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  1. Awesome mod, I found I can't play without this and it is awesome to see KSP2 implementing a lot of the features of this mod. However I unfortunately have been having issues with the WOLF dashboard. It appears as a blank grey tab with some jumbled text cramped in the upper left corner. Is there any thing I can do to fix this? Thanks for the help!
  2. That's why I asked where not when ;). I know it will take a while I just wanted to know where to look when it is ready. I'm personally in no rush and don't feel the need to rush anyone else either.
  3. Where are planning on posting the unofficial file? I'm currently running KSP 1.9.1 with the latest MM and I have the same issue of the button not working (clicking on it doesn't do anything).
  4. Any one else having issues with parts not loading at startup with the most recent version of module manager? Are there any solutions to this?
  5. Anyone having any luck compiling against KSP 1.7.2? I followed similar steps to @drake127 and I haven't had any trouble compiling Principia with 1.7.2 libraries and updated project files, but my game crashes when trying to start a new game.
  6. Are there any plans to add build support for Visual Studio 2019 now that VS2017 is no longer supported by Microsoft?
  7. Hello! I unfortunately have been having an issue compiling the github version of Principia on my own machine. I followed to instructions in the Setup.md file to a T except for $GitPromptSettings.RepositoriesInWhichToDisableFileStatus += join-path (gi -path .).FullName chromium Which causes this Repositories error: The property 'RepositoriesInWhichToDisableFileStatus' cannot be found on this object. Verify that the property exists and can be set. I have my error code from powershell here: "D:\Principia Custom Build\Principia\Principia.sln" (Clean;Build target) (1) ->
  8. Thank you for the speedy reply! I just checked and it DOES seem to be the same issue of negative mass parts (engines in particular). I also tested a vehicle that I knew caused this crash in the past and checked the motor on the small satellite payload and low-and-behold it had negative mass just like the error you linked to in your post. Once I removed that engine the rocket launched fine with no crashes. The issue happens on small engines as well even if their size hasn't been changed with tweakscale. If it is possible to fix this issue for 2.5 that would be amazing! But no rush, this is just
  9. @Lisias I am so glad that you decided to continue this mod! But I've run into a rather large game breaking bug. I'm currently running KSP 1.6.1 with several mods. But this issue appears with a clean install and only tweakscale installed. The issue I believe is a clipping one because if I try to launch a vessel from the launchpad that has a fairing caring a payload the payload itself is "stuck" in mid-air and won't let the rocket leave the pad. When more mods are installed this scenario just straight up hard crashes the game. This happens with an all vannilla parts rocket too. Any advice or hel
  10. I've been getting a CS0246 error when trying to build for 1.7.0. I simply copy the KSP assemblies from my KSP Managed folder into a folder labeled 1.7.0 in my principia build folder and try compiling as normal. That's when I run into the error. One example of the error produced: ksp_plugin_adapter.cs(118,44): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'Orbit' could not be found Any tips on on what I could do would be fantastic. Thank you!
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