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  1. There is also a bug with somehow entering and existing the orbit of kerbol and/or the all. It feels cheaty to get that much money and science when it happens early.
  2. About that weird glitch that throws orbiting craft out of wack and on escape velocity, would we have to wait for a fix or something? Because I nearly lost a orbital factory over mun because the wacky glitch sent it on a collision course with mun.
  3. The weirdest contract I've ever been offered was to mine ore from the surface of Kerbol.
  4. Anyone else not able to go to spacedock despite having internet connected? Or is it just me.
  5. Starcrusher told me if I wanted to show this to Kottabos for review, he would want me to wait for 0.6 to be out before doing so. Should we "convince" him to go ahead and check out the mod?
  6. Nothing like waking up after sleeping in and seeing this in my Gmail inbox. Ooooooooohhhh! Who lives in a pineapple in the seas of Laythe?
  7. Ah, so I'm guessing "The dust is getting everywhere" eva report from mun is a science def, right?
  8. What's the difference between a science def and science values?
  9. I'm biased against April fools in some way. But some reasons I simply dread April fools is that idiots use it as an excuse to be an ass, or when everything you see/hear is far less trustworthy than it should be and so on. It just has something to do with the fact that lame jokes liquid me off.
  10. When I knew it was April fools this morning, I simply froze in dread. Because I hate april 1st with a burning passion. Whoever made April fools popular is an ass.
  11. I'm using the newly discovered type of kokoa bean found on blalo, they are mainly found in the impact basin.
  12. Well alrighty then, I'll give the cookies some time to bake a bit longer before submitting them for review, if you're catching my drift.
  13. I think KottabosGames should check this mod out and make a video on it, even in its current state it would be a very good mod to cover. What do you think about that Crusher?
  14. Now will KSS still "somewhat" work with career? Or are science values and contracts not added yet?
  15. Well aside from that, there are some buggy visuals with bodies of liquid upon decent into the atomosphere while the visual fixes you provided were installed(with more testing, it seems to more often happen near Taythe.). It seems to flicker a lot during that point.