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  1. Very Impressive. My thing is just a toy compared to yours.
  2. Definely the "Sub Orbital Incidence" I was finishing the reentry on a sub orbital hopper when I realised that I would not slow down in time. So then I got out, and somehow smacked into the capsule at 300m/s. Poor Guy. His head would be sore even in the afterlife.
  3. Does anyone know what the ISP of mutiple engines with the same ISP is? IS it the same or to I divide by the number of engines? Thanks.
  4. 1941 you find a reenactment of Pearl harbor bombing, complete with explosions.
  5. the chickens destroy all the landmines and destroys the hill. Then I rebuild the hill. My new Hill.
  6. The curvature of the earth is not real! It's just an camera manipulation! And the part about the ships disappearing bottom first is an optical illusion! EDIT: Kerbin! Of course! What am I talking about?
  7. I have no screenshots, but I will try your advice.
  8. Help! I can't seem to do reentry without destroying the cockpit. I've tried to look at all the tutorials, but it doesn't seem to work. (I wish that the cockpits were more heat shielded).
  9. Hopefully it would be by Christmas. I would love a christmas release!
  10. I think around christmas.
  11. Guess he's taking a "Bath" Waiter! Why is my soup having a 5th century battle against Carthage?
  12. Why?... Waiter! Why is there a bunch of Romans constructing a little soup empire in my soup?
  13. Just asking sheesh, . But I do have my entry. And liftoff! The rocket flew through the atmosphere until the first stage separation. Then the first stage went down. And landed beautifully! Meanwhile, back in orbit, the second stage drops off, and put's us into a partial orbit. And the second stage, lands with it's on recovery system, falls to the ground and survives! And the satellite reaches orbit! does this count as Hard? Because the first stage didn't get us into 100km orbit.
  14. I play on the consoles. So no update for me until October. Orbital, Or suborbital?
  15. Ughhh, It's so white and cold! Summer