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  1. That is a very cool ad. Can't believe I never watched the ad when I downloaded
  2. I'm watching @5thHorseman anomaly surveyor playlist. Perhaps a little spoilery as I also have that contract pack in my mods
  3. I actually enjoyed having many part mods when I started. I especially like building planes and it is much easier using a mod wing than having to build one out of 5 flat pieces. OPT was one of the first mods I gravitated to back in 1.0.5 when I started playing. I'm afraid the condition has worsened. I now need 20 minutes to start ksp and have many, many part mods. And lots of quality-of-life mods. And 5 different planet packs (over 60 land-able celestial bodies).
  4. Hi GSR. Is that,,,,,, a performance car label?
  5. Mine are normally abbreviations of desctiptions. My siilliest ones are the interplanetary tug, which is called IPT (InterPlanetary Tug) and my circumnavigation rover called ATPR (all terrain planetary rover)
  6. Mine too. No game has ever captured me like this one. From the first few videos I saw and those steep learning hours doing the tutorial and failing many, many times. I don't even know if any game can capture me like KSP has.
  7. @adsii1970 That's definitely my hope. I hope KSP2 is superduper great. But I will keep playing KSP1. I play on a Lenovo T530 laptop and I fear the requirements of KSP2 might be too much for it come release. I've got KSP running sweet at the moment with many mods, and 4 extra planet packs.
  8. I certainly hope KSP gets to 8.1 someday
  9. It's around Jool {between Jool and Laythe). Pretty hard to see as the orbit line is black as well. I think the name you should look for is, Anomaly-WH-35325-A.
  10. Wow. This will make bringing a rover on trips much, much easier. You're the best @linuxgurugamer