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  1. I'm running a test again to confirm that removing the SRB's fixes the problem. I Removed the fuel from Stage 2 so that the ascent and descent profile more closely match what it was doing when the SRB's were attached (Plenty more Delta V) Will let you know the end result. Craft File: Log: Thank you for replying so quickly and with such helpful enthusiasm! (EDIT: Damn. Same error after testing the rocket w/o SRB's. So it is something about my ascent profile being different that could be causing it to fail, where it worked before. I'll keep trying to see under what conditions the recovery works on the current rocket, without SRB's for simplicity. Mission profile is Precisely: Using Gravity Turn Mod, ascend to 80KM, Circularize w/ Mechjeb, separation, w/ booseter: create node approx at apoapsis, lowering periapsis to 23KM over KSC, jump back to Payload, time warp 5 or 10X until vessel destruction, at this point there is no message regarding the boosters fate, it is just removed from the game.)
  2. Hello! Thanks @linuxgurugamer for your hard work in supporting our community through all your amazing modding efforts! I was hoping somebody could help me with a situation I am experiencing - Trying to have StageRecovery to recover a SpaceX style booster which is bringing payload to orbit then boosting retrograde to lower periapsis just over KSP around 20KM. I have tested my ship and It seems to work fine when I remove the three SRB's which also user stage recovery, although they drop quite early in the initial ascent. When I try this with my ship's final profile, I get this error: [LOG 16:45:55.456] [F: 200547]: Vessel MSE - MARSUPIAL DELTA-R Ship was on-rails at 1.0 kPa pressure and was destroyed. [LOG 16:45:55.456] -INFO- Tac.LifeSupportController[FF504430][5944.94]: Vessel Destroyed [00e0668d-3cb7-4d5c-95cc-8a57c4ce2f7b] MSE - MARSUPIAL DELTA-R Ship [ERR 16:45:55.526] Exception handling event onVesselWillDestroy in class StageRecovery:System.ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Double].Add (System.String key, Double value) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.ReduceSpeed_Engines (Double initialSpeed, Double targetSpeed) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.TryPoweredRecovery () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.Process (Boolean preRecover) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at StageRecovery.StageRecovery.RecoverVessel (.Vessel v, Boolean preRecovery) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at StageRecovery.StageRecovery.VesselDestroyEvent (.Vessel v) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at EventData`1[Vessel].Fire (.Vessel data) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 [EXC 16:45:55.527] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,System.Double].Add (System.String key, Double value) StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.ReduceSpeed_Engines (Double initialSpeed, Double targetSpeed) StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.TryPoweredRecovery () StageRecovery.RecoveryItem.Process (Boolean preRecover) StageRecovery.StageRecovery.RecoverVessel (.Vessel v, Boolean preRecovery) StageRecovery.StageRecovery.VesselDestroyEvent (.Vessel v) EventData`1[Vessel].Fire (.Vessel data) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) EventData`1:Fire(Vessel) Vessel:Die() Vessel:CheckKill() VesselPrecalculate:MainPhysics(Boolean) ModularFI.ModularVesselPrecalculate:MainPhysics(Boolean) VesselPrecalculate:FixedUpdate() ModularFI.ModularVesselPrecalculate:TimedFixedUpdate() TimingPre:FixedUpdate() If anyone could point me to a solution I would be very grateful! I'll keep troubleshooting and update here if I end up solving it myself. I wondered if it had to do with leaving two active decouplers set to StageRecovery via RecoveryController, but I have removed the extra leaving a relatively simple booster consisting of a few fuel tanks, an engine, a probe core, rcs, and parachutes. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello there! I really like this mod, and appreciate the work you've done to create/maintain it. I am seeing a peculiar issue after enabling wireframe in the difficulty settings. Whenever I perform a simulation, after exiting sim the wireframe is still applied and does not cease until the game is restarted. Please let me know if you know anything about what may be causing this issue, or how it can be resolved. I am happy to provide logs if you need. Thank you!
  4. Hello! This is my first post on the forum, been playing KSP for years. I have been having a crazy time going trying to get a modded setup working across a couple installs, with all the mod selection in the world. After going back and forth with CKAN over the last few days, I believe I can confirm that your mod is having an incompatibility with Advanced Fly By Wire, which is core to the experience I'm going for since I'm using a PS2 Ace Combat HOTAS. I went through a very careful routine of installing mods, testing, installing mods, and checking to see if the control mod still works, and the configuration panel doesnt render(Blank Window) if RTC2 is installed. Also RTC2's small display disappears when you have the AFBW window open. I am aware that this may not be any fault of yours, and may instead be something wrong with AFBW, since it's not up to date. I just wanted to send you a heads up because I finally found the cause of my frustrations! (I like your mod btw, I will be happy to reinstall later when 1.2.2 isn't the wasteland of bugs where some unupdated mods are concerned!) Thanks!