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  1. I now Know what ksp looks like with RTX on
  2. wow there are so many more thing to tweak in that file than whats shown in the menu
  3. Is life support a requirement now? I'm getting a fatal error from b9 about ammonia resource not being defined. Of course it isn't I don't have CRP or any life support mods. B9 came with @Nertea station parts redux. this only started when I updated JNSQ to 0.65. This is the error that causes this: there is a newer version of b9 but its not in station parts so I don't know if I should be messing with it. and I don't think b9 is at fault here.
  4. Kopernicus usually breaks solar panels in old versions of ksp. The version lock does not prevent this. best to remove it from your game data folder if your going to play 1.7.1 until it gets updated.
  5. As a PC players we have had many craptastic console ports. And have to wait for some great games as well, like RDR2, spiderman, etc. So your rant warms my heart.
  6. There's no need, Firstly this is a parts mod so it isn't as sensitive to versioning. Second unless the devs say otherwise, mods are usually unaffected by point releases.
  7. Why? it's not like you can't publish to multiple sites. It can't be that hard to upload to the workshop from github. *talking out of my ass, as I have no idea how it's done* Still... it's not rocket science.
  8. So apparently my daughter was looking over my shoulder one day when I was skimming the headline
  9. That's usually both easily avoidable, and easily fixable - if you're in orbit, just leave the scene and wait. Come back after some time and the ship will be in a new orientation the only drift I see is in relation to the planet your orbiting. point your engines at the kerbol and put some flat panels on top of your ship. They will never see light.
  10. I usually only lose power when my solar panels are pointing in the wrong direction. Its pretty permanent.
  11. if you run out of power you tend to be pretty screwed anyway. you saying you want permadeath if you run out of power?
  12. This is the bane of KSP players. I don't know how is not a legitimate reason anymore. (if it ever was.)
  13. What does Eye adaption do? I also had to disable it. But I think thats because its not compiled for linux. I'm not using startup parameters.