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  1. Isn't this what Squad is using steam public betas for? Every version of the game is in there. When KSP was still getting updates if you put your install on one of those "betas" it stayed there. KSP never used to the workshop for mods, so auto update was never an issue there. If they do move to that model there will be issues. It isn't a problem for devs to keep multiple versions on steam, but afik there is no way to do that with mods. It's a real headache, see Cities skylines. That doesn't solve the multiple install issue, but lets be honest, there aren't many games that makes sense to do with.
  2. Saved Apollo 13, patched the ISS, 1001 uses! I don't know why it isn't in the game officially.
  3. Just because two parts are white doesn't mean they are made of the same material. The white version of the panels would probably be some sort of thermal blanket. Tanks are tanks, so paint? the probe core would likely be mylar as you said. All of those things, even with the same colour would look different, because the materials are different, and will reflect light differently. Of course none of that matters when you are using a monoprop tank as a bearing.
  4. Kerbals Have shorter legs then we do. I find the fact they can run at 18 km/h forever quite impressive. It only feels slow because you are used to (near) orbital speeds, and you are not familiar with the scale. Most people have the same issue with rovers, they just don't understand how fast they are going and wonder why it's so unstable.
  5. I no longer have access to a kindergartener. However I did coax my pre-teen daughter into orbit and return for a class project. I'll be impressed. It's not easy to explain this game without making their eyes glaze over. I had the advantage in that my kid has my sense of humour.
  6. No one is forcing you to spend money. I'm not commenting on internal politics, that ship sailed a long time ago. Perception of scale requires some understanding on the the task they are trying to achieve. Modded ksp is AAA. Add up the collective time developing that. Why do you think T2 is bankrolling this? for charity? [snip]
  7. I want information to, that's why I'm here. But I understand it's a privilege. Besides I'm quite happy with the footage they've shared. Quite frankly I in the camp that hopes MP will be future dlc. I don't believe the initial release needs that on top, and I'd hate to think that's holding things up.
  8. [snip] Gaming, the only industry where people think this is acceptable behaviour. Your SpaceX argument rings false as well. They are building a rocket in a field. 99% of the footage you are seeing is not official. And they are building rockets in a field, not a game. Are you a future spaceX customer? SpaceX, intercept, gm, subaru. Nobody owes anything when comes to upcoming products. You should be grateful we get any behind the scenes information. The only reason you know anything about ksp 2 is they pulled the trigger prematurely, then everything changed, and then covid. Seriously have a good look at the dev time on AAA of this scale, and how my times it's been botched on release due to that very pressure to release. The date still hasn't slipped, the devs seem enthusiastic. These videos, are all coordinated marketing, dealing with poor choices in the beginning and a demanding community. I seriously hope none of the people involved in see this vitriol.
  9. Hey sorry I didn't back to this last nite. I just got frustrated with imgur messing up the order of my pictures. I was thinking of doing a mission report type thing. But that so much work now, and I fat fingered a few of the shots I really wanted, So didn't get them. So if it's acceptable I'll give you the rundown here. Luna Station is a fuel depot I'm building around the Mun, It's had 4 launches now. 1 was with a 50 tonne class ssto (LKO), I was going to enter, but I just couldn't get it to the same weight class within the aesthetic, when I swapped out non stock parts. ( nothing was op just different. ) 2 were with an apollo style lifter, due to volume of the segments. the last launch was this one. Crew and supplies. There are more planed. One more Apollo lift for a hab ring. and 3 or 4 heavy ssto lifts. I might use the stock one for some of the light payloads. That's the backstory. For this launch, Jedos and Samwell were tasked with ferrying a crew and supplies up to the station. It would seem even though the tanks were full, they weren't pumping. Hence the need for a self sufficient mission to repair it. (That's the excuse I'm using. the station is meant to eliminate that need.) The relay was actually a convenient add-on to the flight. Necessary for the station, but it only flew now because there was room. Now for the sats: Ship: Stubby Joe SK (Sock K-prize.) Originally built as an LKO cargo ferry, In its original form it is capable of 10t to LKO. Outfitted for crew, it was tested to 5t, but realistically it's volume limited, you won't fit that in useful payload. Loaded mass: 3800kg Fuel: 18490kg (14650 lf, 3460 Lox, 380 mono.) Payload: 4 kerbals ( 380kg.) Relay sat (760kg, 81 Xe), misc cargo. (864kg) total 2004kg. Dry Mass: 17516 kg (With pilot and flight engineer.) Mission report: (AA used as a fly by wire system only. No autopilot features used. (honestly pregaming that would be harder.) It is also non functional out of atmosphere. Nominal accent, mode switch @ 21000 m, lox cut off @ 5600 m parking orbit of 105000 m ish. Ejection burn of 834 m/s mid course deployment of the relay to allow it to enter a high inclination orbit. Relay course correction of 43 m/s, it's capture burn was 193 m/s. The ships capture was 266 m/s But due to also juggling the relay, a 43 m/s inclination change was required, and it was a slow rendezvous coming in behind the sation. Docking was uneventful. After unloading the cargo and getting the crew settled in Stubby joe performed a 2 m/s obit raise maneuver for the station, before undocking and setting a course for home. Projections suggested reentry one day later within range of the KSC. Although this being the first high speed return for this design Mission control was unsure how the ship would respond exactly, having only come back from LKO before. Approaching kerbin the crew was directed to jettison excess propellent. The pilot unsure of this decision had kept back some monoprop, just in case. It turned out to be a good thing. The was a glitch when AA was turned on late. An attempt by the system to zero out the controls on startup caused a brief spin very high in the atmosphere. Fortunately with the remaining monoprop the spin was corrected before anything burned off. After that reentry was nominal, that is to say stable and with tolerance. It was clear we were not going make the KSC and the attempt was quickly aborted in favor of a skip reentry heading for the desert airfield. This required an inclination change of 150 m/s, It was all that could be spared without dipping into emergency reserves. Engineering never should have told the pilot about the extra dv margin from taking out the unnecessary pre-coolers. the mission would have been more efficient form the outset. While no longer carrying the speed of a munar return the ship was still on high ballistic path, another unknown. In the end the last reserves had to used to keep from flying out over water. This was why the desert field was selected. It's a little rough, but there's lots of it. Stubby Joe landed safely 45 km from the facility. Running on fumes the landing gear was easily able to accommodate the abuse. Well... I guess that turned out to be full report. Sorry about that. I'm not risking moving it though. Here's a selection of photos from the trip.
  10. Wow it's getting hot in here. One overriding theme I've taken away from the feature videos, is they really want to keep these things close to their chest. They give the impression, to me at least, that they want to give us surprise and wonder. All of the videos have been more or less about how ksp 1 mechanics have been improved, polished and expanded. Stuff we are familiar with. Or about the onboarding efforts and the complexity of what they are doing. From that my take is we are not the target market for the videos, not really. WE don't need convincing, the rest of the gaming world does. At the end of the day, as long as the base is solid, the api are good, this community will find a way. This comunity alone is not enough critical mass to pay for a AAA title. Witch this is, if you go by the time put in, the money spent, and the expected retail price. (arguably, AAA seems to creeping in to the 80$ range these days,) I'm just guessing, I think they've been at this for at least 18 months before anything as made public. They didn't start out with AAA in mind, I don't know how it grew into that but here we are. I also believe that many in this community don't fully appreciate the colossal effort they put in to solve the precision issues (slay the kraken.) And the work that went into explaining this whole thing to newbs. I will watch every tutorial in game with popcorn, just to enjoy the work. I might even pick up a few things I've missed before.
  11. 45 km from from the intended desert airfield. It was still a good choice, more land for an overshoot. Direct pinpoint returns are hard. Mission report soon. here's a teaser...
  12. If I had to, I could bring them back. But they have a job to do, Luna's not going to build itself. Every time I use the pre-cooler I end up taking it out for a regular tank. So I find myself with a Dv surplus now.
  13. Humm. I thought I saw a mod tag on him before, my mistake.
  14. These polls sure feel like you guys are getting ready for something....
  15. Question, Can kerbals be considered payload? I'm on my way to drop some off on station around the Mun, along with a relay. I have six souls on board, four them will be staying at Luna Station.
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