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  1. Pretorian28715

    Forgotten Space Program

    Why...... Why has it taken me nearly a week to see this......... you 'd me again.
  2. Pretorian28715

    I'm joining the Squad Team!!!

    @Just Jim there is an easy way to deal with this, refuse to produce any more Emiko. All complaints of Jim why did you not fix..... [TARGET LOST] [REFUSING TO RE-AQUIRE TARGET] [I NEED MORE EMIKO] [I WILL NOT, I WILL NOT, NOPE, NOPE] Would disappear in an instant, guaranteed........
  3. "Not if you compensate for the reversed neutron flow, through the primary buffer panel"
  4. Pretorian28715

    Saving Jebediah

    and in the words of @Just Jim: - dun dun dddduuuuuuunnnnnn
  5. Pretorian28715

    Forgotten Space Program

    So had a look at the Null Cycles, and a lot of the links don't work. Is that because of the forum crashes that have occurred? And can you re-post them?
  6. Pretorian28715

    Saving Jebediah

    Like the sound of this, can't wait for the images too.
  7. Pretorian28715

    The Moderation Nation Space Program

    Comment for following. And this is interesting, seeing the different styles.
  8. Pretorian28715

    Forgotten Space Program

    It's bbbaaaacccccckkkkkkkk..... Yeah, been waiting for this, thought it got forgotten..... LOL. Nice start too
  9. Can you not just delete the node from the persistent file??? Or re-position it??
  10. Why do people do this. STOP GIVING @Just Jim IDEAS.... lol just kidding. But pls stop, for the Kerbals sake
  11. Pretorian28715

    Kerbin Elcano Exploration Project - Epilogue

    Comment to follow. As need to read the back story.
  12. Marked for reading. Am I missing 'some' back stories?
  13. Ok my list to try later too.