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  1. No Space Center

    That's what the background looked like to me too!
  2. I found a very minor bug where the ship indicator would be off, but the target indicator still points to the ship. Also, there may possibly be less bugs on the ps4 then xbox.
  3. No Space Center

    What did the backround look like? Something like this happened to me but fixed it by restarting
  4. So apparently, saves are still being corrupted, but i haven't seen any bugs on my part.
  5. KSP Weekly: A Corned Beef Sandwich

    You know, will consoles get a making history dlc
  6. All they need to do is just give some kind of (DLC) and update it to 1.3
  7. What preset do you use? I use cursor, and it works fine for me. OH! I GET the code! It's .. .. .... .... .... ..... .... .....!
  8. What are your craziest dreams?

    I also once had a dream were I murdered a womans husband by a trap door called "the drop" so I could marry her. That was when I was 8 years old...
  9. Pretty but buggy

    That's what I'm doing, it's working fine for me! (except for a weird bug were the ship indicator is 100 meters away, but it still works!
  10. I'm on cursor, (keeping it the same) but it's a little harder to work it. This will take a little getting used to.
  11. Me too. I have to do school and then bible study and then finally, I will update it 10:00.
  12. Counting down toward KSP release in washington DC: 32 hours and 3 minutes.