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  1. Updated to 1.02 I increased the small solar panel lifetime to 5 years so every solar panel will last 5 years
  2. Ill look into this but I don't know how hard this will be if anything it will just be you gotta send a kerbal to the panel click a button to repair it and its good again
  3. After a few dozen hours in the game i really dislike the challenges of unmanned craft when it comes to power so that's why i made this quick and dirty mod. All Stock Solar Panels will decay Slowly Over the course of 5 Years This may sound very short but for Casual Players this works great you can adjust in the CFG file if you want The latest version of module manager is required. The Energy flow on the solar panels will slowly decrease until reaching zero even in broad daylight. {Small Solar Panel at Noon on kerbin about half way through its life} Sam
  4. could you help when im ingame the nukes are there but there not interactble they dont blow up when they hit the ground and i dont have a menu for it when i right click
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