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  1. Starship doesn't have enough boosters! SLS doesn't have enough boosters. It should have at least 4!
  2. Actually I didn't. I'm not going back there.... That's what my elementary school art teacher did. (Art was mandatory in my elementary school) and once 5th grade was over I never chose art then, or ever again.
  3. You know what I hate about some teachers? It's when they give you work... IN AN ART CLASS!!!!! It's art! Not history class! Art_School.rant ended.
  4. ITS A JOURNEY TO THE CENTER OF MOHO THE EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111!!!111111!!!!1111
  5. In case of emergency, complain about how your life is so unfair.
  6. Look at my newest spaceplane! But such is the fate of good-looking but non-functional spaceplanes. What was funny is that all of the sudden it just blew itself apart.
  7. I've done this before, with no problems, just copy the save folder over and change the version number in the .persistent file.
  8. MY computer when I try to launch a 10000 part craft.
  9. Welcome to my former world of Consoles. I think you should definitely switch.