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  1. Very promising. Can't wait. The kerbal recruiting part sounds great as I'm planning to go full interstellar (well as soon as I raise 34 million funds to pay for the karborundum fuel and torch drives) and it would be nice to not have to worry when I "accidentally" get my guys killed.
  2. Will that work for other versions? I'm using 1.7.3 will the plugin still work to move the COM? If not, is there any way to keep the thrust balanced on later ksp versions?
  3. It might be this one I think it only works per occupation. So, all pilots would get one colour, all engineers another, all scientists another
  4. "I did it. I have just returned from the Island. Took me longer than I anticipated and the sun had set by the time I reached the base. In total, I spent over 2 hours piloting this machine. We've officially given it the name Gundane. It is very fast on solid ground and I managed to get it up to 199kph on the runway before having to brake for the end. It might have not been such a good idea as I thumped one of the lights at the end of the runway. It was not too serious though and I was able to continue to the island. After the front-end is fixed Kathdun will be taking it to the mountains for the high altitude tests." Maudock Kerman, KWW astronaut recruit 00265.
  5. A modded career play-through to (hopefully) circumnavigate every solid celestial body. "I cannot believe I am now officially an astronaut. I almost fainted when I goo the call. Growing up I looked up at the pioneers of Kerbin's space exploration. Through their eyes, we saw the islands of Laythe, the cold wastes of Eeloo, and the hot hellscape that is Moho. We developed more and more wonderful technologies from the knowledge and resources they brought back. Thought they are no longer with us, their legacy will stand forever in Kerbin's memory. Watching their first launches in tiny capsules made me appreciate how courageous these 4 were. From Jeb laughing maniacally at every point, to Val being the steady hand even while Bill and Bob were worrying about the ship systems and scientific equipment. Here I am today, walking in their footsteps (and hopefully not falling). Through the years, KWW has certainly changed. This sprawling complex is a far cry from the single VAB and SPH from Jeb's days. Newer buildings has been constructed and the runway has been extended. It certainly seems bigger than the pictures I used to see. I am not alone in being the new crop of astronauts that have been hired. There are 20 of us, 9 female and 11 male. I don't yet know which specialization the others are, although I have met at least one other pilot. Her name is Kathdun and she seems nice. We have been testing a new rover that will be used for ground missions in the future. It is extremely big and heavy, but only seats 1 person. It seems the bulk of the vehicle is propulsion systems and power generation. One of the other recruits says it is powered by 2 atomic jets and never needs refueling. How he knows is beyond me but he also had a blueprint so I guess he knows what he is talking about. We have also gotten a glimpse of the new flag that will be unveiled to the public soon and it is so bad it's almost good. I think I see our rover on the flag as well as an unknown aeroplane. This might be what is being built in one of the cordoned-off hangars, I have been hearing very loud engine noises from there. I wonder when we will get to test it. We will be commencing testing of the rover in a few weeks and I have been chosen to pilot the rover across the sea to the old island airfield to test its seaworthiness. My pilot friend Kathdun will test it after I return and drive to the mountains. I don't envy her that, though the rover does seem very rugged and capable. Well, this is a brief rundown of my first month as a new recruit." Maudock Kerman, KWW astronaut recruit 00265.
  6. Yes it did. i found a fix in the kopernicus thread Someone posted a cfg that disables kopernicus on-demand biomes. I'll post a link once I figure how (I'm a noob at forum stuff) @Astronaut James1 , this is the config that helped me. Link to issue on kopernicus github https://github.com/Kopernicus/Kopernicus/issues/382 Link to thread
  7. That is a very cool ad. Can't believe I never watched the ad when I downloaded
  8. I'm watching @5thHorseman anomaly surveyor playlist. Perhaps a little spoilery as I also have that contract pack in my mods
  9. I actually enjoyed having many part mods when I started. I especially like building planes and it is much easier using a mod wing than having to build one out of 5 flat pieces. OPT was one of the first mods I gravitated to back in 1.0.5 when I started playing. I'm afraid the condition has worsened. I now need 20 minutes to start ksp and have many, many part mods. And lots of quality-of-life mods. And 5 different planet packs (over 60 land-able celestial bodies).