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  1. @pap1723 Can you please update this mod in order to support Principia and landing on another moons/planets? I've tried doing what the guys did for RO issue #111 (https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealSolarSystem/issues/111) and raised the timewarp altitude limits to 20000 or 30000 but the issue still persists Thank you. update: it seems that moon.cfg timewarp change is not taken into account, I can timewarp until impact, what else should I modify? update2: after some more tests I found the culprit - "time control" mod. Everything is working update 3: it seems that even if I can land on a surface, time warping once I'm landed teleport the base all around the place.
  2. I can confirm the bounciness + small clipping on moon and Europa (these are the only bodies I tested) with and without BetterBurnTime. I'm using the quarter size RSS version 1.0 which is made for 1.3.0 so I'm not sure what is the cause. Huge thank you for all the work you guys are putting into this mod !!
  3. @_Augustus_ thank you for this ! If you have more, please share
  4. I have an idea to enhance the reliability module a little bit. We can use ScrapYard mod to calculate MTBF for each part. I was thinking to get the total number of uses of each part (ScrapYard keeps track of it) and do a reverse exponential curve (rapid increase at the beginning which will gradually reach a cap). It will basically be a testflight combined with kerbalism default reliability behaviours but without all the calculation that testflight is adding into the game. Also, we can simulate evolution of kerbin space program taking into account the total flights (i see in persistent.sfs a launchID variable that keeps track of all launches) and add to base MTBF for all the parts. For example, at the beginning a tank will not leak for 10 minutes or so and after some flights it will have a mtfb of years without high quality components. A new component will begin with some experience gathered from the first flights so it have a higher mtfb than the first tank , let's say 1 hour for example and so on. What do you guys think, it will be more realistic?
  5. No need to rush things, a lot of mods are not yet updated Good luck with your changes.
  6. Hmm, you are right. It worked before, the question is it was bugged before or now @blakemw I did more tests and without modifying the modulemanager I was unable to run multiple times the same experiment. I modified "ModuleManager.ConfigCache" (I have no idea if it's ok to do this or not). DO NOT copy and paste the whole text below.
  7. @blakemw Not really, you can run them multiple times and you can send the experiments on kerbin or you can have a lab to analyze them in orbit. I'm not sure about the diminishing return if it can be implemented though.
  8. @blakemw You can use Station Science continued for this.
  9. Hmm, I suspect ETT, I will run some tests tomorrow. With another ksp that is not having ETT the science works fine. Thank you for your help @eberkain
  10. @eberkain Yes, I know that, but a lot of experiments that kerbalism is not aware of, are not. I had issues with magnetometer boom for example which was not transmittable and from my point of view it should
  11. Hello, I had to modify the science.cfg for some other science mods in order to make more experiments transmittable. For anyone interested: BTW, I have no idea about the syntax, language and programming so most probably it is not the best solution to resolve this issue. I think it will be much easier if we can have any experiment transmittable by default and have only some exceptions like materials, mystery goo. Enjoy,
  12. I'm using CustomBarnKit but with default settings installed by CKAN and I don't have any issues.
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