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  1. @Deplaisant, hmm. We may need to log at the ksp.log to see what is going wrong, that is the setup that works on my system.
  2. @Deplaisant, which version are you on? It works sandbox on 1.2.2, I haven't tested 1.3 yet. Make sure your placing my files into GameData -> RealismOverhaul -> RO_SuggestedMods -> SPACE_SHUTTLE_SYSTEM. @radio I'm surprised you had to up the power in the cfgs to get it into orbit. Using mechjeb for the ascent path I'm able to complete my circulization burn before dropping the ET, which is overpowered relative to real world. Though I generally run with a pretty light cargo.
  3. Regarding the use with realism overhaul, I agree dumping fuel is important to shift the COM closer to the COL for the ship during recently. However, I don't see any way to do this except through an add-on. So I can add ~2 tons to the nose in order to get the COM slightly ahead of the COL when its empty, but we'll need to encourage people to use the add-on as well so they can dump fuel. As a whole the ship looks pretty light relative to its reported dry weight, but I'd like to get it flying steady before scaling up. I am also beginning to suspect that the RCS thrusters are just too weak relative to realism overhaul. According to Wikipedia, each RCS engine produced 870 pounds of thrust in vacuum, I'll need to covert that to KSP configuration.
  4. Thanks @DECQ and @DrLicor and @m4gus88. I'm out of the house on business for the next few days but I'll work on updating the patch scripts to shift the com when I'm back.
  5. Thanks for the good idea @m4gus88, regarding the CoM vs CoL. this not something I've looked at but it makes a lot of sense that this could be contributing to the difficulty. I've generally been making my decents with significant OMS fuel which no doubt has impacted the CoM position. I plan to experiment with a heavier nose with and without OMS fuel. Let me know if anyone else also tries this. Additionally it turns out my RSS did not have FAR installed correctly so that could be part of my problem as well.
  6. Thanks @Boris-Barboris, good call. Looks like something is wrong in my FAR configuration. I'll try to get that straight for my 1.2 install and then retry Atmospheric Autopilot with it.
  7. I've had some success using Mechjeb to fix the Pitch at 33 deg (and Yaw, Roll at 0) during the descent down to Mach 10, and then reduce the pitch down as the craft slows. According to this link, the window to pitch it down from 30 deg to 10 deg is relatively short, and I've had trouble hitting it. I'm using my Realism Overhaul patch with the rest of RO/RSS. I've now taken to trying to use Atmospheric Autopilot for dynamic control as the AoA envelope changes. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/johnson/pdf/584730main_Wings-ch4d-pgs226-241.pdf
  8. I'm having some difficulty integrating this mod with FAR (the dev version for 1.2) and Modular Flight Integrator. It looks like AtmosphereAutopilot is conflicting with something in ModulearFlightIntegrator for whenever I add it to my GameData, I get the following error from AA. [LOG 22:58:00.162] [AtmosphereAutopilot]: starting up! [LOG 22:58:00.163] [AtmosphereAutopilot]: FAR aerodynamics detected [EXC 22:58:00.164] ReflectionTypeLoadException: The classes in the module cannot be loaded. System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes () AtmosphereAutopilot.AtmosphereAutopilot.get_csurf_module () AtmosphereAutopilot.AtmosphereAutopilot.Start () [LOG 22:58:00.166] FixMaxTemps: Fixing Temps Has anyone got AtmosphereAutopilot to work with the dev version of Ferram Aerospace Research for 1.2 and the latest ModularFlightIntegrator?
  9. Hello all, I've updated the RealismOverhaul patch to modify the maxTemps as well. So now the flaming brick does not burn immediately upon re-entry. It still may need some tweaks, as it gets very close to blowing up before the temps slowly start to drop. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v11.5-pre3 Also, this integrates the TacLS, RemoteTech and MechJeb configs from @Marcelo Silveira, as these are used in RealismOverhaul. Thanks for permission Marcelo! My re-entry procedure still needs a bit of refinement as I'm having difficulty keeping the nose from flipping backwards once it drops below 55km or so, from my re-entry pitch of 33 degrees.
  10. Ok, the RCS modules working now. We are now able to control the flaming brick as it plummets from the sky. I haven't yet got a successful re-entry through the hypersonic zone yet, though I am unclear if this is due to pilot error or because the max temperatures haven't been tweaked yet. I'm playing with AoE angle and the Pe and Ap points during the descent, any suggestions are welcome. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v11.5-pre2
  11. Thanks @astroranger189, I'm seeing the same thing where after a successful orbit, deorbiting is a fiery brick plummeting from the sky. I've tried a few different ways to get the RCS to pull through RealFuels correctly but haven't quite got it working. I have a promising lead looking at a stock craft config, as I was playing one of the stock craft this weekend which was working with MMH+NTO RCS fuel, so I plan to test that direction this week.
  12. Thanks @Stone Blue, looks like a rescale factor of 1/0.64 worked well for the node attachment points as well as bringing the model in-line with real world dimensions. I cut a new version with this update: https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases Direct download of the new cfgs. Place in GameData\RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods\ to use. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/download/v11.5-pre1/Space_Shuttle_System.zip Updated: Rescale model back to real size Real fuel configs for tanks and engine Thrust and ISP for engines adjusted Mass adjustments for many parts (WIP) Still have a number of aspects to test, but I was able to get my shuttle to low earth orbit right as the external tank emptied tonight, which was cool.
  13. Lol, yes I haven't looked into the sizes yet, as I am concerned that may throw off the node attachment points and so should be done a single shot. My goal is to get the power and mass good first, then length and width. The pre-release tag has been updated with a Zip containing just the folder to be placed into RealismOverhaul\RO_SuggestedMods. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/releases/tag/v11.5-pre
  14. Here's my work in progress for the RO/RSS patch. I've tried to pull real world data where I could find it, and still testing/refining a few things, but could be worth a test run. Thanks @DrLicor for the initial configurations for fuels. https://github.com/alpharigel/RealismOverhaul/tree/master/GameData/RealismOverhaul/RO_SuggestedMods/Space_Shuttle_System I'll post a release of just this directory when I get home later today,
  15. Hi @astroranger189, I'm working on an RSS patch right now as the mod is awesome and my 1.2 KSP is built on top of RSS. Still working on it, but got the shuttle into space last night with better thurst and fuel configured. Hoping to get some more time tonight and I can send you a draft.