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  1. when i try to make a new launch pad that is pretty far out from the ksc, at a certain distance from the ksc my screen turns black, can somebody help me?
  2. are you thinking of adding the older falcons? like the falcon 1 or the older falcon 9? nvm i just saw it
  3. you said this is youre first time modding? Well you must be telling lie's because this is the best stock-alike mod i've ever seen in my life! i love youre work! It seems that the more screenshots you post, the better it looks!
  4. looks great! is there a download link for it? or is it stil a work in progress version?
  5. Can i ask, is that on the picture for the mod wich also adds the radio tower and buildings to the SPH? or am i giving compliments to the wrong person? it looks great eitherway
  6. (dumb question) how do i change the textures of the parts and also, is this mod compatible with say, x3.2? because the only 2.5x i can find is RSS, and i dont want that
  7. great job making those models look so kerbal-alike, no offense but i like this mod way better then kerbin side, i hope to see this as a mod someday, keep it up!
  8. where's the Aeris 1 and 2? Albatros 1 and 2? Ravenspear Mk2?
  9. You have to build a craft that fits in with the stock craft as much as possible (with description) you can also continue a series of crafts in the game, for example you can make the albatross 1, because there's only an albatross 3, but they have to fit in with the others (dont continue the ravenspear series with a mk3-super-heavy-15-engine-ssto-vtol-saturn-v or something)
  10. when you're typing a description for a craft thats kinda long it starts getting buggy, like you cant scroll down most of the times, wich is really annoying. we need a bar on the side of the description where you can just drag it down without all the glitchy scrolling mess, or a button where you can expand the description and read it fully
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