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  1. 就是那个仿制08的作品把他炸出来了嘛 你啊 辞职之后也不回贴吧看看了 23333
  2. 坎吧暴力火箭的开创者, The pioneer of over massive rockects 财政部的终极噩梦, the ultimate nightmare of the department of Kerbin Treasury 那个名字太长而让人无法记住的人 The guy whose ID is too long to be remembered @wdrnrgbtarbagr 再次出现了 appeared AGAIN!!!
  3. 需要人民民主专政的铁拳 /怒 等等 为什么你能发滑稽!
  4. 坎吧就完蛋了 哎 以后到这里来水吧 实名制还真是相当蛋疼的事情哎????
  5. Many many thanks to your great works on the MJs. Here is my problem: the auto-launch function,(or whatever it is called) , there is an option "launch to the target orbit plane" which is vital when you want to catch up something that inclination is not 0°. It worked perfectly many many versions ago and saved tons of DeltaVs especially when you were using a RSS mod. But it is gone now, it launchs the rockets with the right inclinations but at WRONG moments. Could you please to fix it? Thank you a lot.
  6. 马克马克 然而还是不太习惯forum的运行模式 /滑稽
  7. Hello there, thank you for your brilliant works. When I play the BDA and RPM, I am always wondering that if there is a way to combine those two mods. Imagine you sitting in the cockpit, controlling your bda weapons via your RPM screen. That makes sense! Think about it, Plzzzzzz
  8. Nice portrait.XD F-117 stealth bomber XD
  9. OK, I will check this out.
  10. An unpopular game in China. lol Maybe the chinese version of KSP could improve this situation. The question is ...when?
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