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  1. Nice. But remember quality not quantity please.
  2. Not yet but I plan to have some on the next update.
  3. It is the System where the Firefly series takes place. The bodies are made, just need the time to make the finishing touches, things like colour, normal, and biome maps etc.. or figure how to do it via PQS, might even get round to Science.
  4. I would say 10-25 tons of tungsten coated DU235 should do it, from GEO altitude?
  5. Could you... maybe... Have this create a central repository/backup and link from there?
  6. Thank you.
  7. Moar please.. Can't wait to get my little paws on them.
  8. Thanks Guys [or Gals], I like the input, I am however going for simplicity, if I can keep it to Excel functions [I don't program at all I'm afraid, never got in to it, Time], and also to reduce User input to a minimum required for each sheet. Parts List??? is it up to date?? if so can I have it?
  9. Moar please........
  10. I'd love to do something like this, only 2? problems. Firstly, wrong side of the Pond. . Second, either too many kids or not enough money, but they are the same thing really, so oh well maybe next life, . Still I'd love the, get on a plane, hire an RV and drive across USA, get plane home, idea. Would love to do it. even if I had the money think finding the time would be the next problem. I'll have to settle for launching little green men into space.
  11. Though a good way to deal with them. Now ever Zombie for about 5 miles is converging on your location........
  12. The Star System where the TV series Firefly took place.
  13. Well thanks for you help you have given me something to work with, which is good to know. Might be able to expand how I want to.
  14. A) Damn that was fast. B) Thanks for that, I was trying to avoid 'User defined fields' in that sense, as 'User Error' tends to creep in. But I might have to go with that. C) DAMN that was fast
  15. No that's fine I was thinking for this calculator. For example I could add a spreadsheet of KSP parts. I just used the KSP folder as an example of what I meant. Also why I tried to clarify with my earlier post. I think Module Manager is a better example. It will search the GameData folder for .cfg files. What I want to do is instead of having to specify the fullpath to the other files I might add, just tell it to look in the folder it's in. This is not a Mod for the game it is a Tool for anyone to use. Which is why I might want to add to it. So I can create a KSP-Calc folder and put all the files in there and refer to them wit a short term as opposed to a full filepath.