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  1. KenjiKrafts

    Naval Battles!

    I play 1.2.2 and 1.3.0 @Kernel Krakenit's the sweet spot for massive naval ships
  2. KenjiKrafts

    Naval Battles!

    @Kernel Kraken That my friend would be FÆS heavy cruiser HMS "Titania" a 590 part, 500+tonne, 4500RPM of freedom dispensing Orkelions and to top it off 28 missiles
  3. KenjiKrafts

    Naval Battles!

    @Kernel Kraken does the missile boat thingy look like this?
  4. KenjiKrafts

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    Real Time Dogfighting would be a start, I could really put my tanks through their pases and you could even do Space X vs NASA. Not that this will happen or be pleasant as you'd have to sacrifice the time warp
  5. KenjiKrafts

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Neit! @NSEP
  6. @Bob_Saget54 your name isn't inspired by Homeworlds Karen Saget is it? God darn phone
  7. Great review dude, it's well written and you can tell you've been thinking whilst doing it, not just throwing words together.
  8. Sure, gives me some inspiration to play, I'm hella busy with my gmod community ATM so it'd be a breath of fresh air
  9. @CrazyJebGuy I can offer a hand in some reviews, I have spoken to @neistridlar whom suggested that I read up on how you guys style and write a review. So I'd like to do some if you'd be so kind, I'll even do a trial one if you send me a craft
  10. *proceeds to crack his wrists and a cold one at the same time* I'll need few hours. Tops. (Don't mean to sound rude or cocky but just cashing in on the joke)
  11. KenjiKrafts

    Naval Battles!

    Watch my pic infinitely loop whilst listening to this.
  12. KenjiKrafts

    1 part spare challenge

    This is a old challenge but glad to see it back however!
  13. KenjiKrafts

    Naval Battles!

    Feel free to join however, also Discord is available on a plethora of platforms!
  14. Yeah it's still around, I'm sure it's featured in The Fall Of Kerbin series!