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  1. Recently i have been encountering problems with how Scatterer disables KSPs built in AA feature. I wish to have Scatterers features with AA enabled. Are there any good mods that could help with this? Thanks
  2. Was a big fan of the OG Buffalo mod, nice to see a new and improved version being made with your current modeling skill. Cant wait to see how it develops!
  3. Just re-downloaded, amazing mod. the textures are are not the best quality, but considering the mods age its understandable. Still stands as one of the best surface base mods available!
  4. question- is there any way to get the bison bits standalone? thanks!
  5. The github page appears to have no downloads, is there anywhere else where its being hosted?
  6. Welp after reading these posts and seeing how controlled this kraken is, it looks like i can hold off on the kerbal sacrafice non-optional life force donations.
  7. My lego classic space flag(s). I got my main one from the kerbal flags reddit, and use colored background versions from a lego KSP flag mega pack to represent diffrent things. (station module roles for example)
  8. Chillwave-Synthwave stuff for me, no lyrics stuff. Beats the space music by a mile, no insult to the devs of course.
  9. Agreed, while the lore-less KSP we got is fun for theorizing having an actual game lore to follow would be quite intresting . And who knows, with KSP 2 we might just get lucky...
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