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  1. Ok, I like, awaiting MOAR
  2. Pretorian28715

    September Astronautics

    Nice, awaiting MOAR.
  3. Hi all, Hopefully a 'Quick' question. If I have a CKAN installed KSP on 1.4.5, do I just use the exported .CKAN file to load those mods into say 1.6? Thanks in advance.
  4. Pretorian28715

    Breaking news! Space Program garners 18 science points.

    As in MOAR Boosters... MOAR struts... MOAR story posts...
  5. Pretorian28715

    Breaking news! Space Program garners 18 science points.

    like, Awaiting MOAR. p.s. what happened to the fourth wall, nice touch by the way.
  6. Pretorian28715

    Mission Accomplished, maybe?

    ok, yet another fantastic story to follow...... Awaiting MOAR.
  7. Pretorian28715

    Forgotten Space Program

    Aye, and it must be Neutron Star thick by now, @Cydonian Monk really knows how to do that.....
  8. Pretorian28715

    Conquering Whirligig (Chapter 20 - Interplanetary Ballooning)

    Following. Nice and simple..
  9. Ooohhhhh....... There's more Kerny.... ....... Need more...... Nnneeedddd MOAR....... [And first to see it, wahooo]
  10. Pretorian28715

    Sirius Space Program

    If I add a comment it shows in the list with a star instead of the dot, for unread posts. This is interesting, therefore I am following.
  11. Pretorian28715

    Sirius Space Program

    Comment to follow
  12. Pretorian28715

    Elemental Space Program

    Comment to follow
  13. Pretorian28715

    The Saga of Emiko Station - Volume I - Complete

    @Just Jim Sins of a Solar Empire? Redemption? I think... I have not played that in ages....