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  1. I previously downloaded the demo, and have been running it for a little while. Today I made the choice to buy the program (and it's on sale!). I have downloaded the installer (the X64 installer for version 1.2.2 for Windows, but it wants to install in the same folder as the demo (and create the same named shortcut). Is this correct? I an running Win 8.1 64 bit version.
  2. I tried to purchase KSP from the KSP Store. However, I got to Step 2, and it did not show my choice of payment (Credit Card). It showed PayPal instead. Would there be any way of contacting the KSP Store for this? I could not find it.
  3. Sorry I forgot the CPU... AMD A10-7800 3.50 GHz (12 compute cores, 4C + 8G) This is from my system information. I wanted a good processor so I went to the PassMark Software CPU Benchmark charts. This one is on the high end CPU list.
  4. I have an Asus computer with the following specifications: Onboard AMD® Radeon R7 240 2GB Graphics Windows 8.1 8 GB RAM I am currently running the KSP Demo on the system and have not had any problems with graphics glitching. Has anyone had this type of configuration (onboard graphics, no extra graphics card) and run the full version of KSP without any problems?
  5. Thanks to everyone who has responded! I have been able to achieve orbit; however, my re-entry speed was a bit high and the parachute overheated. Just have to adjust the flight path. I was able to launch a shuttle in Orbiter and land it, so it will just take some more practice. It is partly because of Scott Manley that I decided to check out KSP, especially a combo video with him and someone else I follow on YouTube (Vintage Space/Amy Shira Teitel) where they made a "Von Braun" inspired rocket to see if it would launch. I shall check out more of his stuff for hints and tips.
  6. Is there a guide in the KSP Wiki as to what the symbols mean?
  7. I have tried out the side mounting fuel tanks, and they do attach. Getting the thing to launch is another story. I keep getting some parts detaching when they shouldn't (such as my latest attempt to launch, and the capsule detached instead). Any other key to launch besides the Space bar?
  8. I am trying out the demo version (in Sandbox mode), and it's doing alright with onboard graphics (I have a system with onboard Radeon R7 graphics with 2GB of memory, 8GB total RAM on the system). Is it possible to create rockets that are more than 1 stack? I have not been able to figure out if I can have some strap-on boosters or similar things.