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  1. Guaranteed storefront visibility is exactly what Epic has been using to lure some titles over as exclusives (on top of the licensing incentives). In fact, storefront visibility was cited as the primary decision factor by Piranha when releasing MechWarrior 5 on Epic a while back. It's definitely a big consideration for publishers, and even with Take 2's clout, they'll need to plan their release around the big dogs, even though KSP2's ever-expanding budget seems to be nudging it closer and closer to A-list territory.
  2. A little trick (depending on what you're aiming for) is to use targets and waypoints, as those show up in the navball, and you can adjust your approach so that the target is very near your surface retrograde. Eg, if you drop a flag on Mun/Minmus and call it "Land Here", then set that as your target, it shows up on your navball and you can use that to fine-tune your approach. With a little practice to get an intuitive understanding of how that works, you can usually drop a rocket within about 10m of the flag/waypoint, though it's harder on bodies rotating very quickly like Minmus specifically.
  3. I... I think I need a cigarette now..
  4. It's extremely unlikely that that level of precision landing will be required for anything in KSP 2. There may be bonuses or benefits for dropping something dead smack on the button, but alienating 99% of the player base via difficulty is not something developers typically strive for.
  5. I think the Kraken has had its day. It was frequently funny in the early days of an indie KSP, but with a fully funded and polished game like KSP 2, Kraken attacks will more likely be perceived as bug. I don't expect a lot of tolerance for quirky, game-breaking physics sim mechanics in this release.
  6. This just means you're not trying hard enough.
  7. You can't do that and not tell us what game this is! The only "biggie" I know of landing this week is the new Total War installment...
  8. You can do these kind of automated RTLS and propulsive-landed boosters in career mode (KSP1 obv) using KoS. The end effect is largely identical to what SpaceX does with F9 and FH, and it's extremely satisfying when you nail it in-game. Be warned, the ∆v cost is higher than you might think. From a very early interview with one of the mod consultants, we heard that parts in KSP 2 are now scriptable, but whether there will be an interface for that in the game is another question. I'm a big proponent of adding user-generated automation sequences as they add a whole new dimension to the simulation (literally no one is flying rockets IRL of course), but it remains to be seen if and how that would be implemented in KSP 2.
  9. I'm still at 100% hype level! Feed from me, if you must.
  10. Because the Earth is a diva and won't let anyone else take centre stage. "Just remember, it's my gravity keeping you here, and all y'all orbit me, got it? Don't make me go all Thea on your asses." -Earth, probably.
  11. This was an April Fool's joke posted in I think 2020 or perhaps 2019.
  12. I'm hoping the procedural wings lead to lower part counts, fewer joints, fewer individual drag calculations, etc. While I don't believe there's anything implicit about their inclusion pointing to improved modeling, there's a case to be made that as a part in general they could lead to smoother gameplay for most designs.
  13. You mean like this from a couple years back?
  14. This would be pretty darn awesome, as a next-gen console is about 1/4 the price of an OK gaming right now. What remains to be seen is how the unmodded play experience will be, as it's unlikely there will be much if any modding possible on the next-gen consoles.
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