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  1. Designed a small armored car that can be deployed from a medium-length mk3 cargo bay, to complement my new VTOL cargo plane. The rest of my vehicles up until this point: my light armored truck, my light tank, my medium armored car, and my truck-driven AA missile battery.
  2. Designed a tank, the 94 Air-Transportable Light Tank. It's stock, aside from the BD Armory weapons and armor plating. It has an M1 Abrams primary cannon and a 30 cal anti-infantry cannon. Although it doesn't look half-bad (if I may say so myself), it's not a particularly good tank. A repurposed AA gun can shred these, and a well placed shell will cause an explosion that will blow the cannon clean off and break the tank body in half. So don't try to use these against entrenched positions. It's primary advantage is that it can be deployed from a large cargo plane several at a time. So its niche is counter-insurgency operations. It can quickly storm a poorly equipped compound, and round up the enemy with little resistance.
  3. I designed a few bases with Kerbal Konstructs to facillitate my battles with BD Armory. The first is a logistics center with a runway running 50 degrees north (to allow easier transport from the KSC) and a runway running directly east-west. The cross-runway intersection to quite a while to perfect. The second is a small TV Station with a radar emplacement.
  4. Took a little drive from my small Munar base to a probe that landed a year earlier to service it and deploy a drilling unit and seismometer. Its a 35 kilometer drive to the northeast. I encountered this arch completely by chance. Technically I found it when I landed the lander earlier, but I was dying to visit it.
  5. I've begun another mission using a mothership; Jewel 2, in order to construct a station in orbit around the Mun and land an outpost. It carries about 10 kerbals; 4 kerbals commanding the vessel and 6 kerbals to command the station which will be constructed in LMO. The mothership itself is not new, this is its third mission, or its first to the Mun. This also is the first mission where the entire payload was brought to the mothership through spaceplanes as opposed to rockets. The ship itself is rather flimsy because of the amount of girder segments which make up the solar arrays. Once orbital insertion is complete, the reconstruction of the station can commence with the tug I used After several orbits worth of time, the station itself was finally assembled. The next thing to do is to land the base. I'm aiming for the basin of a large crater to the south of a Munar arch found by an earlier lander. With the base on the ground, the skycrane returns to the station. And finally, the lander is deployed with the rover and 2 kerbals to spend the munar night together in the base before continuing operations. The mothership itself will remain in orbit for the next 55 days before it leaves as well.
  6. Encountered a lovely allignment involving 5 planets (Eve is not visible in this shot), the Mun, and even a comet (the dot closest to the sun) completely unexpectedly while performing a routine mission launching a satellite bound for Eve.
  7. In addition to the two probes, I've also sent two landers to Duna; the Duna General Landers 1 and 2. I aimed to launch them at the same time, like the DEPTH probes (which I actually got quite literally minutes apart), but they ended up arriving 20 days apart from one another. DGL1 is the only one to have arrived yet. The lander has been travelling with its spent nuclear stage, which doubles as a communications and power bus. The aeroshell itself has airbrakes and some engines mounted on trusses to help slow it down. ' Separation goes smoothly. We're aiming for a lowland region near the entrance to a canyon that may have once been a river, a region that would have been rich with life if it ever existed. Reentry is fairly slow, and we deploy our rockets in order to adjust our landing site. The aeroshell is detatched and the 3 drogue chutes deploy to further slow us down. The lander has its own propulsion system, and the upper equipment bus is separated, leaving the lander to descend on its own fuel. Touchdown is successful. The lander deploys its communication and camera tower, and its solar panels. The lander is chock full with scientific experiments, including a drill capable of drilling deeper for life. The containers contain some deployable science experiments in the hopes that future colonists will be able to open it and better study this region with the aid of the experiments. It also has a large data storage module for future kerbals to access. And the lander begins its lonely stay on the Red planet.
  8. My two probes, the Duna Exploration Probe and Topographical Heightmapper (DEPTH) 1 and 2 have been contiuning their operations in the Duna-Ike consortium.
  9. I also took a couple of shots from my two Duna Probes; DEPTH 1 and 2. I took a few exterior shots and some other captures using the Hullcam VDS cameras while on approach to Duna and around Duna. A shot of Duna from outside of Duna's SOI at extreme zoom. A false color image of the richest ore deposits of the northern poles by DEPTH 1. An image from a flyby of Ike by DEPTH 2. DEPTH 2 seen here on approach to Ike. A shot of a canyon from DEPTH 1. A shot from DEPTH 2. A view of Duna over Ike's north pole filtered through the faint haze surrounding Ike.
  10. Kerbal Construction Time actually adds a new dimension to the game. This seems counter-intuitive, how could adding time constraints possibly add anything to the game aside from realism? I've found that it fundamentally changes the way that you play the game, especially when combined with life-support mods. For one thing, it forces you to plan your missions, rather than launching willy-nilly as you would in stock, you design and launch in a much more methodical method. It makes you ask questions like, which launches should go where at what time? What launches can you fill in the meantime? It also means that your launches are more spaced-out, so you don't have to launch rockets one after another all the time, or wait long-stretches between windows. Secondly, I've found that it gives spaceplanes a new meaning in sandbox mode. The way that Kerbal Construction Time works, is that reusable vessels are stored, so they can be relaunched much faster than constructing a rocket. So, by constructing spaceplanes, you can have them shoulder the burden of resupply missions rather than diverting time from your main missions. You can also use them to peruse side projects independently of your main build queue.
  11. This is a snapshot of a mission to the mothership, Jewel 2, currently interred in LKO awaiting its next mission, using one my largest spaceplanes. The spaceplane was to deliver modules for a space station that Jewel 2 will deliver and assemble over the Mun, which can be seen on the right.
  12. Your suggestion does imply that, however. Jetpacks have both superior mobility and range than tethers do. So tethers imply that jetpacks are either unavailable or impractical. The latter case is true in real life, but none of these reasons are true in KSP, which are both extremely powerful and efficient compared to its real life counterpart. So as it stands, apart from helping out newbies, tethers are simply outclassed. Also, don't see how the scenario you shared supports the addition of tethers. If one is on a solar orbit there should be no reason that he or she is out of propellant, or even far away from his or her vessel. Tethers also can't assist in rescues either, as if a kerbal presumably has a missing or broken tether its useless, unless you're suggesting it can be fired like a harpoon.
  13. You can't get rid of jetpacks! What about all those hapless kerbals on the mun? What will they use to get back in the cabin? Ladders? Who's ever heard of those? Jokes aside, for me the biggest problem with eva is not that it's difficult to control, but that it's imprecise. A tether would not solve that problem. A better way to do it would be to make jet packs more precise so that you could suspend yourself in one place while using eva construction, or adding handrails on more parts by default.
  14. I've sent at least 1 manned mission and return from almost every planet and moon. I've sent incalculable amounts of missions to Mun and Minmus, with setting up bases and outposts of various sizes. I've sent several missions to Eve orbit and Gilly, but never have l actually attempted a landing there. I've sent numerous manned vessels to Duna and Ike. I've sent at least one manned mission to Dres, and I've sent a manned mission to but never returned from Eeloo. In the Jool system I've done a Jool 5. Even did a Moho mission with an absolute monster of a vessel.
  15. Ah, I see the problem.I believe they want you to go in a retrograde orbit. The only time that you will see an AN of 180 deg is when you are orbiting in the opposite direction as your target, such as if you are prograde and your target is moving in a retrograde orbit, and vice versa. So what you should have done is when you launched, you should have gone in the opposite direction as you ordinarily do, i.e towards the mountains rather than over the ocean. Since your inclination is alright, you should just change your orbit to a retrograde orbit, and you should be alright
  16. I've designed a probe with a functional scan platform and a small lander that'll be headed to Vall in the next 90 days. (Disregard the Decoupler.) The lander is mounted in that place because I have to stay within the strict 2.5 meter allowance of the cargo bay. It has all the scanning components one needs, including a camera.
  17. The explosions never happen because mass cannot be created or destroyed, therefore there cannot be any explosions on the non-existent pipes above you.
  18. A good old fashioned RUD. Hadn't had one of these in a while. This apocalyptic scene was caused while I was attempting to launch a small drone to Laythe, and I accidentally stage the fairings immediately after launch, which can be seen below.
  19. staticmite is confiscated and destroyed by the Grammar Police for being ruled grammatically incorrect.
  20. After constructing an SSTO I'm finally ready to fully staff the Kerbin Starbase in LKO. It's meant to replace the earlier Majesty-1 class SSTO which is very reliable, but has a small crew capacity. The Majesty-2 class SSTO seen here can carry not only 12 kerbals, but also a small amount of Cargo. I reach orbit, but with little fuel to spare. Might need a little more oxidzer on this one. Arriving at Kerbin Starbase just as morning dawns. I decided to do the docking from the IVA, just for kicks. And with that, it is docked. The crew file out and take up their respective posts. Soon, however, we leave the station to it's own devices to take them down. At this point we're running on fumes. Definitely need some more fuel on this one. And, touch down! With just a little bit of the runway to spare. This definitely needs some tweaking.
  21. It seems that you and I have a very different idea of what Multiplayer should look like. I see it as a small co-op between friends where the group works together to accomplish various tasks, because maintaining large servers adds undue cost and burdens that are better spent somewhere else. On the other hand, you see it as an MMO-style game where hundreds or thousands of people play together and trade between one another in some kind of galactic scale marketplace. Which there's nothing wrong with, and I can understand the appeal, but I would draw the line at a marketplace where you pay for things with actual currency for two reasons. Firstly, that would be an easy springboard to add micro transactions into the game or other mobile nonsense ("buy 1000 kerbucks for only $9.99 to buy those funds to keep playing!") Secondly, KSP is first and foremost a spaceflight exploration game. An in-game marketplace would put the marketplace first and spaceflight second. You can't make the same argument about career mode because economic management adds another new and fun dimension to the game, but if you add the marketplace then it becomes all about saving up to buy someone's fancy rocket subassembly. Frankly.... it just doesn't feel very KSP to pay 10000 funds to buy someone's craft.
  22. I'm sorry if I can't predict the future, but that post was made before the delay was even announced. Unfortunately I don't have a crystal ball to see a delay over half a year in advance, and I certainly don't see the need to bring up a 4 month old thread to point out something that neither me nor anyone else even knew about at the time.
  23. Finished my final launch to the Kerbin Starbase in LKO. I'm adding the last two modules before it'll be complete. Rendevous and docking went smoothly. As of yet, the gravity wheels and solar panels haven't been deployed. Now, to deploy the modules. My loyal tug undocks (I'm really regretting the lack of reaction wheels on this thing) to take out the first module from the Beluga. That was the logistical loose storage module. Now, to get the unpressurized storage and computer core. The completed section. And with that docked, the 3 kerbal inspection team along for the ride is ready to do their work and get the station ready for permanent habitation. First, the solar panels deploy. These are followed by the gravity wheels. And it's done! 1 month in the making! Bill seen here checking a utility crawl way. Now for the dirty work - making sure that every habitat is on (man I wish that was on by default), activating the life support systems, fixing the thermostat, unloading the equipment, getting the control centers in order, etc. Once that's over, it's time to say farewell. Those inspectors unfortunately won't be part of the permanent starbase crew, that's above their paygrade. The real engineers and scientists will be arriving shortly. The only problem with that, is that I plan to include a crew of over a dozen. The only crew transfer vehicle I currently have is the majesty-class SSTO seen above (below it is Jewel 2, a mothership in use around the Kerbin system). It's small and reliable, and its served me well up until this point, but as you can see, it's small, with a crew capacity of 4. If you have a crew of 16 that's going to be a problem. So I'll have to design another mk2 spaceplane, maybe even making the Majesty obsolete. Meanwhile, the Beluga is getting ready to leave Starbase. Glorious night reentry. And touchdown! The greatest station I have ever built is complete (probably second only to the planned VENTURE in Minmus orbit, which was incomplete at the time of its unfortunate RUD during eva construction (NEVER AGAIN), in which where I lost not only the station but a spaceplane as well).
  24. That's not actually true - it's not teleporation. You're still covering the same distance and travelling at the same speed- only the time that it's taken to do so has gone down. It doesn't teleport you anywhere, and it doesn't circumvent a key mechanic that's core to the game like infinite fuel or hack gravity does. First off, if it was, then physwarp would not be in the game. Secondly, physwarp is not cheating anymore than on-rails timewarp. Where do you see the distinction? That's completely untrue. Lots of games let you increase or decrease the rate of time, even pause it. A vehicle will always be able to outrun a kerbal. Kerbals can run at about 2-3 m/s, a vehicle can travel at much faster speeds. And my intention with that statement was not to be argumentative, just to suggest a way to reduce the amount of time spent walking without increasing the speed of walking.
  25. Oh no, not this discussion again. I mean, this stance makes a small amount of sense in a multiplayer setting, but in a singleplayer setting, no. I mean, have you ever done a 45 minute long burn before? Or used an ion engine? Or being kilometers away from your base and having to walk there on foot? Or been in any tedious situation at all? It's not progression to increase the amount of tedium one has to sit through. And again - "build a torchdrive lol" isn't a solution to every problem. The game shouldn't have to make you build a needlessly large rocket just to reduce the amount of tedium when there's physwarp right there. And how is phys-warp cheating, while ordinary timewarp is not? I mean, this is a classic example of "if you don't like it, don't use it," (although I suspect that will be hard). From what I can tell, the majority of the playerbase is completely fine with it. But this is not the place for that, so to stay on topic, I'll say that I personally don't think they'll be any speed boost to EVA at all. It's perfectly fine where it is right now. If there is a slight speed boost, I'll be pleasantly surprised. In the meantime, use a vehicle, use the kerbal jetpack, or even another vessel to collect them, or just turn on 4x warp.
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