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  1. There are various methods, the one with the highest success rate being to get a large object and smash the display. That way you don't have to destroy the computer itself, but most people prefer to destroy their computer so there's no chance of being readddicted by replacing the monitor.
  2. Floor 2945: You refuse, but handily you tied a stretchy rope to your ankle beforehand, so when he knocks you off the building you spring back like a bungee jumper, finally vanquishing Polly.
  3. nice prof pic! all for duna!

  4. Floor 2942: A large platform juts out with a trampoline labeled "JUMP TO THE TOP!" You jump, but unfortunately you barely miss the top, causing you to crash back down onto the bare steel floor instead of the trampoline, which has inconveniently has been retracted and moved underneath the platform.
  5. I've been thinking of launching a series of missions with the aim of building an outpost in the Duna/Ike system. It's not going to be a simple "drop jeb and a hitchhiker and forget" kind of mission. The idea is to send groups of missions at a time, although launching them at the same time will be a challenge because of rollout times from KCT. The first group will just be probes, unmanned landers, and a comnet network. The second will be a rudimentary base, a pressurized rover and a crew to inhabit it, and the basis of a station. I'm planning on the station being built on a class E asteroid so I don't have to shuttle in fuel from the surface, and being a Duna/Ike cycler (or not really a true cycler, just a station in an elliptical orbit just touching Ike's SOI). So far I've made a couple of things for it,like the initial crew mothership, the unmanned landers, the manned lander, and an actual ion-powered glider (the glider I'm not sure where it fits in the timeline).
  6. Can I have this old thread locked please? I have no plans of developing this.
  7. A decadent oligarchy, or at least before colonies start to cut themselves off from Kerbol one by one...
  8. Banned for punning rather than banning
  9. Today I launched a simple mission to launch a module carrying VENTURE's provisions. While nowhere near completion, VENTURE is close to being suitable for crew. All I have to do is wait until Minbus 14 is completed to bring crew over. I decided to use the opportunity to take my underused Fortitude-class SSTO. I took a couple of nice screenshots along the way, but eventually I reached the Station. Now, actually moving the module into docking position is a tricky business. I don't have a robotic arm handy, unlike the real space shuttle, (the closest analog). Instead, I decoupled the module and allowed it to drift upwards, clearing the cargo bay. After that I rotated the SSTO upwards in such a way that the vessel did a 90 degree turn to line up with the module. Eventually, as I approached the station I realised that clearance was going to be a problem. With large spaceplanes like these clearance is always a problem, but I found that from that particular docking port there was no way I could dock the spaceplane without either the cockpit hitting the truss or the wings smacking the solar panels. Instead of giving up and going home, I parked the spaceplane in front of the station. I detached the module and thrusted it towards the station completely unguided. Thankfully, the scheme worked. The unguided module actually managed to reach it's target. Redocking the spaceplane at an appropriate angle, the crew relaxed for a while, taking the time for some R&R and station maintenance. Eventually they left back to Kerbin. I took a couple of nice screenshots on the way back. I've found that with this spaceplane 4 or 5 aerobraking maneuvers are needed to completely circularize the orbit, but today I decided to just burn off the remaining fuel to circularize after 1 or 2.
  10. Montage of Tenacity Mission 1 What I like about KSP is that even ordinary routine missions can have good screenshots.
  11. Well, I like a lot of TWR on my spaceplanes
  12. Mainly did some testing lately, I hyperedited rehearsed the deployment of a small base on Minmus using a spaceplane, (with the entire fuselage hollowed out) Also, I did a shakedown cruise of the spaceplane above, taking it on a simple mission to VENTURE station around Minmus and back. It's naturally stable, so I didn't have to touch the controls once it took off. Came home right in the golden hours of dawn. Overall the mission went surprisingly smoothly.
  13. "Going through the Emergency Airlock" "Making it so" "Having a bad feeling about this" "Missing Encounter" "40K Delta V" "Preparing for Lithobraking"
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