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  1. Well, tried the trick to get the 1.3 GPO pack to work on 1.4 and I think I borked it up. What I saw looks really nice but I can't access any buildings at the KSC. This is why I'm not allowed to rig mods unsupervised. Guess I'm back to waiting for the official 1.4 release.
  2. Woo, those look awesome! Shame I won't get to look at them until Making history comes out and all my other mods finally update to 1.4.1 ...Man I have way too many mods
  3. So I don't think this is normal. I think it might be left over from some old files from the previous mods I forgot. What should I look for to fix this? Note, the square also affects Vulkan
  4. It probably exists, but is there a Delta-V map for this mod like Before Kerbin?
  5. So I finally upgraded to 2.4 and needless to say, I was not disappointed by the shenanigans caused by Olu'um's ignition. Because of it I've successfully landed on Eve and colonized Moho! Unfortunately, It doesn't like me trying to leave Moho (not fly away just return to the space center). I think it's time to close down the endeavor and start fresh which hey, means I can try out one other mod along with this!
  6. Will Olu'um's ignition throw all my stuff around again like the timey-wimey space asteroid?
  7. To be fair, it still looks like the flats from orbit. It wasn't until I picked my spot to land and saw the sun gleaming off the flats that it dawned on me. Also actually landing the miner in the water sealed it. Although if the drills reached I could've cornered the market on seafaring fueling stations! ...I'll have to get back to you on that ocean mining.
  8. I found one other bit of shenanigans from the magic space asteroid/space kraken; It left a probe that was stuck on Olei (because I didn't give it a strong enough engine to leave the surface) and stuck it hanging in Sonus' atmosphere which I had a good giggle at. But things now return to normal at my space program, and Mining has returned to Gullis! Although I was unaware that the old Flats areas are now just a large ocean of sorts.
  9. After I updated. I'm not too worried really. I was a little irritated at first since I was planning to use the base to fuel my Duna base but with like 400 days until that window, I've got time to establish a new mining operation on Gullis and send out another Fuel shuttle. Also you can't be mad after figuring out it was the magic space asteroid/space kraken. First I've encountered him.
  10. So after about an hour or so of playing "Guess which mod is crashing the game?" I finally took a peek into my save file with the overhaul added on (I made a new save just to ogle the planets with EVE and scatterer running. First thing I noticed, the science rover from my Minmus base is now on Moho. I actually haven't made it to Moho yet so that was weird. Not passing up free science though. Second is, MY MINMUS BASE/GAS STATION IS GONE! Like vanished into the ether. Not even on the tracking station The only logical conclusion is: magic space asteroid that warped one rover onto M
  11. I avidly await. Maybe this time I'll learn how EVE and Scatterer work so I can look at all the wonderful things.
  12. I think the version I got was the one that came out right after Kottabos did his review of the pack. So probably quite a ways back.
  13. I thought of that not long after responding, I'll go home and start moving stuff out my folder. I'll hedge money on it being something like Gameslinx's planet Overhaul or one of the USI mods since the game doesn't autocheck updates for them.
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