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  1. It didn't work for me when i tried installing it, It probably was the ModuleManager that was screwing me over.
  2. An update to a newer version would be nice, Im a huge ww2 nerd and this would fit well with my ww2 aircrafts.
  3. Hello, Im looking for a mod that adds mouse aim to the game. There is one but its Outdated. If there are any Mods that adds this feature that is compatible with 1.4.5 I would appreciate It, Thank you
  4. Hello, i have been looking for older versions of ksp. I have found links but none works. I was hoping that someone knows any links that works and if you know one, please tell me. Thank you
  5. Im fine with DLC's but don't make them cost like the game itself. Something that EA and other greedy companies tend to do.
  6. Is there a Firespitter for ksp 1.3.1? Because i cant find anything
  7. Theres a mod called vessel mover it should work
  8. I have made an X wing That requires 3 mods. Magic smoke industries infernal robotics for the S- Foils Bdarmory for the weapons. and kerbal foundries for the hovering.