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  1. Part rotation angle wrong

    That was just what the Kerbal ordered. Complete removal of all NearFuture mods resolved the issue. Thanks, I had no idea that the version history was so out of whack on my install and that there seemed to be two conflicting iterations of the same mod. Problem solved, case closed...A case of Kerba-Kola to the winner
  2. Part rotation angle wrong

    Thank you for responding, I will try my best to list accurately. My GameData folder contains: ASET(Incl Aset Avionics and Props), Atmospheric Sound Enhancements, B9 PartSwitch, Community Category Kit and Resource Pack, Firespitter(Of course), JSI, KAS, KASA, KAX, Kerbal Engineer, KIS, MagicSmokeIndustries, MechJeb2, NearFutureElectricaNTRs, NearFuturePropulsion, NearFutureSpacecraft, NTRsUseLF, OPT, PlanetaryBaseInc, PlanetShine, SpaceY-Lifters, Squad, SurfaceLights, TweakScale, WarpShip and WheelSounds. I most recently installed an update of NearFuturePropulsion, but one quirk, it does keep asking me to add the latest one and gives a download link, but it is the same one I have already installed 0.6.4. I have removed this, but the original fault remains, so I have reinstalled quirk of this is that it asks for the 0.6.4 version twice. I'm worried I may have to start from scratch. Any advice would be welcomed.
  3. Hi all, I am hoping desperately that someone might be able to help. Whilst editing parts I know that the QWEASD keys all rotate on various axes and the use of Shift refines that from 90 degrees to 5 degrees by default, but not anymore, not for me. For some reason my new angles appear to be approximately 30 degrees and less than 1 degree with the use of the Shift key. I cannot tell you when this first occurred because I was re-using previously saved designs I had created a while ago and only recently had to create a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any solutions, such as editing a config file to change the angles of rotation, or maybe someone has had the same problem and has since fixed it? The rotation wheels still work as they should, but the key bindings have the above fault.