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  1. I had to run my background through three compression softwares, remove every second frame, and lossy dither the colours, but it was 1000% worth it :P

  2. @CrazyJebGuy I can offer a hand in some reviews, I have spoken to @neistridlar whom suggested that I read up on how you guys style and write a review. So I'd like to do some if you'd be so kind, I'll even do a trial one if you send me a craft
  3. *proceeds to crack his wrists and a cold one at the same time* I'll need few hours. Tops. (Don't mean to sound rude or cocky but just cashing in on the joke)
  4. RIP to the greatest mind of the 21st century, 

    Professor Steven Hawking. 

    To be afflicted with a degenerative condition at the age of 20 and defy the odds of his 2 month life expectancy, to come up with his groundbreaking paper on Hawking Radiation, is phenomenal.

    Not only a man of whom scientists looked up to, but who all people afflicted with motor neuron disease who he gave hope, saying his famous lines "Never give in, and never give up" 

    RIP - Professor Hawking, 1942 - 2018

  5. Naval Battles!

    Watch my pic infinitely loop whilst listening to this.
  6. Your names truely amazing 

  7. 1 part spare challenge

    This is a old challenge but glad to see it back however!
  8. Naval Battles!

    Feel free to join however, also Discord is available on a plethora of platforms!
  9. I've lost a dot?!?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KenjiKrafts


      I was four last time I was really active (5 months ago) 

    3. NSEP


      Strange, they had an update recently. One of the changes was a comma to numbers above 999. Maybe they changed the dot thing too.

    4. Earthlinger


      You get four dots at 500 posts, so I kinda doubt you had four back then....

  10. My head hurts from all that photoshop 

  11. Yeah it's still around, I'm sure it's featured in The Fall Of Kerbin series!
  12. Naval Battles! all aboard to RP, @ me when you've joined and I'll add you to your company @Earthlinger @Sidestrafe2462 @MiffedStarfish @Joseph Kerman
  13. Naval Battles!

    Discord general War talk
  14. Naval Battles!

    I haven't made it yet but I'll let you know when it's up