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  1. Couldn't you filter them out based on vesselType = Plane ?
  2. From memory, Kemini experiments get loaded in the VAB into slots in command modules via a right click interface. They aren't parts you drag and drop in the VAB.
  3. Usually you'll see the version that will be installed in the "latest version" column where CKAN lists all the mods. In the mod info area, it might say something like "Max KSP ver: 1.5.1 (using mod version X)", and if you're running a previous version of KSP, the latest version column will show a different value to X if it will install a version specific to your KSP version. At least that's how I think it works.....
  4. Hey there I'm putting together a bit of a frankenstein RO install, just adding bits and pieces, but I think I have found a couple of errors in the GameData\RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\Squad\RO_Squad_Utility.cfg related to changes to the FuelCell part, when comparing to the FuelCellArray part From FuelCell part @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter]:NEEDS[!TacLifeSupport] { name = ModuleResourceConverter ConverterName = Fuel Cell StartActionName = Start Fuel Cell StopActionName = Stop Fuel Cell ToggleActionName = Toggle Fuel Cell FillAmount = 0.95 AutoShutdown = False GeneratesHeat = False UseSpecialistBonus = False INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdHydrogen Ratio = 0.0001010385 } From FuelCellArray part @MODULE[ModuleResourceConverter]:NEEDS[!TacLifeSupport] { @name = ModuleResourceConverter @ConverterName = Fuel Cell @StartActionName = Start Fuel Cell @StopActionName = Stop Fuel Cell @ToggleActionName = Toggle Fuel Cell @FillAmount = 0.95 @AutoShutdown = False @GeneratesHeat = False @UseSpecialistBonus = False !INPUT_RESOURCE,* {} !OUTPUT_RESOURCE,* {} INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdHydrogen Ratio = 0.000606231 } As you can see, the FuelCell is missing the @ symbol for the module elements, which creates duplicate entries in the part. It is also missing the two ! lines to remove the existing input and output resources. Unless this is the intended function of those two parts, but the duplicated values makes me feel it's not supposed to be like that. Thanks Simon
  5. strudo76

    [1.3] Real Fuels v12.2.3 July 30

    Hey there Would it make sense to use Real Fuel and Real Engines in a RSS game, but without installing the whole RO package? I'm sort of rolling my own RO setup, wanting to have some aspects but not wanting others. The only config options from CKAN are RO or stockalike, but I assume stockalike won't cut it, and as I said previously, I don't want the entire RO package. Are there certain files from RO I can use to get the engine configs? Or would I expect the engine packages included in RO to have their own individual RF support? Thanks
  6. How do you use dx11, and what is TU?
  7. Ah I see now. That would be a nice little feature.
  8. I'm not sure I understand this feature request. You can already launch a craft without going to the VAB by opening the KCT window in the KSC scene, selecting VAB or SPH and clicking launch? Unless I'm not understanding what you're trying to do?
  9. Something that might not have been considered is that if you include the DefaultSettings.cfg file with the mod, ckan will probably overwrite it during updates (as I understand it anyway). Might be better to have the mod generate the default file automatically (if that's possible) or share it as an optional download that can be just dumped into the folder after installation.
  10. Maybe a config option to enable/disable checks on unloaded vessels? Or possibly able to enable/disable based on craft type so you could turn off for probes, but leave on for bases, etc. Another option could be to only check craft in orbit of a body other than the sun. That way craft on long voyages won't bug you, but craft in stable on-going orbit (that are assumed to be doing something sciency) will be prone to failure, as they are technically "in use"?
  11. strudo76

    [1.5.1, 1.4.5, 1.3.1] RemoteTech v1.9.0 [2018-10-29]

    Complete guess as I haven't looked, but I'd assume you can put the craft into hibernate and schedule it to come out of hibernate at some point with a delay?
  12. Is this just for loaded vessels? It would be really interesting if you could add a check, maybe every kerbal month, bi-annual, annual, whatever to non loaded vessels, just so there's a chance for something to happen to that old comms satelite that's been working hard for 50 years because I've never needed to look at it again.
  13. strudo76

    Universal Storage II

    Quite often you'll see that with depreciated parts too. That way the part can be left in the game for existing craft, without being able to be used in new craft.
  14. Hi Micha I've had a bit of an idea, but I have not much clue as how to implement it. Since this mod already does something similar, I though it might be something you'd be interested in looking at. or maybe giving me a hand with if I decide to take it on myself. First stage is I'd like to make some of the bigger vanilla science experiments take time, like the Kemini and KEES do. Things like the Goo and the Materials Bay. How easy/hard would that be to implement? Second stage is I'd like to add completion times to other things, and things from other mods. Things like attaching things using KAS, and merging components using the construction docking ports from MKS. I understand that might require a better knowledge of how those other mods operate (or even require some liaising with those mod's authors to work support in). I just feel there is scope to make things take longer where they should be a complex job, rather than the instant result that is more common throughout the game. Thoughts? I can put together MM patches pretty easily. I do some programming in VB.NET, but have never really grasped the C based languages. Thanks Simon
  15. Hey there I was going through the instructions on this page to set up a new game. One of the instructions is to download a replacement DLL for RemoteTech and ContractConfigurator incompatibility. The file downloaded is called CC_RemoteTech.dll however this doesn't match the DLL files supplied by either RemoteTech or ContractConfigurator. Do I just add this file to the GameData folder, or does it need to be renamed to replace one of the files supplied by one of those mods? Also are those instructions still valid. It seems the RO installation doesn't include some of the mods I'd expect to be included (such as Kerbal Construction Time). I'm not super familiar with the RO setup though, so I'm not entirely sure what mods should be included. Thanks