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  1. [1.3] Talisar Parts v1.0.2

    KIS doesn't seem to care about the collisions, the mount and container still work, mostly. You can't just release them but a kerbal can remove them. It just doesn't look right.
  2. I got I working I think, had to delete my setting and physics files for some reason. I was actually trying to fix a frame capping issue. (Never thought I'd say that about ksp!) Didn't fix that still wont go faster than 60fps. Today's challenge is getting Pood's OPM-VO to play nice with it. No idea what I'm doing, but eve loads no clouds when I put it in, like it cant decide. I could use some assistance. I'd like to do an OPM career and stream it. would it help if I told the forum its my birthday?
  3. Ok so this will bake your noodle. When I start the game I get the terrain loading issues, regardless of the res settings. I can go into settings and change the resolution, that fixes it. I can then use whatever resolution I want, it stays fixed.
  4. It was confusing to me at first Because for some reason I didn't get an empty KSPRC folder But I fixed that. I'm using the this version located here Logs Show no errors I can tell are related. and this is my game data folder KSPRC just has the terrain folder.
  5. Ty How do you do that? Ya I fixed the mountains but but only up close. and the other shots still apply. I should say I put in KSPRC terrain files that fixed the mountains.
  6. Afternoon gentlemen, I seem to having some issues with spectra. Map and far textures a not loading for me. This is with nothing but spectra and it deps.
  7. ty I'm sure I'll enjoy them 5 fps on my laptop, desktop was on DD2. and choked. I wasn't about to pay over 200 $ for an 8 gb pair clocked 800mhz. Yes KSP was the primary reason for the upgrade. My old rig was ok for every day tasks but getting long in the tooth.
  8. Oh those rock! A month ago I would have passed as not worth the performance hit. Now I have a ryzen, a rx580, and 16gb of ram. So yes, more of that please.
  9. I love lighting, my game is set so I pretty much can't see sh*t without it. I'm interested, but can't find it on space dock The picture (I assume) on the first post doesn't work. A github link would be nice, it would out last your interest should you decide to stop developing. So anyone *except linuxgurugamer could take up the torch, so to speak.
  10. I just bought a 1600x moving up from a phenom triple core. Benchmarks are showing the ryzen chips better at multitasking, slightly worse at single thread. And it's a new platform, AMD has invested heavily in. Expect it to be around for awhile and mature. It runs cooler and cost less. But if your counting framerates, get the intel chip but not the 7700k, not worth the price jump. I multitask so I'll take the small single thread hit, there should be less stutter for me and I'm running a small rig heat matters.
  11. I was talking about AFBW. you've been a great help however, and I'd like to return the favour. Your gonna have to help me out with the deps to build your AI, or compile one for me, I'll gladly take it for a spin try and come up with a few profiles. But, I'm no pilot. I do what works for me and I have no idea how legit my skills are. I've got parts in the mail I'm building a monster ryzen system so I'll be in a much better position to next month.
  12. @taniwha Seemed to work ok, I could adjust sensitivity, and see inputs. I did not see anywhere to reassign buttons, guess you still have to do that from ksp settings. Only log entry with AFBW was for AVC, so I'd say we're good. I' love to help with your project but about all I'm good for with mono is configs, I have actively avoided learning it. Garbage collectors are stupid.
  13. I'll look at it but I'm useless on this machine. To used to debian. Everything I've tried to build has inexplicably failed in one way or another. Solus is Linux but is NOT a posix system.
  14. Will do. I have hope I got analog going with sccontroller. Steam says it can do analog but it does not in ksp.
  15. Well that would explain it. I'm going to wait for taninwa's build then, stateless also makes it PITA to setup a build environment. Not going to poke he knows peeps are waiting.