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  1. @Vagrant203 Sorry to hear this, sometimes it is best to get a setup and stick to it. This is part of the trials of KSP. Looking forward to the re-boot.
  2. @Vagrant203 that sounds like a standard KSP launch and mission to me.... Let's see what else happens. Awaiting MOAR...
  3. @Just Jim Flash / War of the Worlds / John Carter on Mars / Total Recall / SpaceBalls campy mash up. Is my suggestion, waiting to see what you come up with to keep us happy while we wait for Saga II.....
  4. @Cavscout74 Liking your designs and the story line. Awaiting MOAR!!!
  5. @Just Jim as an extra challenge, please try to fit at least 10 scifi references in the first chapter of Volume II??? I DARE YOU...... I think there may be a 'cheese' explosion, somewhere in the south of the US East coast. (Florida.way i think?).....
  6. Think Jeb would not have complained for an extra 3 seconds though? Nice liking this, referencing scifi in general is good, the big bad mods nice moderator's could be fun. Scot Manley, @Just Jim for your ref's so far Awaiting Moar...
  7. So much for the plans of Mice and Men... Well hopefully this weekend any way.
  8. @Gargamel, @Harry Rhodan, @Jammer-TD, @FleshJeb thanks for this info so for, I shall hopefully have a go at sorting this later today.
  9. Thanks for confirming, fairly certain the mods are up to date, I want the transfer to Windows first. Did try that but comes up incompatible. Which is why I need the magic approach.
  10. Hello All, I have a lightly modded (10-12 mods) OSX KSP 1.3.1, that I want to convert to a Win KSP 1.3.1, before I then let it update to 1.6.1. However, this is the first time I am performing this kind of Wizardry.... Can someone please point me at a thread that advises what to do/not do, or provide a reply with instructions? I think i just need to change the environment Info from OSX *** to the Windows *** version? e.g. envInfo = - Environment Info - Unix 7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Args: KSP - versionFull = (OSXPlayer) versionCreated = (OSXPlayer) @Mods, I was not sure where else to put the question, so please move if there is somewhere more appropriate.
  11. Hi all, Hopefully a 'Quick' question. If I have a CKAN installed KSP on 1.4.5, do I just use the exported .CKAN file to load those mods into say 1.6? Thanks in advance.
  12. As in MOAR Boosters... MOAR struts... MOAR story posts...
  13. like, Awaiting MOAR. p.s. what happened to the fourth wall, nice touch by the way.
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