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  1. Feel free to contribute your own 100% working, bug free contacts.
  2. Hey there Can someone have a look at my config file and tell me where I'm going wrong? I've made a custom config for my game, which started as the default config. I turned off tech unlock times, set the upgrade reset formula to 0, and set the starting points to 4,8,16. Pretty sure that's the only changes I made. However, when I unlock my first tech node, I get the message saying an upgrade point has been added, but no point is added? I assume it must be linked to one of the values I've changed, but I don't know which would affect it. Switching back to the default config sets the upgrade points as expected. Any advice?
  3. Is this this? Don't bother replying. I'm stupid or something. Clearly one is mark 3 and the other is mark 4
  4. Ah ok. Was confused as the other NF components didn't have an issue. Guess I might have had those cached from a previous install though...
  5. Hey there I'm trying to install some additional mods into a 1.4.5 RSS/RO installation and I get the following error from CKAN 1.26.2 for two of the mods One or more downloads were unsuccessful: Error downloading NearFutureLaunchVehicles 1.1.6: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Error downloading SCANsat v18.7: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Any thoughts on these? All other mods I selected downloaded fine (including other Near Future components). I've also posted individual errors to each of those mods forum threads, so hopefully wherever the problem is can be identified. Thanks
  6. Hey there Trying to install SCANsat for a 1.4.5 RSS/RO game via CKAN and getting this error One or more downloads were unsuccessful: Error downloading SCANsat v18.7: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it Any suggestions? Also getting problems downloading with only two other mods out of the bunch I selected to install, so CKAN is connecting to some things.
  7. Trying to download Near Future Launch Vehicles for a 1.4.5 RSS/RO installation through CKAN. Getting error One or more downloads were unsuccessful: Error downloading NearFutureLaunchVehicles 1.1.6: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it All other Near Future components downloaded correctly. Any solution?
  8. Since Real Solar System uses Earth and not Kerbin, I don't think the making history launch sites or the island airfield exist? You can use the mod KSC Switcher, which will allow launching from multiple Earth location launch sites.
  9. Hey there. Has anyone tested this in a 1.3.1 game? Or would it be best to use Magico13's 1.3.1 prerelease version? Just curious before I kick off a play Thanks
  10. So I selected to remove KJR which also removed RealFuels, RealPlume, RO and RP1. Now when I select to reinstall RP1, I'm told that RO is not compatible with my version of KSP?? I literally just unticked KJR, let it uninstall what it needed to, and the error displays immediately on clicking the tick box for RP1. Current installed-portable.ckan file History installed-portable.ckan showing state before removing KJR Now I'm not sure how to proceed, as RO doesn't even show in the list any more?? Any thoughts on how to recover? Thanks EDIT: Just out of interest, I select all versions of KSP as compatible from V1 onwards. Even with all selected as compatible, RO would not show up in the list. I've also made sure I have refreshed the repositories, and restarted the CKAN app, neither of which made any difference. EDIT2: Just for more information. This install was originally made using Steam and selecting the 1.3.1 "beta". That folder was then copied with a new name (C:\Apps\Steam\steamapps\common\Kerbal Space Program - 1.3.1) so Steam shouldn't touch it, and it's not installed under Program Files. CKAN was installed by running the ckan.exe executable in this folder. The ckan download location is changed to a folder on my E: drive (HDD), otherwise settings are at default, and I have selected not to update repositories every startup.
  11. I have an installation set up that I was about to start playing, using Ferram4's KJR. I saw KJR Continued released, so I wanted to install that before I start playing. When I select to remove KJR it automatically unselects RP1,RO,RealFuels and RealPlume, even if I also have KJR Continued selected for installation. Should I just allow it to remove KJR and the dependency chain, then reinstall them with KJR Continued selected?
  12. Hey there CKAN team I was directed here from the RO team's KJR Continued thread regarding the compatibility with Ferram4's KJR and the RO Team's "KJR Continued" mods. The RP-1 mod has KJR as a requirement, and the KJR Continued mod doesn't satisfy that requirement, thus breaking the RP1->RO->RealFuels/RealPlume dependency chain. Only RP1 has the KJR dependency in the chain, but I cannot install the other mods through CKAN without the specifically versioned KJR installed. Is there a way to list the Continued mod as a replacement for the dependency in RP1 to allow successful installation and upgrades within CKAN? Is that something you can do, or does it need to be done via the RP1 team, since they are at the start of the chain? Currently I have the Continued version manually installed over the top of Ferram4's release, however I will miss any notifications of updates to the more current Continued version. The ambiguity (and arguments) about which is the "correct" version should be somewhat mitigated now, and it would be beneficial to return to a simple solution for RP1 installs through CKAN. Thanks
  13. So is there a way to specify "continued" as a replacement for ferram4's KJR on CKAN? At the moment I've just set up a 1.3.1/RSS/RO/RP1 game that I was ready to play. Now this is released I thought I might as well use this one, however I can't uninstall ferram4's KJR in CKAN as it is a dependency of RP1, which in turn has a dependency on RO, which in turn has dependencies on RealFuels and RealPlume, and none of those recognise "continued" as satisfying that dependency chain. Is it a case of contacting the author of RP1 to add "continued" as a dependency, or is it something you guys can take care of? I assume the RO team gets along with the RP1 team quite well? Currently I have the "continued" version 3.4 manually installed over the top of ferram4's 3.3.3 version, but I don't know if that's a working configuration as I haven't started playing yet, and I don't know if it will pose any problems to do a change over going forward. What are my options? Thanks