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  1. strudo76

    [KSP V1.4.5] TAC Fuel Balancer v2.20

    @Z-Key Aerospace CKAN team tell me this need to be updated on Spacedock before CKAN will show the 2.20 version.
  2. Hi there The mod TAC Fuel Balancer only shows the 2.19 version, even though the 2.20 version is available. Wasn't sure if something like that gets reported there to @Z-Key Aerospace or here, but now I've done both. This is the version file from 2.19 and this is the version file from 2.20 that I manually downloaded Hope that makes sense to someone
  3. strudo76

    [KSP V1.4.5] TAC Fuel Balancer v2.20

    For me in CKAN, this mod is only showing version 2.19, even though 2.20 is available to download. Has been like that for several days.
  4. strudo76

    [1.3] USI Life Support [0.5.0]

    Red P is never good. Could be a urinary tract infection, or point to some sort of kidney problem
  5. I remember reading about this mod having issues with the robotics mod. Is that still the case or has that been sorted? Thanks
  6. strudo76

    RSS visual enhancement help

    I downloaded both and saw the contents of the zip were structured the same, so went with the 1.2.2-1 download anyway. Thanks for the confirmation!
  7. strudo76

    RSS visual enhancement help

    The wiki say for KSP 1.3.1 to use EVE 1.2.2-1, but the download link says you only need the file, which seems only available for 1.2-1 and 1.2-2, but not for 1.2.2-1? Unless I'm not understanding correctly?
  8. strudo76

    [1.3.1, 1.4.*] Inline Ballutes

    FYI, both the homepage and source CKAN links for this mod point to the github page. Had to search the forum manually to find this page
  9. In Steam, right click Kerbal Space Program, select properties. Go to the Betas tab, select 1.4.2 from the list. Once it's updated the files, you'll have a 1.4.2 install.
  10. strudo76

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    Ah ok. In that case are the standard contracts suitable for a RSS setup, or is there another contract pack I can use for RSS? I was hoping to mostly just use the contracts from RP-0.
  11. strudo76

    [1.3.1] Real Solar System v13.1 [26 Apr 2018]

    If I wanted to run a game with RSS and perhaps RP-0 (or RP-1) but without RO, what's the minimum list of mods required to actually make it playable? I.e. engines, tanks and fuels that can actually make it to orbit and beyond with useful payloads. Thanks
  12. Hi there I'm thinking of checking out a RO/RSS/RP-0 style game, but really I have no idea on what's what in that regard. AFAIK, RP-0 isn't updated for 1.3.1 and the full package isn't ready for 1.4.x. I'm using Steam and I know how to access the previous versions of the game. Is the recommended installation method to use a 1.2 install and just select those packages from CKAN? Or use a 1.3.1 and use CKAN? Or put it all together manually? What would you guys recommend? I'm fairly proficient in getting around a file system, but I'd prefer a simpler install without too much tinkering, so I can ask questions about the game from a reasonably standard baseline. Thanks
  13. strudo76

    Space Station construction

    Good information, thanks everyone.
  14. Hi all Just wondering about how space stations in real life are constructed. In KSP I generally build something with docking ports on the ends and connect new modules to those, and build out the station that way. Is that how it's generally done on something like the IIS? Also thought about using something like KAS to hard joint new parts on the end, but that seems to me to be something of an unlikely method for real life constructions. The construction docking ports included with some mod (MKS maybe? Can't remember exactly) seem like a good idea, but also seem like a more magic method as opposed to something that might actually happen. Just thinking about things to keep things in the realm of possibilities, in a Kerbal style way