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  1. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1946 you trip and tear the giant armistice paper on the floor, and WW2 drags on for another century...
  2. KSP Weekly: The Galilean Telescope

    I had another dream about 1.2 last night
  3. I actually played for 2 years before I got on the forums.
  4. I have been reading the star wars legends Outbound Flight. You can learn more at Wookiepedia the Star wars wiki (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Outbound_Flight_Project) Here is the real thing for comparison Any way, I decided to make a replica of this. And here it is! (It wasn't really launched like this. It was built in low orbit.) First Stage Seperation! We Have reached orbit of Kaga Minor! It's going to be a nice efficient burn. I have more than I need! Beginning escape burn! Second Stage Separation! Finishing Burn... Finished! Here is the view from Dreadnought 1 And the view from the passenger cabins! Length: 28 meters (Payload), Weight (Payload): 150 tons. 2nd stage delta V 3331 m/s, Dreadnoughts fuel: 2500 m/s. I hope you like it!
  5. Naming your ships

    Some of my ships are named after scientists. Like "Newton Lab". Some are named after gods, like "Zeus", or "Selena". Sometimes I'm imagitive. Like "Skylifter" Others are just "Comsat 1" or, "Duna 1"
  6. uhhhh

    Wa ha ha!
  7. King of the Hill

    The asteroid defense fails because Someone disabled it and an asteroid smashes into it, creating a bigger anti hill and the rubble forms a dirt hill that is used as a pitchers mound. My pitchers mound.
  8. King of the Hill

    The Pink House is bombed and the rubble and dirt form a hill. My Rubble Hill
  9. How should I know? The bible dosen't say anything about that.
  10. Very Impressive. My thing is just a toy compared to yours.
  11. Definely the "Sub Orbital Incidence" I was finishing the reentry on a sub orbital hopper when I realised that I would not slow down in time. So then I got out, and somehow smacked into the capsule at 300m/s. Poor Guy. His head would be sore even in the afterlife.
  12. Mutiple engine ISP

    Does anyone know what the ISP of mutiple engines with the same ISP is? IS it the same or to I divide by the number of engines? Thanks.
  13. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1941 you find a reenactment of Pearl harbor bombing, complete with explosions.
  14. King of the Hill

    the chickens destroy all the landmines and destroys the hill. Then I rebuild the hill. My new Hill.
  15. Flat Kerbin Society

    The curvature of the earth is not real! It's just an camera manipulation! And the part about the ships disappearing bottom first is an optical illusion! EDIT: Kerbin! Of course! What am I talking about?