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  1. DunaManiac

    Don't Click This

    It is imposible to lock this thread...
  2. DunaManiac

    Don't Click This

  3. DunaManiac


  4. DunaManiac

    Garble the post above you!

    Laura the cat that bats fight and turn them inside out.
  5. DunaManiac

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    I feel exactly the same way.
  6. DunaManiac

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I landed on Duna for the 3rd time sucsessfully.
  7. DunaManiac

    Calculating Delta V Question

    There is a website called strout.net that calculates delta v for you. I used it for many successful missions. (link here --->) http://www.strout.net/info/science/delta-v/intro.html
  8. DunaManiac

    Garble the post above you!

    cow the bell
  9. DunaManiac

    3 word letter to Take Two

    and ruining other
  10. I know somebody already said this, but only mentioned it. Surviving Mars is a colony building game based around building and sustaining a colony. Has a basic "mystery" that affects the colony somehow, sort of like a storyline. Too bad it costs $40... Graphics: **** Game play: **** Story **
  11. DunaManiac

    Moderation Nation: Non-moderator edition

    Me, but I'm on the PS4.
  12. DunaManiac

    What is the oldest version of Kerbal Space Program that you have?

    I had... a 0.18.3 demo, and the oldest full version is 0.25
  13. DunaManiac

    xbox one making history?

    That's what I thought as well.
  14. DunaManiac

    xbox one making history?

    Most likely yes, because a DLC = Customers and Customers = LOTS OF MONEY!
  15. DunaManiac

    Gravity glitch

    That's the problem. If you close hacked gravity with the parameters changed, it's the real gravity and can't be changed.