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  1. Kerbin is flat. You want proof? Go out out to the ocean. The surface of the water is completely flat! Checkmate Globe-Kerbiners!
  2. That's actually not true. Although the problem is worse on mars, parachutes can't really be used on Dyna. They can be used to slow down but they almost always can't land you safely, not unless you have a very big parachute and a very small payload. This has been suggested so many times I have lost count. It is not happening.
  3. Since my last post here, I've built all 9 of my spacecraft and sent them to Duna as a part of Phase 2. The first vessel to arrive was the Dune Trekker. The Dune Trekker was sent to explore a strange radio signal emanating from the south pole of Duna. Observations from the G. E. O. Satellite shows a strange, cone-like structure on Duna. Further exploration was warranted. However, the Dune Trekker's landing would not be precise. The scientists put the most precise landing zone at a 50 km by 50 km radius. With 8 days until the next vessel in line reaches it's Duna encounter, the Du
  4. Today I finished my three motherships as a part of Phase II for Project D. I . R. E. C. T. T. The first is the Ike Direct Exploration Apparatus, or I. D. E. A. IDEA is composed of several vessels: a heavy reusable nuclear tug, the habitation module (Which will be the core module of Tenacity Space Station around Ike,) the Ike Manned Rover or the I. M. R. for short (left of center), the FERMLAB (Fantastical, Extraordinary and Rare Materials LAB, above center) the IML (Ike Main Lander, partially visible below center.) IDEA will have a crew of 5, and all of them will remain either at Ten
  5. I've created another spaceplane to crew my fleet of spacecraft that will be going to Duna as a part of my colonization plan. The "Eagle" can hold 8 kerbals, twice as many as it's predecessor. It's quite stable and has a large fuel margin (as far as spaceplanes go) of 450 m/s once in a stable 100 km orbit. Some pretty pictures:
  6. If you install the correct visual mods and turn up terrain detail up to maximum, Duna can look quite beautiful. Seen here is a small manned rover driving towards a large hill, with a lander in the distance.
  7. I really like these! The classics are still OK, but these are pretty nice too!
  8. I'm not very knowledgeable about star luminosity, but I thought that using the L = M^3.5 equation that would put Luminosity at roughly 86%? Not as much as 75% but still substantial. If someone knows a little more about the subject correct me please.
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