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  1. I figured they were pretty much done with the game after that and stopped following it entirely. Wonder what happened.
  2. Who's doing the coding if pretty much the whole office got sacked?
  3. As in i get my new name with my old stats, posts, ect? I'd like that. I prefer my new name.
  4. Can't remember the password nor the email i used for my old account. Ah well.
  5. My stations are typically purpose-built for gathering solar energy, processing resources and science and refueling ships on their way out of the system. Ore hauler drag in resources which get converted into fuel and other resources, allowing ships to top up on electricity and fuel easily. Typically it'll have some extra modules like living quarters, part storage and so-on, for emergency repairs and last-minute fixes in case i've forgotten something before launch.
  6. Nope, the fuel cost of retrieving, dragging around and refilling fuel tanks means it's not really worth it from an economic perspective, and definitely not from a tedium perspective. Further, the fact that there is no micro-debris to cause damage means that any amount of debris, even in a relatively tight orbit, poses next to no threat to any stations, no less a craft just passing through the debris belt.
  7. Yeah, the stats might say that kerbin is the size of earth, but they're lying, and we know that. This makes a difference in gameplay, believe it or not. The time to takes to cross a certain portion of a planet, the size of the target you're trying to hit, and even what the view looks like out of a window from a certain distance are all affected by the actual size of the body. It can also mess with calculations done in one's head, depending on how you're doing them. Plus it's really obvious and even immersion-breaking when you notice how quickly you've managed to achieve something that clearly
  8. Planets have to be small because squad can't figure out how to fake making them big enough to resemble real life without killing everyone's computers. As such, the planets have to be impossibly dense to simulate being a larger planet. It sucks, but i guess there's a mod for that, if you really want it.
  9. There's a difference between being vague and posting meaningless gibberish that in no way contibutes to a discussion. If you don't have an opinion, or at least aren't willing to share yours in a way that makes sense or from which any useful information can be gleaned, why are you posting?
  10. And thus a fine example of why, with over a thousand posts, this guy still has one bar of rep.
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