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  1. We probably play on different versions, and I'm not recording anything outside osu games anytime soon, its a dual core laptop.
  2. Yes, I took the Abraham’s and heavily edited it.
  3. Its not no, its basic additions to the BDAC, such as the Yamato cannons and such. I'd be happy to share some.
  4. 300 is still smaller than a secret ship I got. I run 1.3.1 and 1.2.2
  5. @Sidestrafe2462Its quite the shame that we don't run the same versions of KSP, otherwise a battle between My HMS Titania and your latest craft would have been of epic proportions! Your cannons would struggle against the armour standing at 550mm thick at thinnest point, withstands a barrage or two to say the least, and it certainly isn't lacking in the trouser department neither with 45 KV-1 missles, two FAE Type III Model V 300mm Dual cannons.
  6. Can I shoot it with a new prototype ship? @Sidestrafe2462 Can we also get some pictures @keranokerman
  7. Hellfire are not particularly great for naval combat, I suggest KV-1 missiles I wouldn't want to turn it up really bc then things like my massive cruisers and destroyers become OP. You've got to think the HMS "Oberion" has 12 cannons all clocking in at 200-590mm naval guns firing HEATFS shells.
  8. @Earthlinger I might not always be active on the forums, though I do agree we should focus on some R&D
  9. It’s similar to how I employ my turrets, although most my craft are crazy part counts If you want some help just hit me up on discord or something
  10. @panzerknoefThank you for the very honest review, I will be revisiting the Farie and I will indeed take aboard the points. Although I hope you're fine doing another 1.2.2 test as I have no intentions of moving past that due to system limitations.
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