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  1. And even 4 years after going fairly mainstream, many aspects of VR UI's are still not really settled, driving home how difficult it is to really get these things right and feeling natural. We've kind of progressed from "no man's land" to "wild west", but even core mechanics like inventory management, object interaction and locomotion are still not nearly as settled as the analogous systems in established pancake genres like FPS or RTS. Nate's been playing it coy on VR support in KSP 2, with - as far as I'm aware - the most recent response being "We'll see". With so many different views
  2. For anyone running 1.11.0: GPP breaks the tourist and rescue missions in Career mode. Fix is to remove the GPP_Renamer folder within the GameData/GPP tree. Something with the custom names is causing Kerbals to disappear from the roster or randomly populate seats in ships. If you're mid-game, you'll need to decline/abandon all missions with any named Kerbals and re-acquire them. Otherwise GPP appears to be working fine using the Kopernicus bleeding-edge release for 1.11.0 NB: Having already-renamed Kerbals in your bullpen won't cause any problems, it just affects
  3. OK, thanks. I had a look and didn't see anything regarding the 2020 findings so far. Do you have any more info on why it's inaccurate? The process described in the Nature article seems to jive with the content. EDIT: Just realized you may be suggesting the Nature article may be inaccurate as well. Not sure what paper/s the YT content creator specifically used, as it was a very public-accessible overview.
  4. Not sure if this has made the rounds yet, but here's a layman-level summary (YouTube) of some recent metallic hydrogen developments. TL;DW: The Silvera/Dias results from 2017 are losing acceptance, as it now seems they did not successfully (at least not demonstrably) create metallic hydrogen in their experiment. Their projections related to the lack of metastability are probably moot - not proven wrong, just not substantiated experimentally A French team appears to have created testable, real, metallic hydrogen that behaves as models predict The jury is still very much
  5. The Xenon-based engines in KSP 1 would fall into the magnetoplasmadynamic bucket, and I wouldn't be surprised to see those make an appearance in KSP 2 for lightweight probes, etc. There appear to be magnetically propelled plasma-type engines in the trailer and other vids, but not sure if we've heard anything specific about xenon/argon/litium/etc propellants yet.
  6. OK, apologies for the snark there. I thought that snippet would shed a bit of light on what you were asking. My understanding from reading and watching the various interviews (too many times) is that there will no longer be separate science and career modes - which is what I meant by "scrubbed", and that all non-sandbox play will be merged into the new "Adventure mode". Adventure mode will be have aspects of both science and career where you're assigned a goal - like a career mode contract - and are rewarded with unlocked technology and parts - or some other kind of progress - for compl
  7. Such a welcoming community here for people posting what they hope is useful info.
  8. This is a really good idea, but the problem is the new progression system is going to be carefully tested and "calibrated" against a particular star system to make sure gameplay is accessible and rewarding, esp for new players. A relatively easy solution (nothing is as easy as it sounds when making a game) would be to have two starter-friendly systems that new players can choose from. Maybe it would be the difference b/w "easy" - the old Kerbolar system for new players, and "challenging" - a new system, harder, for veterans. Even two new-game-ready systems would take a lot of extra work
  9. Semantics. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck...
  10. These are scrubbed. There is a new "adventure" mode where you unlock technology via milestones, and it will bear some similarities to the current science mode. EDIT: "adventure mode" is a working name, not final. Here's a quote from July: “[Colonies are] capable of producing colonists through a method that we will not describe, for everyone’s sake, after something that the player initiates called a ‘boom event’,” says lead designer Shana Markham. Throughout Kerbal’s new career mode, which the developers have nicknamed ‘adventure mode’, making discoveries and unlocking new technolo
  11. Don't forget the all-new Scott Kerman
  12. So do we know that the base fuel in KSP 2 going to be methalox then, if you're making an RP-1 mod? There was always some controversy over whether the "LFO" fuel type in KSP 1 was kerolox or methalox, with all the engineering folks insisting it must be kerolox/RP-1 - further reinforced by Making History - and then the KSP 2 developers referring to the fuel type in KSP 1 as methalox in two separate interviews. There were several popular mods that added methane-burning engines and hydrogen-burning engines, both requiring actively-cooled storage, which (maybe apocryphally) really cemented the be
  13. Which, sadly, I think is a poor design decision and misses out on the opportunity to instill an all new sense of wonder for returning players. Reskinning what was there before feels like an appeasement to a very small, very hardcore base - though apparently very vocal, so they may be hedging against the "extremely vocal minority" who would cry foul and flood forums with negativity, impacting sales. They're pretty gutsy to even *touch* a sequel for a game with such a cult-like following, so I'm sure they're researching the audience very carefully before making these decisions. You note t
  14. So... are we talking all new solar system layout with new dV maps, and things like a whole different atmosphere profile on Duna and Eve, new landmass layout on Laythe, etc? Have we even heard that level of detail yet on the redesign? Don't get me wrong - I am over the Mün excited about bases, functional launch-pads, new fuel types/engines, and interstellar travel (the first things I mod in for any playthrough), but the rehash of the solar system has been like a bucket of cold water. I can only hope you're right about the overhaul being far more fundamental than simply new textures, visu
  15. Are you talking about RP-1 the propellant (kerolox) and some parts that use it, or a realistic progression mod for RSS? (the links you provided are private).
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