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  1. Finally made my first fully legitimate surface base on another world, only took about 6 years of playing to pull off >< Features a science lab, habitat module, science kits + solar panels and all that good stuff.
  2. Grey Dust A standard Mun landing was in order. Valentina had been practicing in the simulator for weeks on end, and it was finally time to go. However, a new rocket had to be developed. Quite more powerful than anything else at the time. 'Icestar', it was nicknamed. And so this ginormous rocket lifted off into the stars, heading for the cold, unknown surface of the Mun. The engine had a bit of trouble maintaining orbital velocity, but this was soon rectified with enough altitude and careful maneuvering. Before long, Valentina was heading on an intercept course with the Mun. Naturally, she spammed all the science she could get from this distant body. Before long, it was time to go. She would bring back a record-breaking 370 science, which would be put to use on developing new command modules, wheels, and engines.
  3. Ice and Fire It was decided that the next target for the Kerbin survey program would be the north pole. The Traveller had been upgraded with a full science bay, as progress had been made into storage systems. The launch went smoothly, propelling the craft skywards. A limitation of the previous design of the Traveller had been the lack of an area for EVA experiments. This had been rectified. Before long, the craft was on it's journey to the snowy caps of the pole, for more science. The landing took place without incident, and hot chocolate was enjoyed by the crew as they waited for return to the KSC.
  4. Between A Rock And A Desert The new goal of the space program was simple; explore as much of Kerbin as possible to collect data before heading into the stars. It was with this mission in mind that the Traveller launched once again, with the plan of hitting at least one of Kerbin's many deserts. However, things were not going to be easy. The landing zone that the Traveller's capsule was plummeting into at over 2,000m/s was a large mountain range. It's a good thing all Kerbonauts went through physical training for survival situations like these.
  5. A Traveller's Tale The rocket: Two stage SRB/LFO. The mission: Suborbital flight There was certainly a degree of risk and superstition. Some people believed that if you went up too high, you would get swallowed by a green beast. Others thought there was a ginormous dome covering the planet, and there was no end to it. We were here to prove those wrong. The risk: There was no heatshield, so poor Kimlas could burn up at any moment. Nevertheless, sacrifices had to be made for the progression of science. The flight launched without incident, into a standard 90 degree burn towards apoapsis. Science was experimented and collected, however there remained a problem: the lack of a heatshield meant things would get hot. For only the price of one Mystery Goo canister, progress was made into the development of more safety mechanisms for the crew.
  6. Up, up and away. Second flight was the test of the 'Leaper'. Merely an SRB stacked on top of another with a decoupler. And leap, it did. To over 10,000m in the sky. The crew made it safely home.. if a little wet.
  7. A new series that i'm developing as I play through this game after a long break. The goal is a general Science mode playthrough, but with the endgoal being to establish colonies on every planet and moon (yes, even Gilly and Tylo.. grrr) To develop Kerbals from being a race that looks towards the stars, to a race that lives amongst them. First flight. First flight of the 'Twiggy', as the engineers call it, went well. A simple capsule, SRB, and science package. Landed near a strange black object, will investigate further.
  8. Went for a little fly around in the arctic. Jeb also suffered what appears to be a mental breakdown whilst on EVA.
  9. I wish we could vary the win/lose themes based on faction outside of Rebel/Empire/Consortium. MusicEvents.xml is so limited. *cough* totally does not work on the TR team *cough*
  10. Hm.. I'm not sure @Lo var Lachland, perhaps?
  11. I suppose it's nice to go to the cinema just for the experience of watching it on the big screen, and to go out with friends/family.
  12. These.. have been stuck in my head for the entire week. I feel sad, yet comforted at the same time.
  13. 75+ I haven't been here for a few months, surprised people are still doing this o.o
  14. Star Wars: Empire At War is a classic RTS, it has both space and ground, but it's strongpoint is definitely space. https://imgur.com/a/sbrxHvA https://imgur.com/vJVZfbW https://imgur.com/y4TzgMU https://imgur.com/wCUFBcs And, Imgur embedding broke?
  15. I woke up early enough to feed my cats, so.. 6am? I know its not really an achievement or anything.
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