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  1. Probes at Jupiter and Saturn: Apollo CSM approaching to my Station:
  2. Today Pioneer 11 flew through the Saturn System. Titan Encounter, Periapsis: 612km Bye Saturn! I also placed the first station in orbit around the Moon:
  3. I did quite a lot today! 1. I launched the Galileo spacecraft to Jupiter. It will be the second probe to orbit Jupiter and it carries an atmospheric probe: 2. I launched the 22nd (!!) Mercury-Redstone rocket. I usually do the "suborbital spaceflight"-contracts in order to kill the time between the missions. 3. I sent a new Crew to the space station: 4. I adjusted the flight path of Voyager 6. It is going to fly over Saturns North Pole, and it will get the science in space near Saturn: 5. I launched the second Mars ComSat:
  4. Thats everything I wanted to know so far, thank you very much!
  5. Can you give me details about this rocket?
  6. At the moment I dont have any moons for Uranus installed. Maybe I will check if I can get the RSS Expanded mod to work.
  7. I adjusted one of my Voyager probes to intercept with Uranus.... .....and I designed 3 new Missions (Jupiter return project, a moon space station and a LEO station part delivery): Each mission will launch on top of a Saturn V.
  8. It looks like a Soyuz, but there are still some differences. It is a Hydro-Lox core with 2x LR-87-LH2 engines, which uses 4 soyuz boosters with E-1 engines instead of the RD-117s. The second stage is basiclly a centaur with 2x RL-10-A3 engines. It was made using Procedural Parts.
  9. I returned back home after my 12 day vacation trip and started to play again. I added a second docking arm to my station.
  10. I landed my very first probe on the surface of Mars. F5 & F9 were my friends. Descent was quite hard. I had to time the heat shield separation & engine ignition perfectly, 20 seconds more or less can result an impact or a soft landing.
  11. You can disable them in the settings. Also, you can delete the crafts, they are in: Kerbal Space Program > Ships > VAB (and SPH). I dont recommend to delete the files.
  12. Once I had a sun probe with a periapsis of 980.000km , so I could get the "in space near sun" science. The probe used 2 radiator panels and did not explode.
  13. Today I tried to build a MK2 Space shuttle in Realism Overhaul. Shuttle main engines: 2x HG-3 (1400 kn) Orbital maneuver system: 2x Gemini Lander engine (13 kn) Boosters: 2x UA-1205 (5000 kn) Orbit insertion using the OMS engines. 146km x 237km During descent I realized..........that I forgot landing wheels Meh.... still not perfect I think i will change the wing design, because the shuttle flies like a stone instead of gliding though the air.
  14. I built a new, small launcher for tiny payloads: First Stage: 1x LR-87-LH2 Second stage: 1x RL-10-3-A3 Payload to orbit: 1.7 tons
  15. I sent a supply ship to my station..... ......and launched 12 Communication Satellites: I tried to remember names from real satellites, thats why I ended up with "Iridium"