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  1. That's not necessarily true. I mean if all you gonna do is package up a mod and slap your name on it sure, that's what will happen. But you couldn't charge money for that garbage. A Creator pack would work just as well as any other dlc. Just smaller in scope perhaps, most likely just assets. Like I said look at how Cities Skylines do it. It works quite well. they do one or two a year. We live in a world where dlc is part of the revenue package. There's a right way and a wrong way depending on the scope. Your never gonna please those people that think all dlc is pay to win (it isn't.) And your
  2. @Markodds would like this thread merged into the suggestions sub. I don't think they are aware of how to do it.
  3. This is something Colossal Order does. I think it's a great Idea. It's a paid gig of some form for the creator. It's a chance to showcase their work in a professional, actually released setting (Don't underestimate the value of that.) A chance for the devs to give back to the community in a very tangible way. For them to possibly scope new talent. The way CO does it, it's usually a new set of original assets based on the thing the creator is known for. They have a reasonable price around 5 bucks, and they are not essential to play the game. They are bug tested to work at least as well as any
  4. I hope when the successor to this thread gets going people remember this and we don't have the silly argument about adding mods to stock. I could list a ton of good things that come out of it. But it's been said. That and the point was nailed home with the update. integrated>Mod. You don't have to patch the features to work with mods, they just do. Because they are lower level. Not tacked on the side.
  5. You need to take me less seriously in most situations. My brain is sponsored by WarerBros.
  6. that might be a stretch. We aren't talking Doom here. /s I know hyperbole but not far off. If Unity can run on a switch, there's hope.
  7. Portable ksp. I'd expect the new one to be a little more resource intensive. Maybe not to much on minimum spec. But for sure with all the shinny turned on. KSP1 can run on Linux. Lunix Can run on a freaking speak'n'spell. (figuratively. Og Speak'n'spell didn't have any IC's) I think Kerbal 1 will have a long life on lower power hardware. Things like cheap laptops and recycled computers. The kinds of things Some disadvantaged students might use. The first time I played it, it was on a recycled mainboard and an Donated spemperion triple core.
  8. Guys I've gotten likes on one of the shortest comments in the thread, I think from every yellow tag that's seen since I posted it. Now I am crying. This is the thing I don't harp on. I was recovering from Lymphoma When I started playing KSP. I was mesmerised, and I was using parts of my brain I hadn't used since school. I was in a pretty dark place, sick and scared. Really not sure how I was going to continue. Maybe it wasn't some revelation. But it kept me smiling, kept my mind busy and really helped me pull through. I've alway had it nearby ever since and I bonded with my children more
  9. I always like to read the first few pages of the old threads that I see become active out of the blue. So I have to ask, now that you 've reached your goal, did you ever get your secret sub-forum with three people in it?
  10. The KOS guys might disagree with you on that. And there's kerbal edu. I was recently poking around the site for it. Ya it's damn near OS and @SQUAD should be very proud. My daughters know more about orbital mechanics and the rocket equation then their science teachers and that was regular ksp and my bad explanations.
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