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  1. If you're not opposed to mods. Been using this for about a year now.
  2. Final tests before heading to Moho. Planning to land everywhere and (where practical) use the rover to circumnavigate from pole to pole (I head the poles have some interesting terrain "features"). Have finally got the VTOL engines and RCS stable enough to land on top of the V.A.B
  3. 'It is finally time. I can't believe it. It has been a roller-coaster. Testing and re-testing the Hippo, at low speeds, high speeds, low altitudes, high altitudes, to orbit and back. Even on top of the V.A.B There were even a few unscheduled "crash tests". This plane is a beast. It took everything that was thrown at it and had no complaints. In addition to that, we needed to test the Gundane rover as well. Up the mountains of Cocomor, crossing the waters of the east of Kelpogart towards the Iwahaki islands, submerged underwater
  4. Sentences with Kerbal planets can be Eeloo-sive
  5. Seems to be working (at least at tracking station), no errors at startup. Minimal startup impact (my game seems to start in the same amount of time as it did before). Will be a while before I get to see them up close as I'm still on Moho
  6. Would this work with 1.7.3? I intend to try it out tomorrow but just wanted to find out if there would be any incompatibilities with running it on 1.7.3. OPM is already part of my game so I'm interested to see where each body lands up
  7. What @linuxgurugamersaid. Kopernicus is version locked. Each version works only on its corresponding version of the game. Therefore unfortunately you'll never get it working if using conflicting versions, even if the dependencies are fine. This, as a rule, is the same for all planet packs since they all rely on kopernicus, the versions have to match.
  8. I forgot to add INSTANTIATOR as another dependency. So, in essense this is what you would need to get it working. One of these should also include ModuleManager. If not, download the latest ModuleManager for your version. https://github.com/GrandProtectorDark/Event-Horizon/releases/tag/1.0 https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/releases/tag/release-1.7.3-2 https://github.com/HappyFaceIndustries/KopernicusExpansion/releases/tag/0.2.0
  9. I have been using it since November 2019 with no problems on 1.7.3. Using kopernicus 1.7.3-2. Might be something wrong with your install. Try check your dependencies (the correct kopernicus version as well as kopernicus expansion). Ensure you are using the correct Event Horizon version 1.0 NOT 1.0-E. https://github.com/GrandProtectorDark/Event-Horizon/releases Your Gamedata should look like this -CTTP -EventHorizon -INSTANTIATOR -Kopernicus -KopernicusExpansion -ModularFlightInteg
  10. The army was deployed earlier today in Johannesburg. We'll only have essential services running from Thursday.
  11. My country to be placed on lock-down from midnight 26th March.
  12. @Pds314's map has been my actual playthrough map since 1.3.1.
  13. I can't choose my continent (Africa) as it shows that the country field is required. Can't choose country as my country isn't included in the list. So, I can't participate in the poll. Also, North and South AmeriCa should have "C" and not "K" I think.
  14. "There has been much excitement here at the complex. After being told we would not be testing the big rover yet as the engineers were making some modifications, many of us were left very disappointed. Everybody had wanted to have a go at this thing. I mean, who wouldn't? 8 wheels of All-Terrain monstrosity was enough to make me at least, very very excited. However, we couldn't take it out as yet. There are final static tests which are being conducted by the propulsion testing team. The rumours going around seem to indicate that they are adding extra crew capacity. I hope that's tru
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