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  1. Underwater Base

    Why do IRSU's float so damn well? My craft sinks sideways from the monster size generator room [10x IRSU and over 50 Fuel cells]
  2. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    We have a cloud storage.
  3. Unpowered flight

    Very interesting challenge to say the least, I can attempt this but mods barely work on my KSP?
  4. Underwater Base

    @Lo Var Lachland I will complete the challenge later and take a few pics Old base is gone, as old laptop broke
  5. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    I'm more than happy for you to use it.
  6. Project BABYLON: REBOOT!

    Could be one of mine, I'm not to sure, also yes! Let's resume the thread!
  7. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships)

    Is there a 1.2.2 group or strictly 1.3.1?
  8. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships)

    @Earthlinger right plugged the old SSHD into the laptop and to no avail was I able to retrieve any data, which is a massive shame as I have over 2000hours of tanks and prototype planes and most importantly my Yamato that took bloody like maybe 2-3 days of KSP @ 4-6 hour sessions. What a shame.... However I'll remake it, one final question what is the tournament ran in? [ie what version of KSP]
  9. Naval Battles! (Defeat other player ships)

    @Earthlinger is there a size limit [i know about the part limit] in place and is there a engine type restriction? I have a few but they are all pretty big, like my 1:1 scale Yamato and USS Arizona just depends if I can pull them off the old hard drive. If not I'm still gonna enter

  11. Underwater Base

    @Lo Var Lachland my base will be up tonight
  12. Post Something to do With It!

  13. The MiG 1 GAU will take your head off, featuring 6 AARAM missiles and twin 30mm GAU cannons. [ignore the 50mm's it's a older picture]
  14. Poll: Best fighter jet

    Sorry to be awkward but, for once, the French army has made a good vehicle. Dassault Rafale, is by far my favourite fighter. Take a step back though and you'll find the pedant "superweapon" that is the Horten Ho 229.
  15. Underwater Base

    @Lo Var Lachland Sorry it's taking me so long! I have been busy and the challenge has given me a idea ps - Should be done soon