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  1. Plauseably widespread texture glitch.

    interesting. I only get it around R&D. This all seems to revolve around the KSC grass texture. Now i believe that the KSC texture has gotten an update recently. That may be the core of the problem. I thought i....Oh darn i must have been looking through the craft exchange to find the model T thread for the picture. Forgot to move to the correct area before posting.
  2. So a while ago i put this on a post for this glitch. Its a comparison between the VAB and R&D center grass. Take a good look at the R&Ds side. As you can see the R&D obviously has a problem. So what is the point with this post? Simple, i wanna test and figure out if anyone else has this glitch. Awhile ago i found a post on the vehicle sharing area of the forums. It appears to show the exact same thing going on with the R&D. (I forget what thread it was. I can remember that the vehicle being something like a Model T in a truck configuration.) This makes me believe that i am not the only one that has issue. So what i wish to accomplish with this thread is to test my theory. I wish that whoever is reading this to go to the R&D next time they get when they are playing.(modded game or not i don't care) Then report their findings here. (With pictures if plausible) If enough people do this with confirming results than this glitch might be something that may need fixing. Maybe there's something here maybe there's not. But i just want to figure this out. And ill take any help ill get. (P.S: I would like to say thank you to anyone who replies with their results.)
  3. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Yes yes you did
  4. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Ah yes. The boarding tower (its quite interesting as you can put your kerbal crew in it and manually walk them to the ship) is from blue dog design breu. the capsule is from the MOLE mod. The computer screens in the IVA are from raster prop monitor. and the camera on the prop monitor is from HullcamVDS. (You can use prop monitor to watch hullcam video as a live feed. Comes in handy for landing or docking. And great for preforming challenging all IVA missions.) And i think that's it. Hope this post can help.
  5. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    What picture are you talking bout?
  6. My massive game plans.

    I got a small post right now. Because the first rover has arrived! Desent And arrival. I don't know about you but Bill looks happy with his new toy. Thats this days delivery of pictures. Enjoy and fly safe!
  7. Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    Thanks for the help. This will definitely help with cargo and parts delivery to the base.
  8. Matt Lowne's SSTO Emporium

    Are there any ships here that have a mark 3 back bay door? I am planning to use the buffalo ground vehicle system to support a Mun base. The buffalo system can fit into the mark 3 bay. So i was just thinking an SSTO would be good way to get the vehicle to the surface. All i need is a spacecraft with the back door to back it out!
  9. My massive game plans.

    Its done! Here is the base in its glory. (Well most of it. Im not done here yet) Here we see the first segment after delivery. This modular unit has a storage part,With 2 ore storage parts and a exparament to ship part for connections from the base to the SEP mod exparaments on the surface nearby. And heres the delivery of the greenhouse. Where food is grown for the base. And here was the delivery of the lab segment. After the 3 segments were delivered i needed to bring the base up to its max of 6 kerbals. With 3 kerbals already on site. I just threw in 3 more! I got this picture during the launch. The landing. I got the original 3 out to greet the new arrivals. And then i put them to work unfolding the base. And getting the SEP mod gear deployed. (Seeing how useless the pilots are at using KIS i just put them aside to talk) Then i got the segments deployed. After all that the base is finally done! The Kerbals can now relax. The scientists can do their work. And the engineers can grow food for the base. So that's all the developments i did today. But development still isnt over. Now i must turn my sights to delivering rovers and more housing for more crew. Then i can begin to recon for nearby locations that would be good for mining operations. One last thing, i have no clue what to name the base. Ill be taking suggestions that are added to the thread. As well as mod/ship download suggestions that could help with surface colonization. So if you have any good name ideas just post here. Till next time! Fly safe.
  10. So i have ANOTHER glitch! This time its with the muns texture. Here we see the proper texture. And heres the glitch. Notice how the ground textures are in a streak. The glitch might be there at one minute. But if i go back to the mission or leave KSP and go back its gone. And then it pops back at random. So whats wrong now?
  11. My massive game plans.

    Okay so i got 2 pictures. I got the first segment down! My kerbals will be spending the night in a much more comfortable unit. And heres a view of the temporary housing from the main segment. Now quick note i am gonna be slowing posting of pictures now because taking pictures of everything is getting really exhausting so....The next update will most likely come when the base is mainly completed. So that's that. This is abit shorter than normal but i just wanted to explain the slow down in updates. So fly safe and all that stuff....till next time.
  12. They probably have trucks,heavy lift copters,air craft carriers, and other things that they use for recovery.
  13. How Did You Name Your Space Company/Corporation/Industry?

    Mine is the "Kerbal states aerospace division" (KSAD) I named it so because i like military related things (especially the air force) and space things. Its basically a cross between NASA and the air force in my KSP world. Studding space to help benefit Kerbins technologies and understanding of space. While handing over any developments of interest to the air force for the defense of the united kerbal states. I imagine the flag of the division to be like this But i just use the stock "retro" flag
  14. I got a texture glitch at the R&D center. Its a problem with the grass textures. Here it is. And heres a comparison between the R&D and VAB grass. Anyone know whats going on here?
  15. Oh lel. Thats perfect. Means i could put them on the ground to power my mun base. Without having my kerbals unrealistically bolt massive solar panels to the side.