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  1. Sounds like a nice plan - I mean the idea to make An-72 cockpit fits 2,5m size. IMHO there is no need to make an enormous amount of cockpits. And I like your idea to merge several models in one cockpit as U've said abot Boeing above. And may be it would be quite enough to make just one An-72 cockpit and not to waste your spare time for the whole line of variants. Not an advise, just my opinion - there should be just several cockpits in one mod for different cases. We have already have a number of cockpits in different mods. APP, KAX, Fantom Works, SXT. But as an ordinal user i'd like to have a good choice of cockpits in one mod bot not to install a dozen. Not many of'em - no need to make a dozen cockpits for Antonov, another dozen for different Airbus and several for Boeing. Yep - there are differences between different cockpits of one brand IRL. But in game will be quite enough a couple of cockpits for every IRL manufacturer. Othervise U should make hundreds of them :)... As for my wishes: 1,875m size - something for business jets bigger than stock (Cessna or Golfstream or Piper). May be something for regional cargo and passenger planes. 2,5m size - Boeing, Airbus, DC-3 (and it will fit all the DCs further in a model line), Hercules (every kerbal wants to fly C-130 himself) and something for cargo transport planes like Antonov's that will fit all the models of this contructor and will be useful for Ilushin's aircrafts like Il-14 or Il-18. May be one more for soviet airliners like Tupolev (Tu-154) and Yakovlev (Yak-42). As for me - 2,5m is the best size for everyday purposes. 3,5m size for large cargo and passenger planes. I even don't know exactly what to wish here because it seems to me too large to use in my flights. There is already a nice airbus cockpit in APP even with a RPM config. There is an almost dead KAX cockpit that is looking like Antonov but has a poor texturing and no IVA at all. There were several cockpits in Fantom Works addon for KAX but with the same sad destiny - not the best texturing, no IVAs at all, no support, no future development, Thats why I do wish U to make all your plans come true ;)!
  2. Wow. If all of that cockpits from the imgur link come to KSP it would be great. U do have there almost all of the desired cockpits and i have only one cockpit to add in this wishlist - have a look at Antonov family tranport planes. I mean the middle size which is more for 2.5 - not a huge Antonov-225 Mria but smth like Antonov An-24, An-26. An-32, An-71, An-72, An-74, An-74-TK300. Have a look at that planes alltogether via imgir link:
  3. Dear neistridlar, just one polite request if it is possible - to make a couple of cockpits for mk2 size (2,5m) as APP does. May be smth like DC-3. civilian Boeing, C-130, etc... Some of them are already done by Fantom for KAX... but not supported, bad teturing, no IVAs... I love 2.5 m size of APP. It's not so huge as 3.5 and quite enough for my fly cargo expeditions around Kerbin. But there is only plane cockpit in APP - airbus. Do miss Boeing and smth like cargo cockpits (why not Douglas or USSR Antonov family)... To my mind (imho) 1,875 is the best size for business jets. May be for small regional planes. For other cases, if we are not talking about air freighliners, 2,5m size stays the better choice. And concerning your mod - have dounloaded and tried severeal days ago. Nice job. Very tallented. Do wish U good luck and inspiration. Keep doing it ;)!
  4. Is it possible to make a smoke exhaust for turboprop engines and rotors? For example, for prop engines from the KAX, SXT, Airplane Plus? Without a flame, but with a good amount of smoke. Couse it's rather strange to fly turboprops and helicopters without exhaust gases at all... If it si possible, is there any ready configs? Can anyone make or share it?
  5. One strange bug (mistake) I have found with IFS. It takes me a lomg time to find the reason couse I have more than 100 mods... and I was deleting them one by one to find the needed... So If U have clean and new KSP version (in my case 1.3.1) and Airplane Plus + Tweakscale + firespitter +MM and build any craft... just for e.g. my plane on the screen below... And have a look at weight (16 tonns), COL and COM... BUT if i have the IFS installed... Smth happens. Just see another screen below. COM is at another position. Weight is 14 tonns And 2 000 Kg wanished hell know where... And such a magic whith any craft in comparison Before / After if U have the IFS or not... Could anyone advise me - how to repair that stuff with IFS? What shold I change / dell / etc.?
  6. Is this version of Kerbin Side compatible with KSP 1.3.1 and KK for 1.3.1? Looking very amazing! Thank U for such a nice surprise this day!
  7. Very beautiful mod - fantastic talented and with a great animation. Accidentally saw, immediately downloaded and gonna try it this evening. Just a couple of questions - Kerbalism support first. It was already asked above. But if I use Kerbalism as the only life support system, will these buildings contain resources or I need to put a patch for USI, TAC, etc ..? I play in the career. Soryy for newbee question - where are these buildings opened if I use a Community tree? Does this mod a Community tree compability?
  8. Bobby Kerman the head of R&D department in UVM Corporation was very pleased with himself. The contract for a light MD 500 helicopter with the Ministry of Defense brought a small amount of money and Bobby was able to make the first installment on a loan for a new bicycle. In just 10 years, this loan will be paid in full. Hm. It was necessary to earn more money to repay the loan ahead of time. And the way-out was found quite simply. Kerbin needs light regional aircrafts – they are popular both in the army and among civilian companies. UVM already had a small utility aircraft An-14. So, light changes to wing’s geometry, tail, add new engines and more space for the load… In one evening the brainstorming session was held, drawings were drawn and given for an assembly to the SPH. Day after 2 new aircrafts stood on the runway near the hangar. The first one - Antonov An-28 a twin-engined light turboprop transport aircraft that was a little bigger than previous An-14. And Antonov An-38 as the eldest brother in this three light turboprop aircrafts family that should be ideal choice for regional commercial airlines. “If enough units are sold, I could pay off a couple of bike payments ahead of time. Life is a damn cool thing” - Bobby thought.
  9. By the way... While building my MD 500 I have met a sad bug with Airplane Plus and Raster Prop Monitor if U use them both with oh6cockpit - no IVA at all after craft loading and it's impossible to unboard kerbals from helicopter cabin. In the debug pannel (Alt+F12) is written in red text that It is impossible to load internal because there is no "oh6InternalRPM". Clean KSP with SQUAD + Airplane Plus + JSI. Without JSI (RasterPropMonitor) everything is OK - U have IVA, U have possibility to board and unboard. So, I've solved this error rather simple - have changed "oh6Internal" to "oh6InternalRPM" in Part.cfg and changed "oh6Internal" to "oh6InternalRPM" in the file Internal.cfg. But it could be rather complicated for an ordinal user. Just want U to know about this error. May be there is a way to fix it.
  10. Bobby Kerman, the head of R&D Department at UVM, had a very bad day since the morning. A new order was received from the United Kerbals’ Ministry of Defense for the manufacturing an attack helicopter. It should be very small and fast. There were rumors that terrible East Red Tomatoes could attack at any moment and the army needed this heli as soon as possible. Terms were rather tight - by the end of the day the final model had to be ready. Bobby knew that there was no threat from the Red Tomatoes, and the helicopter was needed for the army’s general to fly to the Paradise Islands with his new girlfriend. But this knowledge did not change anything and Bobby didn’t like joking with the militaries. Who served in the army, wouldn’t laugh in the circus, as that old general used to say. Meanwhile, the construction of a new helicopter was going on all the way - similar machines were already built by competitors and the design was not new at all, but the quality of construction from the UVM Corporation always deserved the greatest respect from customers. At least from those who were able to return from the first flight alive. “I'll get a bonus for a successful project launch and buy a new bicycle” - Bobby thought dreamily… P.S. Awailable for downloading via kerbalx. Album:
  11. Every Kerbal has to build a Hip. At least to try... Are you dreaming of the sky and confident in your pilot skill for to take off, but afraid of high speeds when landing? Planes do require a runway, many meters for acceleration and braking. But who needs a runway if there is a helicopter from UVM Corporation? We’ve stolen a design from a Soviet helicopter, but we do not care. Slowly, big, but stable and does not require a runway at all. This helicopter is easy to start the engines, has enough fuel for take-off and working avionics for the first flight (the direction and distance of the flight depends on the skill of the pilot). Important: each of our craft is insured against accident just before the first accident. We have cleaned the dust in the cabin, checked the pressure in the chassis and wiped the windows as for pre-sale preparations. Have a nice flight!
  12. Dear blackheart612, Many thanks for the great mod. I recently met with KSP and it's impossible to imagine this game without Airplane plus. I would say that this is a mandatory mode for aviation in KSP and one of the mandatory for the game as a whole. If you please, my first craft in aviation. I wanted a small cargo plane for gaming purposes. Thanks to you, I got what I wanted. Antonov An-14 KSP Continue your work. Good luck and inspiration.