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  1. Is there a way to use the buttons inside the cockpit to activate any of the modules outside the ship? Like goo containers etc.
  2. I dont have screenshots right now (I was flying inside the cockpit). I was trying to reach orbit with a rocket that was 1) Booster Stage: 5 thumpers (one central then 4 around) 2) Main Stage: 1 x swivel engine 3 x 2nd upgrade fuel tank 3: Please God Let Me Come Down Stage: 1 x swivel engine, 1 x 2nd upgrade fuel tank, capsule (its got both telemachus antenna on it bcz IDK which one I need, 2 goo containers, one radial parachute, parachute on top, barometer, thermometer). When the booster stage separates the rocket immediately begins to cartwheel. Is it all the crap on the capsu
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