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  1. The RD 180 exist just search atlas v because its meant for the atlas V, i dont know if atlas 3 and 5 engines are diffrent @CobaltWolf, do you know that KVV is updated for 1.2?(i wish you updated the manual)
  2. Community Space Station 1.3

    @53miner53, i'm done, here's the showcase (I'm sorry, it has a lot of picture) What i did: I added a module called Minmus Multipurpose Module (M3 for short), it has 1 MK2 cabin, 2 Gigantor solar array, 1 M700 Scanner, 1 Communotron 88-88(jeez, that's hard to spell, KSP), and (of course) 2 Sr docking port. (END) I believe that i'm turn 36 because @Combatsmithen is turn 34 (as the name of the save show), and after that is @ZooNamedGames, so he must be at turn 35, and me at turn 36. But feel free to correct me though. BTW: The MaGic rocket has 1 MechJeb Module, I'm sorry about that and i already uploaded the file: Finally, thanks for the opportunity, and i'll go and grab the badge.
  3. Community Space Station 1.3

    @53miner53, i'll be launching now!
  4. Community Space Station 1.3

    I will try my best to make it small. guest I read the rule wrong, I thought that the module should be 10 parts not including docking port. well, back to the drawing board!
  5. Community Space Station 1.3

    Okay, i have downloaded the save Is this payload okay, its call the Minmus Multipurpose Module (M3) (For Minmus Station (duh)) it has 2 MK2 Cabin, 2 Solar Array, 1 M700 Scanner, 2 Narrow Band Scanner, 1 Communtron 88, and 2 RTG, is it okay? if it is i will hopefully launch tommorrow pic
  6. Community Space Station 1.3

    Has @ZooNamedGames uploaded the save? because the folder name on google drive is @Combatsmithen And you can see the date on my PC Pic
  7. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    Sorry, that soup was specially imported from gravity falls Waiter, there's a decoupler on my soup!
  8. Waiter, theres a _____________ in my soup!

    The kerbals were testing their new design, they want realism on recovering crews Waiter! there is a SRB and a nuclear engine on my soup
  9. Things that NASA never said at a press conference.

    "Today's launch went extremely well. Even though the second stage doesnt have enough fuel, we just simply press Alt + F12." "Rockets are too expensive, we just use hyperedit" "We just created a rocket to destroy KSC" "We have no worries about putting mens (or kerbals) near radioactive stuff" "We suck at everything, so we just use MechJeb"
  10. Thanks for the link, I'm sorry for the triple post
  11. Could you give me the forum link? or download link?
  12. Hello, i would like to ask something. The APAS 75 docking port on the soyuz ASTP, does it work with the stock docking port (The clamp o tron) and/or does it work with CXAerospace APAS Passive docking port ? EDIT : I just tested it (With Hyperedit of course) and it work With the stock clamp o tron one and does not work With CXAerospace APAS port Thanks in advance
  13. OMG!!! Thank you, i just tested it and it works!!! yessssss PS: If you're prograde is at 30o at only 15.000 M, is it bad?