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  1. Pretorian28715

    Conquering Whirligig (Chapter 10 - Back in the swing of things)

    Following. Nice and simple..
  2. Ooohhhhh....... There's more Kerny.... ....... Need more...... Nnneeedddd MOAR....... [And first to see it, wahooo]
  3. Pretorian28715

    Sirius Space Program

    If I add a comment it shows in the list with a star instead of the dot, for unread posts. This is interesting, therefore I am following.
  4. Pretorian28715

    Sirius Space Program

    Comment to follow
  5. Pretorian28715

    Elemental Space Program

    Comment to follow
  6. @Just Jim Sins of a Solar Empire? Redemption? I think... I have not played that in ages....
  7. Pretorian28715

    Twitches to the Mun ... Sepratrons to the surface

    Awaiting news of the rescue attempt.....
  8. Pretorian28715

    Explorer: An extended Grand Tour with 33 landings

    Gonna have to watch this at some point. Keep us posted as to the other voyages.....
  9. Er....not really sure what that is [think I need to interweb more] But just some hopefully harmless fun.....
  10. Pretorian28715

    Into the Void

    Interesting, but whilst I like this I'm not usually able to watch videos, how soon will the the text report be?
  11. Herasy, report him to the Mods. Let their anger fall upon him, in a Deletious rage.. [Or maybe not, but why would you admit to this] [Unless you want @adsii1970 to bring Wrath upon you, lol].....
  12. Pretorian28715

    SeaFoam - Making New History

    That's not a problem really, when it's ready. As I've said before Quality over Quantity any day. Always liked FSP, and this is interesting, seems you have a writer's 'hand.
  13. Pretorian28715

    SeaFoam - Making New History

    Ok, this is now getting silly. I have 5 or 6 threads in the 'Mission Reports' I follow now. Think I need to do one myself....... Maybe.... But, seriously good stuff, awaiting MOAR!!!
  14. Post to follow. I so need to work out KSPI-E this should give ma a lot of the Theory, from the look of things so far... Awaiting MOAR...
  15. Pretorian28715

    Forgotten Space Program

    Why...... Why has it taken me nearly a week to see this......... you 'd me again.