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  1. I think there may be an issue with this mod and 1.8, module manager informs me it is out of date, and all items from the mod are just plain, untextured gray.
  2. I recently purchased the "MHE" and got the installer, however the file that it tried to install the expansion in did not contain my KSP installation. So i messed around with the install location and managed to get it so it would install into the directory. (the area where gamedata, plugin data, parts, ect are kept) However the content from the expansion did not appear in game so the location is incorrect. So now i basically need to find out where the files should go correctly, Does squad expansion go in the directory? or the gamedata folder? What about the making history expansion file inside of it? If anyone could tell me where the correct install location for these would be, that would be great.
  3. Okay, so i am gonna make a space station. Now i have done this 3 times before, however each time whenever the station reached a certain size it would start to.....wobble. Now i am pretty certain this has to do with the links between segments. so i am wondering if there is any building strategy that could fix this problem. If anyone could help me with this, that would great.
  4. I think i figured out a way to keep thomberry mobile on planets where his RCS system doesn't work. One of the monk brain droids from jabbas palace
  5. Look what i found in my KSP yesterday. (Jeb and Bob both look very excited with their finds) 2 Floating boulders right next to my landing site! This comes just days after i got done binge-reading the entire TSOES series, coincidence? I think not!
  6. The accelerator is supposed to be a can of soda. (or beer) And the reason they are staring is because they dont move like they do in iva when sitting in external seats. Also the round thing in the middle is supposed to be a turkey. P.S: Another meantime answer you could have put is that the kerbals can talk, WITH THEIR MINDS!
  7. As a matter of fact in my kerbal universe the whole mystery goo thing started when Jeb observed what happened to the Jelly of a PB&J sandwich he had smuggled ("It was an official edible science experiment i swear"~Jeb) into space. It drifted around the cabin before smattering itself on Bobs visor during re-entry. This resulted in Bob screaming for his life as he believed his brains had exploded due to all of the re-entry g's. After this incident Wernher realized that understanding how jelly reacts to space could be quite helpful, and thus he made the small science part we all know and love today. And so that is how my KSP became Kerbins number one consumer of jelly.
  8. "Hey bill pass the gravy" So its thanksgiving! And i was thinking that we could all give thanks for something we enjoy in KSP, just reply with whatever feature (or mod) your thankful for. For me i am thankful for squad banishing (most of) the kraken glitches. Cant wait to see your answers. Oh and from me and all of my kerbals: Happy thanksgiving! ~Avery616
  9. I just read the entire series. I my have just read my eyes out but it was totally worth it. Keep up the great writing! But before i go i have two questions: How did you get the head textures to work for texture repalcer? Everytime i try to pick a head texture for one kerbal it sets to a diffrent one later on How did you get raster prop moniter to work for wild blue mod IVAs?
  10. Yesterday i sent my kerbals on a expedition to the arctic. It was quite a success and i got some pictures to show for it too! The oddest screenshot is this, what appears to be a a mountainside smothered in trees. By far the most breathtaking screenshot from the mission. And heres the crew after the journey. Jeb is the kerbal nearest to the flag, Bob is right next to him with Bill being the one in yellow, and Valentina is at the end. And yes that x next to the flag is the proper north pole. Many odd things happen near it, the north line on the navball freaks out, Kerbals that try to stand on there end up on their sides, and the camera rotates in circles around it. Also the sun never sets, it just sits rotating around the horizon. (Wherever the sun is on the horizon is actually the daylight side of Kerbin) Heres what the flags plaque states. Of course to get there, the mission needed a form of transportation. I decided to use a blimp from the Hisenburg airship pack. I named it the "KSS skydancer", this ship is not of my design as i have 0 knowledge on airship construction. So i used the Hisenburg ship from the sample craft file from the download. I then modified it to fit the mission needs, such as adding a KIS cargo bay, a on board lab, more living quarters to fit the crew needs , along with the removal of things that were unneeded for the objective. Here we see the deployment of the "Surface Experimentation Package" which allows me to preform science long after me and my kerbals leave. Heres the buffalo which is stored in a upper deck until deployment. Once it is time to deploy the vehicle is simply loaded onto an loading elevator and..... ...is then simply lowered into place! It can then be packed up and taken to the next landing site. One of the main reasons i decided to carry a buffalo vehicle is because i am not very good at blimp landings. So if i drifted over my expected landing zone, i could just roll the buffalo out and drive my crew to the site of interest. This was the first time i have majorly used the Hisenburg airship mod, this made the trip abit longer than i would i have liked and in the end i will probably be using aircraft more often.(i have never really been a fan of dirigibles) The mission itself has been quite a success, as of now i am currently thinking over the idea to take this airship to the northern UFO crash site. I will probably take some screenshots of the Easter egg if i do. BUT that shall be a post for another day, till next time~Avery616
  11. When i first landed on pol i got Bob out and walked him around. In the distance i saw an amazing moutain, so i went to climb it. Thing is the moutain was miles away. So by the time Bob got there and i got my screen shots, Bob was so far away that i could not see the landing crafts waypoint marker. Bob was lost. I was horrified and scared that Bob was stuck, and that i could never get him back to his lander. But thanks to the galaxy map i was able to navagate home. Sure everything turned out alright in the end. But i was scared as heck that Bob would never get back.
  12. Now i am gonna break the rules a little here. But the country i came up with for my KSP has been in place for awhile so i cant really change the name. United kerbal states. Leader: a president, current president: John kerman Government: democracy, two parties, both founded at the beginning of the UKS to keep one another in check. Economics: mixed Military: Contains the usual branches such as army, marines, navy, coast guard. air force ect. The KSP itself is considered to be a air force sub-branch. WMDs?: Has the ability to make nuclear weapons (handful of desert tests completed), does not due to fears of what such weapons would do to kerbins inviroments if used. Has MRIV-capable ICBMs but all of them are outfitted with non-nuclear warheads Population: unknown, speculated to be somewhere around the million range or more. territory: Everything east of the "arrow-head peninsula" (which sticks into the middle of the kerlond interior ocean) all the way to the coastal line where the KSC exists. UKS land ownings contains landmarks such as the karringer crater , greater kerbin desert, the grand kerdus inlet (wich is just west of the KSC) Enemies? None really, though it could crush all of the other countries on kerbin easily. It chooses not to, due to it being a waste of lives, resources, and that its politicians do not see a need for any expansion.