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  1. Recently I did a mission to replace an old module aboard my Minmus station, using my new Fortitude class SSTO. Leaving Kerbin Visiting the (very incomplete) VENTURE Station to replace a docking port. After that, I visited Service Station 1 to deliver my cargo, a new Utility module. The space station seems big, but it's dwarfed by the Fortitude, and I've been working on it for 3 (in-game) years. The space station wasn't designed for docking with something this large, so it took a while to get it to dock correctly. The port that was intended for spaceplanes, is actually not even tall enough, since I didn't want to risk bumping into the lower station. Eventually, it was time to go home.
  2. Recently, I've created and built a brand new class of spaceplanes, the Fortitude Class. The Fortitude class is a Mk3 Spaceplane, the first of it's kind (and the first I've ever successfully built) SSTO capable of reaching Minmus orbit and back. Unlike SSTMin, which was a general purpose mk1 spaceplane which had no real purpose other than to pave the way for more advanced spaceplanes and to perhaps shuttle crew back and forth. However, the Fortitude Class is designed to carry supplies and cargo to Minmus orbit. It's four puny LV-Ns have too little TWR for landing, so I have a spaceplane in mind that will be rated for landing. However, this is about the Fortitude. Meanwhile, simultaneously, I was servicing the MTGO, which sits in a very low orbit over Minmus. A few pictures are below:
  3. What did the trick for me was to focus on one target in every save. In my current save my single target was the exploration and colonization. Another thing was to add additional constraints to the game, like above. For me, what got me back into KSP after my hiatus was to combine USI life support and Kerbal Construction time, that I haven't tried before. That combination added challenge to the game - time management.
  4. The canards are from the procedural wings mods. Thank you for all the advice.
  5. Today, after several days of effort, I have finally finished designing my Fortitude class Mk3 spaceplane, capable of going to Minmus and back. I plan to build a separate class rated for surface landings, as the TWR of the Fortitude is too low to attempt a landing. Not all of the kinks have been worked out, as it has a nasty habit of losing the four nuclear engines due to aerodynamic forces, sometimes taking the rudder with it. (I don't know why the intakes are blue like that) However, designing the space plane was difficult, and it went through a lot of design revisions before completion. The spaceplane had a habit of stalling, and subsequently disintegrating, requiring the use of all those struts, here are a few shots from that: First trial: utter disintegration while launching. Trial 2: Attempting to take off - doing a wheelie blew the tail, causing the plane to crash after takeoff. Thankfully for the nonexistent crew, the cockpit survived. Trial three: Crashing into the ground after failing to take off. Trial Four: While successfully reaching orbit, it stalled upon reentry and was subsequently destroyed. "Did we lose something?" "Nah, I'm sure it's nothing." Half the continent was irradiated. Crashing into the ground after a failed landing, the plane didn't have enough pitch power. Overshot the KSC and crashed into the water. Again, the cockpit survived. Botched landing: the plane didn't have enough pitch power, causing it to hit the runway way too hard which destroyed the wing. The plane then veered off the runway and smashed again directly into the launchpad. (It was a total coincidence, please believe me) Plane successfully landed, but lost two airbrakes, the rudder, and the four nuclear engines. Due to a sloppy landing on my part and the lack of yaw control, the plane rolled off the runway, but survived relatively intact. The plane landed successfully and mostly intact, but again the nuclear engines were torn off. There were many more failed attempts that simply stalled rather than even reaching the runway, so that's it for the fail montage.
  6. I annihilate your new hill with a gigantic Mass Driver from orbit, blasting it to atoms. (Strictly speaking, I didn't touch it...) Then, I simply invert Earth's heightmap terrain, moutains become oceans, oceans become mountains, and the crater is now a hill. My inverted crater hill.
  7. I believe that's Kronal Vesel Viewer, if I'm not mistaken.
  8. The most "Jeb" thing I ever did was probably my first (and currently only) manned Moho mission and return about a year ago. It's probably the largest rocket I've ever built, due to the fact I simply brute forced it rather than doing complex gravity assists to reduce delta v. The result of that was this: And this is from LKO! I needed an even larger rocket to get it up there in the first place, rivaling the real-life Saturn V! In fact, it needed not one rocket, but two on either side. I admit I could have made this significantly less complicated but where's the fun in that?
  9. A few good captures from my latest save:
  10. I agree with Sci-Fi Visual enhancements. I've upgraded since then, but it runs relatively well even on low-end integrated graphics. It also looks pretty nice too, and is modular if you don't like some of the effects or they are too much for your graphics card.
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