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  1. Oh wow that looks amazing, I love your style
  2. Looks beautiful, the feel depth is amazing. And despite not much happening It is interesting as heck
  3. Tbh feels like there's something missing on my VSS Unity, I want to add something but I don't know what
  4. This is so amazing, I love it, the detail and all, and exactly on the anniversary, perfection
  5. VSS Unity If there's something I can do better or improve on feel free to tell me
  6. SpaceShip Two in all its shiny glory, I've been working on this one for long and I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out Hope you guys like it as well
  7. Here's some quick drawings In one I was experimenting with my new markers and the other one I just wanted to do something rockety whilst in holidays (so sry for the bad paper) Falcon 9 and Shavit (Small israelean rocket)
  8. Ey we allowed to post pictures of rockets and stuff too right?
  9. Btw there's two contracts No.009, one in the first generation and one in the fourth pls fix
  10. Holy sheet dat missile is amazing, is that up on KerbalX?
  11. I was wondering if you could make a contract for a bomber or cargo plane, since so far there's only smaller fighter or attacker aircfraft?
  12. Hey man, nice challenge I'll definetely try as good as I can (Maybe not depending on how horrible the design ends up being)
  13. Contract No.001 First generation ScarsTars Productions (a.k.a. me) G-1v.2 'Arsen' The G-1v.2 'Aren' is a early first-generation jet fighter intended for the navy primarily as an attack aircraft with fighter capabilities. With it's high maneuverability and it's two Hispano-Suiza HS.404 20mm autocannons it is well equipped for dogfighting while also being able to carry big amounts of armament. It's 5 hardpoints can be equipped with a variety of payloads, such as bombs, rockets, gun pods or drop tanks. It's triple tail and air brakes also make it stable and well fitted for carrier operations. (The elevator is set to a pitch of 65 for good handling in the air, but for a shorter takeoff set it to 150) Download: https://kerbalx.com/ScaryTerry/G-1v2-Aren
  14. Possibly Insipred by F-8 or A-7? Like the way you did the gun
  15. Do we need a stock gun for contract nr. 1?
  16. Do we need an actual cockpit in there or can it just be for the looks?
  17. Hey guys, I'm building a stock Yak-141 replica rn in KSP and up to this point I've relied on reaction wheels for good stability in mid air, though I think the real one used reaction control jets on the wings, nose and back. I'm not entirely sure though and I wanna get it right, anybody know that?

  18. Hey guys wassup

    Doin some adds for myself

    Here's my newest creation (stock) check it out if you want to and don't check it out if you don't want to

  19. Looks really good, I kinda draw only gurls too, I feel like the ears should be a little lower tho.
  20. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while, so here you go. It's a sailing ship I drew, it's not quite finished yet, I haven't drawn the water, because I have no idea how to. If anybdoy has any idea how to do water with pencil, Please! Help me!
  21. Looks dope (as always) I especially like the 2nd one that's some neat stuff
  22. Hey fellas, you mind if I join? Here's an AV-8B Harrier 2 I drew a while back, sorry for the gridded paper (I didn't have anything better with me) and the terrible quality (my phone has an extremely bad camera and I didn't get it to focus properly) EDIT 2: @0111narwhalz Thx, for the help
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