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  1. OP was thinkin: "Yeah, I'll be too busy applying for colleges and reviewing test results with my teachers." I was thinkin: "Yeah, I'll probably be too busy applying for AARP and reviewing test results with my doctors."
  2. The threat is actually from non-space games... which are now beginning to dabble in space. Question is, will they employ orbital mechanics?
  3. Keep in mind, these are comments coming from someone who is a pretty big fan of KSP.
  4. Because in more advanced sandbox games... You build the interior of the craft, program dials on the dashboard, build your own navigation systems, design deck layouts, electrical systems, piping, you build the engine you need using engine parts, you program HUDs to show you what you want to see. You wander around inside of your creation performing tasks to accomplish the mission. ...sometimes with friends on board. You work on huge craft with robotic parts and hinges that allow you to deploy and retrieve craft from the hangar bays of your ship. Comparatively, In KSP... You start with "Fuel Tank", slap on "Cockpit", add 3 "Fins", attach engine... Launch. Anything much more complex than that and you risk the wheels of your craft bouncing you off the surface of a planet, or not being able to use the fuel in your craft because the game is hopelessly bugged. So in a game about space, you end up spending most of your time piddling around building neat little jets and cool stuff on Kerbin and seldom leave the atmosphere. On the rare occasions you do venture into space, they don't bother to give you the spaceflight systems for the most basic of trajectory planning. Relying on mods for things like transfer windows and launch scheduling is just ridiculous.
  5. Hard to say... I'm half-afraid that by the time it's released, other (better?) sandbox games will have my attention. The system of large pre-built parts seems to be sliding toward obsolescence, if not already there. ...they still got cuteness going for them though; hopefully they don't lose that along the way.
  6. Sure, you can make that. You'll need reaction wheels for yaw control and the craft will just be slow.
  7. The right way to make a conventional tail rotor helo in KSP is to not bother starting... They are at best clunky. You can create something (I have) and it won't work well, and maybe you land it on a helipad or two around the KSC. ...so toy quality with little mission usefulness for KSP rescue ops is what you end up with. The most mission capable rescue helos in KSP that I've been able to make are coaxial designs, no tail rotor, and jet propulsion with reaction wheels for extra stability and yaw control. They can hold hovers, and land on boats or water and travel several hundred km to retrieve downed Kerbals from sea or mountain. So people say my designs are not real "helicopters" I think Sikorsky would beg to differ; the proper modern term is "Compound Helo" (ref: S-97 Raider). ...they have also been referred to as gyrodynes in the past. They are not however gyrocopters.
  8. Positive buoyancy sub deployed via seaplane (Mk3 Cargo). So a viable option for interplanetary delivery. All my craft are on KerbalX https://kerbalx.com/XLjedi/UV-14-Barracuda
  9. Which vessel is it? ...all of them? I think in one of the updates they adjusted a docking node or something and I may still have access to the old part name, but if you only installed recently you may not have the older version of the part. I will go thru and see if I can locate which craft might have the deprecated ports. ...but if there is one you'd like me to look at first, let me know.
  10. My helipad looks like this right now... for some reason? As for my craft, which one gives the unknown details message? ...and what version of the game are you running? I only recently updated my two helos for the latest 1.10.1 version. The aerodynamics must've been tweaked a bit for 1.10.1. I was getting a slight roll to the left on my smaller helo that I had to counter with a bit of elevator trim, and the top speed seems to have improved by 5 m/s. Could be the higher speed caused roll to become evident that I didn't see previously.
  11. The "H" and yellow markings on my Admin Building helipad are missing now. The VAB helipads appear to be fine. Anyone else notice this? ...or is it just a glitch in my install?
  12. You are a scholar and a gentle-kerbal.
  13. Wow... I had to read all the way to the bottom of that HUGE list of bugfixes to see this one: Fix lock/unlock of robotic parts not working when fired from an action group. Does this mean you also fixed the docking ports not docking or undocking via action group when both ports are on the same ship? I have a feeling custom doors and ramps are still not viable. ...but will be the first thing I test. Edit: nope, docking port bug is still there. That's a shame...
  14. LOL... so the game that "was never going to go on sale" is currently "on sale" for the big Steam Summer Sale event! Forever RimWorld has listed at $29.99 along with the comment it will never go on sale. For the Summer Sale RimWorld is actually on sale! for 10% off! woohoo... Hey wait a minute! they raised the base price by 5 bucks! I can now get RimWorld with a 10% discount "on sale" for $31.49, YAY ME! (gee, thanks Steam Summer Sale)
  15. Microcontrollers are surprisingly easy and intuitive... one of the best features of the game I think! Just start with a simple one that accepts a number value input (like a throttle value) multiply it by 2 and output to the resulting value. From there, you should be able to build logic for an automatic transmission for your cart! (I'm almost not kidding either)
  16. The engine ran though, I'd call that a successful test! My sub is using a voodoo-tech turbine underwater... Shhhh, don't tell anyone though, I don't want the devs going and patching-up something that works better than it should. Not unlike the stupid patch they did to the Wheesleys in KSP that destroyed my subs reverse thrust capability.
  17. @Cavscout74 Ahhh, I see you're getting the hang of it! Pretty soon we'll be doing rescue missions in multiplayer. I spent most of the day today designing a giant airlock cargo door for the top of my sub. I posted an example of it in the workshop, it turned out pretty cool!
  18. I'd start with a nice little boat. I have an old Guide that I posted for an advanced boat that I build about a year or two ago... Just look me up on steam or search the Guide area for my "Applied Advanced Tech Design Theory" guide and the Jupiter Sport starter boat. I also have links to a half-dozen or so microcontrollers I built for it that you might find interesting. There have been so many updates, I'm not even sure if the boat runs. BUT, a lot of the fundamental things I talk about in that guide are still very relevant. Electrical wiring, basic engine configuration, and a number of very useful microcontrollers. Also, look for youtube tutorials by Mr. NJersey. I've been trying to knock out one or two systems a day on the Nautilus. Now that I have an airtight hull, the next task was to create a way to enter the thing. So the dive chamber was completed yesterday with auto lockout features and a pump system that activates automatically when water is detected in the chamber. Today, it's going to be the forward Bow Thruster Engine Room and associated microcontrollers for 6-DOF throttle control. I have at least another dozen systems on the drawing board. It's going to be a work in progress for quite a while.
  19. They are stock if you have the Breaking Ground DLC. Some refer to them as "Stock+"
  20. I'm back on Stormworks now... Working on a build of the Nautilus. I do enjoy the more detailed building of engine systems, interiors, doors, control panels, fuel tanks, pumps, etc. Since we have pipes, pumps, flow valves, etc. You can build submarines with working ballast tanks. If you haven't heard of it before, Stormworks is definitely worth a look! You don't just add jet engines in this game... you put together the 5 or 6 parts in the configuration you need for the type of jet you want for your craft. So you can have rotating vectored exhaust for VTOL or straight exhaust system for conventional jets. They have treads and skis for snow vehicles so tanks and snowmobiles are a thing. You can program HUD displays. For my sub I plan on having a map room with a functional GPS system, that plots radar and sonar contacts on a moving map display. I'm also working on a pipe organ for Nemo, that will play Bach's music when you walk into the parlor area. Once I finish the sub, I may transform one of the island submarine bases into Volcania Island. They have a Megaladon that will attack your ships... but I may have to post a request for a Giant Squid now.
  21. Hello @Nate Simpson Nice to see you here. Welcome ...and I look forward to your ongoing updates!
  22. He still seems to think a CW and CCW motor spinning in opposite directions induces yaw. The motors themselves have nothing to do with it. Mount two of them without blades and spin them to your hearts content, they don't influence yaw. Those vectors are not thrust indicators. Why they even chose to display them along with aerodynamic forces boggles the mind, but that's a different story. I do understand his confusion though; I thought the same thing when I first saw them and was trying to diagnose some instability in a multiengine design. It's the blades/rotors that go unstable when deployed at a decent angle for thrust. ...but you can still build perfectly functional twin engine craft. The instability only becomes noticeable on the outside edge of their top-end performance envelope.