ports from the usi catalogue.
  6. My stations are around gratian and thalia in 300km orbit. Usually when the kraken attacks, it starts wobbeling until everything is destroyed. That´s ok, I just reload and try again. The described problem happens instant. I switch the cargo setup and by pressing the button, the cargo part explodes. I never had such problems before. Maybe it has soemthing to do with the new module manager?
  7. Hi, I´ve got some problems with exploding parts ( i try to switch the cargo type of the cargo container but that always leads to a station self destruction ). Is that the bug you allreay talked about in the forum?
  8. Are there any tutorials or example crafts? I´ve been playing with rover dudes mods for a long time now, and switching to the complete wild blue system is quite difficult (for me). Really could need some help.
  9. Sounds good! Removing the opm patch works for me atm. I really like how you guys care about the game!!!
  10. That´s what I thought. The 1/4 range problem is not only comming with JX2 antennas. All my antennas (stock and mod) have only 1 / 4 of the range they should have per description. Any idea what to do? That would be awesome, cause some of my rockets that are on flight to Hox/Leto/Grannus have serious connection problems now
  11. Thanks Jade! I´m not so happy with the vanishing lines ( e.g. flying to grannus means that I can´t see the flight trajectory when I zoom out of Gael ). "OPM´s antenna boost" just for my correct understanding, the biggest JX antenna ( I already have the JX mod installed) has 1000G regularly. In my case the antenna does only have 250G. The second largest one (300G) only has 75G atm. That´s how it should be?
  12. Hi there, yesterday I updated GPP, GEP, OPM and Kopernicus to the actual version. It works fine , savegame is not destroyed ( just a little mission change happened. A Niven mission turned into a Tarsiss mission...). But I´m facing two problems now. When zooming out in flight or tracking station, all trajectories, orbits etc disappear after scrolling out a little bit. The second problem is, that all my antennas only have exactly 1/4 of its range now. I really could need some help, because the game has been running very stable for a long time now. Thanks
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