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  1. I've created another spaceplane to crew my fleet of spacecraft that will be going to Duna as a part of my colonization plan. The "Eagle" can hold 8 kerbals, twice as many as it's predecessor. It's quite stable and has a large fuel margin (as far as spaceplanes go) of 450 m/s once in a stable 100 km orbit. Some pretty pictures:
  2. If you install the correct visual mods and turn up terrain detail up to maximum, Duna can look quite beautiful. Seen here is a small manned rover driving towards a large hill, with a lander in the distance.
  3. I really like these! The classics are still OK, but these are pretty nice too!
  4. I'm not very knowledgeable about star luminosity, but I thought that using the L = M^3.5 equation that would put Luminosity at roughly 86%? Not as much as 75% but still substantial. If someone knows a little more about the subject correct me please.
  5. Well why should I not reply?
  6. I think what it does is to make the gas Giants have less of a bright spot, and lowers specularity, because I've seen planets have a bright spot artifact like that without a normal. I don't believe that the stars not having intensity curves has anything to do with it, as I am working on something different, my star doesn't have an intensity curve and it doesn't have specularity. Also, just a question, are the terminators misaligned on your gas Giants? By 90 degrees?
  7. Looks like this has a lot of potential so far, I particularly like Avon and Xaxt, but I have a few suggestions: In case you're on Windows or Linux, I recommend using Gaseous-Giganticus for making gas giant textures. If you're not, one thing that would go a long way would be to get rid of the specularity (the white spot facing the sun) on the gas giant. The specularity makes it look more like a glass marble than an actual gas giant, which I had several problems with when doing my own planet pack. Secondly, Correlate looks strange to me. I don't know if it has oceans, but if it does it
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