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  1. By General relativity, do you mean N-body physics?
  2. Personally, I am not enthralled with multiplayer but here is what I think multiplayer should be like. 1. The ability to choose a single player world 2. Measures to prevent griefing or accidental destruction of ships 3. Some Servers should have requirements about mods, because what if someone has a part mod installed that nobody else has, there ship would not be loaded at all, so there should be a notice saying stock only, or these mods only. 4. Maybe some kind of chat so that players can communicate without having to own a microphone or use social media.
  3. I actually like starting from the beginning because I don't want to be able to build a rocket that can get to the Mun on the the first launch.
  4. I believe that KSP2 could evolve into 2 kinds of games 1: A glorified version of KSP 2: An entirely new game similar to KSP I don't want KSP2 to just be a glorified version of KSP1 because what is the point in buying it? What I would like in KSP2 is something that retains the same spirit of KSP1, but is different enough so that is worth buying (But still can't wait until KSP2 launches!)
  5. Kerbin is flat! Wake up sheebals! The NKO is coming! How do I know this? I know this because if kerbin was round, kerbals would sleep like arches Explain that!
  6. What I like about KSP1 is that how it's simple and easy to play. Although I am excited for new flashy graphics, colonies, and other features KSP2 will add, and I know that other people are excited for multiplayer, I would like for KSP2 to retain that spirit.
  7. I kind of hope the multiplayer is an option because I like the way KSP1 the way it is, but I am still excited for KSP2.
  8. Hi, I've been working on a mod that adds a another star system, there are no in depth up to date tutorials on how to make one. Please help.
  9. Banned for banning someone who just blew up a spaceplane
  10. Yes, I use OPM and it works fine. Except Eeloo is farther out than PLOCK. And it takes 20 years for a direct transfer to plock, so yeah.
  11. No, it is a problem, because I am on career mode and I get the exact same problem, the science messages don't work. I can also confirm the bug, I also get the wrong dot colors in DOE. My game version is 1.3.1.
  12. Thank you. I just realised I wasn't putting .txt as well as filename.ks.