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  1. My pick for today: Klaus Schulze is an absolutely legendary figure in the entirety of electronic music and many things we owe for music nowadays wouldn't have been here were it not for his contributions
  2. These two songs have been living in my head rent-free today. Could've been worse.
  3. https://technorch.bandcamp.com/track/church-of-hal Could not ask for a better song to be stuck in my head.
  4. Man, I'm almost crying. Never have I played a game that I can recommend more strongly than KSP.
  5. Aphex Twin just hits different: This one is out of the Collapse EP released in 2018.
  6. Can I have my name changed to Regor please? Thanks.
  7. Designed and landed a rover with science equipment for my WIP moon base project that I am starting. Built with durability in mind, it's one of the most stable rovers i've ever made, and pretty much the only thing that can really cause any damage is a direct hit of the front/back of the vehicle directly into the floor. Houses 2 people and has ALL science equipment. Top speed of 49m/s, but VERY slow acceleration. Flipper capability provided with landing gears. KIS/KAS capability and can be used to tow. Some nice shots of testing: On the moon: IT FLIES!!!!: (it landed this jump, somehow. Kerbal physics amirite : P)
  8. looking back on this, how is among us still a thing. like. it's been 5 months. how
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