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  1. need linuxgurugamer to reviving mod to MM4 work
  2. continuing laztek is impossible you had no choice but rebuild laztek mod to prevent copyright attack
  3. typo error delta iv heavy not delta vi heavy need send bugfix
  4. only 2 years before 10th Anniversary Kerbonauts
  5. Continuation of laztek was impossible only choice instead Continuation mod they went to remake mod laztek to lazresurrected launch pack
  6. make you sure are med-medhigh GPU and CPU
  7. double check KSP version are make you sure 1.4-1.7.x and add MM
  8. always make you sure double check mod KK launchers pack and redownload and delete old one
  9. On rocket launch failure use Tac self-destruct mod and action set abort backspace key
  10. titan 1 rocket quiet OP can be put on orbit (Stock solarsystem) if want to put orbit on titan 1 you had need Kickstage with 3 axles control