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  1. Underwater Base

    @Lo Var Lachland my base will be up tonight
  2. Post Something to do With It!

  3. The MiG 1 GAU will take your head off, featuring 6 AARAM missiles and twin 30mm GAU cannons. [ignore the 50mm's it's a older picture]
  4. Poll: Best fighter jet

    Sorry to be awkward but, for once, the French army has made a good vehicle. Dassault Rafale, is by far my favourite fighter. Take a step back though and you'll find the pedant "superweapon" that is the Horten Ho 229.
  5. Underwater Base

    @Lo Var Lachland Sorry it's taking me so long! I have been busy and the challenge has given me a idea ps - Should be done soon
  6. Weekly Aircraft Development Competition

    Does this mean engines engaged for six mins or six mins of total airtime?? And are rapiers allowed in the air breathing format?
  7. So funny story, I was just walking to my mates house, nothing unusual, nothing different till BOOM bloody drunk man starts to have a conversation with me as I am walking down the road, now drunk didn't quite cut it for this guy, this is clearly the person who arrives by taxi to a party and leaves via a ambulance. So this dude just started to tell me about his car and I just don't care, but I'm not going to be horrible and say that, so I say "Mate, I don't know who you are and why I need to know about your Volvo, just take it easy and head off home" now the guy waves and leaves. 6 hours later I see him again and I just said the same again, but he'd gotten lost and didn't know where was home so I had to call the police and explain, half a hour later I am late and tired but at least the guy was safe :P

    1. Urses


      Every good action is worth a like in internet days.

      Next time call the police at first sight they a trained to handle this situations and may help almost every time.  And have more capabilities to help if he has a alcohol induced intoxiacation.

  8. Underwater Base

    I WILL be doing this, super original challenge GJ
  9. Thread to complain bout stuff

    So, I strongly believe in freedom of speech and the right to a opinion, and I was talking to my friend whilst stopping over at his house, I open my laptop and go on skype to get the other lad in a call bc he couldn't make it, and I see the group chat has lit up like a forest fire, and these two girls are complaining at my mate for his political stance, not debating on the subject like adults no, they had teamed up on the lad knowing fine well that he won't argue back because he's to polite. Now I was bloody seething at this point, I was furious, I quickly responded asking what was going on to make more sense of it all. Now he still being a gent told me not to start a argument, as that's just me I am very argumentative, I love proverbially slapping there counter into oblivion, so I did what I thought was best, I confronted them about it and told them it was unfair, and that they ought to apologize to him for being so hostile and prejudice (ironic because they are SJW'S) and they got hostile with me also, and I thought "Don't because they won't talk to you again" yes they are those type of people, and it clicked, and I though "F it" I responded by giving a 2000 word essay on why they are wrong ,why they are not proper mates and most importantly, how their political and personal opinion believes in freedom of speech and expression. I won btw. But that was last year and they still won't talk to me (lmao) The point is that I hate people that feel the need to get agro over a opinion, it's a opinion and so is you're argument
  10. Stock BDA dogfighters 1.2 (youtube)

    Give him/her some time. They do have a life, and probably a lot more to do than KSP you also posted them yesterday so it's still quite new
  11. Going Retro!

    This is a simple challenge. War has broke out and I need some jets! But my credits are low and I can only afford WW2 technology! Before I go fully into this I want to say that it's highly based upon NorthAmericanAviation's plane of the day series. Anyway, you can make a Jet from as early as the WW2 to as late as the end of the Vietnamese war, you can make any nation, if you love the Russian MiG series however someone else done it, then feel free to let me know and I will arrange a compromise where we can get the best for all creators. This doesn't mean that if 12 people do the MiG-9 then there will be 12 MiG-9's. The mods we are using here are; BDA AviatorArsenal This is to go for the minimalistic approach were we can show some amazing stock planes. Bonus points for anyone who uses the same cannons as the real thing! Now we won't just be dogfighting, when I get started on the videos, I'll begin to simulate battles, such as the Battle of Britain, Fall of the Yamuto and Afrika Korps. Cya Around, Kenji out
  12. Stock BDA dogfighters 1.2 (youtube)

    Are they SKOM rocket pods on the wing?
  13. Stock BDA dogfighters 1.2 (youtube)

    Whilst they are good ideas, I think this thread had befitted from the simplicity of build a fighter and let them fight it out, that's one of the reasons why it has stayed alive so long
  14. Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Yes, especially strawberry
  15. Stock BDA dogfighters 1.2 (youtube)

    I said i'd be back with a new plane! Enter the MiG-1! No it's not historical, but it has the MiG-9 engine design if that's good enough