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  1. DunaManiac's post in EVE Visual mod breaks textures was marked as the answer   
    Some screenshots may be helpful. A screenshot of the Gamedata and logs would also be nice.
    sadly far too few people even bother to post those.
  2. DunaManiac's post in FPS Decrease without any reason! was marked as the answer   
    We are gonna need more information than that, underlined in other support posts. Do you have any mods installed? How is your memory usage? Where is the Log file? Stuff like that.
  3. DunaManiac's post in Game Does Not Load was marked as the answer   
    It's probably because one mod is conflicting with another, and the entire log would be nice. Also, you don't need to list the mods, you can just take a screenshot of your GameData Folder and post it here. I would suggest that you remove each mod one by one to see what is causing the problem.
    There is a mod that can tell you what mod is broken, but I guess you can't use it because it isn't loading at all.
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