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  1. Alpha 7 is out! The big one now is maneuver node editing and information display, plus the AGC/DSKY is functional again. Also a couple of new graphs. Changelist: * FDAI YAW RATE needle now moves in the correct direction. * DSKY/AGC is operational again. Documentation T.B.D. * New graph: (SCR 57) Gs/Inertial velocity. For Re-Entry monitoring. * New graph: (SCR 58) Apoapse/Periapse/Altitude vs. time. (This is a big version of the left graph on SCR 1) * Can set target angles for FDAI on NOUN 23 with VERB 20. * New panel: (SCR 110) Maneuver Node Editing * New screen: (SCR 13) Future Orbits. Maneuver nodes and sphere of influence changes * New screen: (SCR 14) Maneuver Nodes. Data on nodes. * Change screen: (SCR 4) Orbit view. Now I know the orbits around other spheres of influences in the orbit view (SCR 4) are off. Also, I have discovered the inertial angles don't make sense to me, so I will look into those.
  2. Cool! I see that kRPC (Which my program uses to communicate to KSP) has build-in support for Remote Tech.
  3. @SSTL_Pete I live in Norway. I really like your idea of a schedule. Should not be that hard to do. (But I have no idea how to make it look 60's. :-) Guess it could just look like a normal computer program.) Do you have the name of a preferred "Limit Communication"-mod? I have never used one of those, so need to check it out.
  4. This looks more retro than Telemachus. I try to get the Apollo 60's feel. I am actively developing this, so any and all suggestions, are massively welcome. :-) It is at an early stage, but got the basics down.
  5. If you have a suggestion for a CRT-screen, I have added my template sheets to the git. They makes is easy(er) to layout text and values. Font-size 3 is the middle-of-the-road choice, and I have used that for everything, except the conusables-list (screen 3) https://github.com/Tunefix/KSP_MOCR/raw/master/CRT-template.pdf
  6. Alpha 6 is out! The biggest change is the look of the telemetry-screens. They are now more in a CRT-style, and with a 4:3 aspect ratio. I also found while doing research a specification for the charactron that generated these screens during Apollo, so i have made font-sizes of the CRT-screens as close to this spec as possible, in terms of number of chars pr. line, and number of lines. Changelist: * Pilot-screen (#100) diabled. (So many things were wrong there, and it did bad things) * New screen for FDAI (#101) * Added error needles and roll rates to the FDAI * New screen for DSKY (#102) (Not wery functional, but the look of it) * Started rewrite of AGC, and added button on main form for starting/stopping it. The AGC should only be running on one instance of KSP_MOCR, preferably the same that will use the DSKY. The state of the AGC is then transmitted to other instances via PySSSMQ. * New screen: Temperature (#7). Shows the hottest parts, parts with ablator resource, and radiators. * New screen: Consumables (#3). Show parts that contains either liquid fuel, oxydizer or monopropellant. * New screen: Electrical system (#6). Show parts that either uses, generates or stores electricity. * Redone screen: Booster (#2). The booster screen is completly redone. * Redone screen: Orbit View (#4). Removed the old FIDO-screen (whitch did'nt work), and replaced with simple orbit-view. (Inclination not included) And now, many pictures to show off the new screens.
  7. Thank you! And, I will make that hybrid solution if I understood you correctly. My previous attempt was to complicated, and tried to do it manually; as in calculating the inertial angles of the burn, then the pilot would use a PAD-load to enter the burn-data into his DSKY, and the burn at RPY 0,0,0, in the new burn-reference. I still like that idea, but just keeping it simple for now and working with KSPs maneuver nodes is better for getting something that works™. Also, a better orbital-view is on the docket. Just making some new telemetry screens. First up is an electrical screen displaying power generators(panels, cells, enginges), power storage, current drain/surplus ...
  8. Alpha 5 is out. Biggest changes are new look of some panels/screens. Also I have added an Event Indicator panel for FIDO, and one Event Indicator panel (out of 4) for EECOM. The layout of these panels are as they were during Apollo 15. They have no functionality in KSP_MOCR, but are more a display of possibilities.
  9. This sends/receives data from KSP via the kRPC-plugin.
  10. I am working on a Mission Control - software that communicates with kRPC. And is has a Map-view. As of now you can't make and edit maneuver nodes with it, but that is in the plans. See this thread for more info and images:
  11. Alpha 4 now available. Changes: * Added H/Hdot-graph (screen 55) * Added some controls to map-view (sceen 8), show/hide tail, set tail length, fade tail A badly managed launch. (But orbit acheived 117km by 75km) The red line is a rough ballpark guideline. The target apoapse can be set in screen 1 (Ascent), and the max HDOT then adjusted if necessary.
  12. Yeah, I got stuck in a kind of rut. Turns out; Rocket Science is HARD. And orbital mechanics; EVEN HARDER! Who would have thunk! So I am now dealing with more low-level issues, like graphs. Will brush up some of the map-stuff next, like a button to turn the "tail" on/off, turn fading of the tail on/off, and setting tail length. Suggestions are also highly appreciated.
  13. Alpha 3 is now out. Changes: * Partial rewrite of graph-system, to get more flexibile graphs. * Added a few new graphs. * Added very approximate guides to some graphs, for launch trajectory. (screens 51, 53, 54)
  14. Finally, things are moving again. Alpha 2 is released! Check original post for more info.