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  1. I was playing around with the save file trying to hit the Mun with a simple SRB with a probe on top. But, when i finaly realized that Thrust per percentage or whatever changed the fuel comsumtion too. so i went to the actual engine in the squad folder and edited it so it had more thrust, less fuel being used. but when i tried to get to the file that i needed to edit, it had to be open with something else (acording to youtube) but i messed that up and made all the files i was trying to edit open with notepad then messed with the thrust. but now my 2nd favorite engine is gone. :-(
  2. I tried downlaoding mods cause i was bored of the regular parts. But every time i do the game wont load. It either crashes or never loads past the "witty loading hints". If it helps, these are the mods i tried - B9 Aerospace(Orignal and unoffical ones) Kerbal Galaxy (Also both original and revamped)