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  1. https://technorch.bandcamp.com/track/church-of-hal Could not ask for a better song to be stuck in my head.
  2. Man, I'm almost crying. Never have I played a game that I can recommend more strongly than KSP.
  3. Aphex Twin just hits different: This one is out of the Collapse EP released in 2018.
  4. Can I have my name changed to Regor please? Thanks.
  5. Designed and landed a rover with science equipment for my WIP moon base project that I am starting. Built with durability in mind, it's one of the most stable rovers i've ever made, and pretty much the only thing that can really cause any damage is a direct hit of the front/back of the vehicle directly into the floor. Houses 2 people and has ALL science equipment. Top speed of 49m/s, but VERY slow acceleration. Flipper capability provided with landing gears. KIS/KAS capability and can be used to tow. Some nice shots of testing: On the moon: IT FLIES!!!!: (it landed this jump, somehow. Kerbal physics amirite : P)
  6. looking back on this, how is among us still a thing. like. it's been 5 months. how
  7. @ManEatingApe It seems I have made an error... If we remove the thermometer from the recovery cost as well (with the recovered cost of the thermometer seen in the album), I would have recovered 2572 funds, which would mean the overall cost of the mission was 5435-2572 = 2863 funds
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