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  1. If you were wondering it was a typo.
  2. I'd Be in New Jersey. Like always.
  3. So I was landing a space hanger after I got it into a sub orbit around kerbin and as soon as I touch the ground, the cockpit glitches out and the cockpit goes flying at around 60 meters a second and flew 300 meters high. But then it came plummeting back down and sadly the kerbal in the cockpit died. RIP KERBAL!
  4. A terrier space engine wouldn't be your best option because you need an oxidizer, and I would avoid using it for space hangers.
  5. Simple answer is yes.
  6. I'm Interested in seeing your ship and the refuel-er!
  7. Well maybe, but you need a really good editing thingy. It is much easier to just use a mod or something.
  8. Suck at space hangers.
  9. By cut scenes I mean flashing lights and that stuff.
  10. I was messing around with infinite fuel and I tried to land on he sun, I would either see cut scenes, blow up or crash.
  11. It is like a 1970's song
  12. Keep the ship at a angle so it slows down the speed and aero forces. So he was just at a bad angle.
  13. I know, I just wanted to give a challenge to Less experienced players.
  14. No instead I left the Kerbal system.
  15. I want to see somebody make a homemade Satellite around jool. No Cheats. No nothing. #ICantmakerockets