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  1. I've used both simultaneously, haven't seen any difference in performance.
  2. Not only Rus, but also Volga and early Angara and Feniks variants.
  3. @Beale I'll second previous post author. 1.5m is more preferable than 1.625m due to compatibility with other mods. And 1.85m variant would make fine Soyuz-3 proposed launcher core. Also, talking about Soyuz rework, is there any plans for Soyuz-2.1v (larger diameter first stage core with NK-33-1 engine, http://www.russianspaceweb.com/soyuz1_lv.html)? It would be very nice "what if" addition, especially with "Volga" upper stage.
  4. Btw, RL Zenit is capable to lift twice as much payload to LEO (~14t vs ~7t of Soyuz)
  5. Yay! Btw, I'm on1.6.1 right now. Also, still playing 1.3.1 RP1 and 1.2.2 QRSS campaigns, but those felt back so far and modded so heavily, that I don't even bother to update mods used for them (there is always chance to break something, yk).
  6. Just took a quck look to B9 code, as well as at KSP class reference. One wild idea (not sure if it will work, @blowfish can correct me). This structure: solarPanelRootGameObject - transform1 -- solarPanelTransform - transform2 -- solarPanelTransform transform1/transform2 are switched with B9, while DeplyableSolarPanelsModule are linked to solarPanelTransform gameObjects/transforms. Have anyone tried this? EDT: Question is, when does Module caches references to gameObjects (if it ever does).
  7. Will they be separate parts, or alternate models as current "-E"-variants? Maybe parts mesh variants (stock variants, or B9, or whatever)? Thumbs up!
  8. Wish I knew about "-E" meshes earlier! In my campaign I've rescaled some Soyuz (and all of Vostok) parts with MM configs, replaced some others with procedural tanks and wondered, if Voskhod in 1.25m is even possible... three or two (with huge helmets) in such a small capsule. It would be awesome if 1.5m would be adopted by @Beale as one of common sizes in Tantares (as @CobaltWolf did earlier in BDB).
  9. I`d prefer standalone hollow physical part (some kind of one piece jettisonable cargo bay cover). The reasons is: 1) we can put something (i.e. payload), inside; 2) glue something outside on surface; 3) use it somewhere else (as cover/skycrane for lander for examle);
  10. Encountered same behaviour with 1.3.1 RP-1. Try to EVA all kerbals from craft before recovery attempt, in my case it worked.
  11. In my heavily modded game it doesn't. However, in old videos of ancient times (see OP) it was. For example, in Scott Manley's video that can be seen at ~2:30.
  12. Is there any chances to get compatibility with RealChutes?