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  1. it should have some form of society outside of the KSC, but something cool they could do, if a ship destroys a civilian house, you should have to pay damages.
  2. Having an Atmosphere is mainly relient on proximity to your big gravity source. The sun Sucked Mercurys right off, but the outermost planets are mostly atmosphere.
  3. I always hire new kerbals for missions that i dont intend to recover, i happen to supply half of my own rescue quests.
  4. I'd like more playability for KSP, my first real campaign playthru i started about a week back. a new system with new science, new worlds, and just the general difficulty of finding my way around would be interesting. btw, do any of these planets has atmospheres, its something i have to watch out for when using my Probe Systems.
  5. could you also make a side mod with just the system, placed further out as a planet pack. navigating a dark system would be interesting
  6. I will introduce the Black Hole Tanks Mod. (As soon as i have a picture of its modal i will upload it) The Black hole tanks mod allows one to use the Two tanks (One LFO and the other Ore) to hold large volumes of material (such as Ore and LFO) in a Smaller package than would normally be required. Make by Daquan Kerman the two tanks Dry mass is 20 tons (in order to discourage intrepid SSTO Users from adding 15 Mamoths to it) but holds an amazing 12000 LF and 14666.67 Oxidizer. the Ore tanks wet mass has yet to be determined. The tanks do retain their full wet mass, as in order to als
  7. I'd be nice if they made any parts meant for boats
  8. that isn't a good idea. First, how do you build and attach the created parts. Second, In flight is unreasonable, if you want to fix an orbiting vessel, invest in Docking ports, and then get yourself Extraplanetary Launchpads
  9. if you want stable com sats, make a couple dozen in LKO, then make a few HKO's to act as the Long range relays, Makes it easier to maintain signal once you leave Kerbins orbit
  10. there is an Altitiuted adjustment and circularizing functions with the Manuver planner
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