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  1. not yet. Give me a chance to find out how to cool these hyper engines. I love them, and alternating my throttle inputs to keep from overheating. Right now, they are awesome in giving me the extra kick for my ssto to make orbit after I run out of air. I especially like the surface-attachable one, just stick it under the fuselage and I'm good to go.
  2. I'm also around 20 min or so. About 6 parts mod packs (OPT, OPT Legacy, MKIV, MK2X, MK3X, KPBS). 2 extra planet packs excluding stock (OPM & GEP). The rest are quality-of-life and life support with extra contract packs. I'm on a mechanical hard-drive as well.
  3. @KerikBalm I truly can't wait. Your planet looks awesome. I'm using the current version on my 1.7.1 game in the "distant moon" configuration. This is the first time I will be playing it in career. Just waiting for strategia to give me The Rald Program after I finish with the current Mun Program. I'm not too familiar with other planet packs except for OPM and GEP and to my knowledge none of them have any surface features, I sadly cannot help.
  4. @KerikBalm I miss Rald. I seriously loved your planet mate. Hoping you will have something for Breaking Ground era. I've noticed that other planet makers add their own interpretations of the ground scatter. Interested to see how you implement something like that for Rald.
  5. Well, sometimes loading times help. I can make a sandwich and pour myself a couple of drinks. Hell, if I'm quick, I can take a shower too Using a potato has some benefit I guess lol.
  6. In no particular order. To @Allister, @Nils277, @Thomas P., @sarbian and @blowfish, @Galileo, @KillAshley, @Sigma88, @linuxgurugamer, @SuicidalInsanity, @K.Yeon, @JadeOfMaar, @RoverDude, @Rubber Ducky, @Valerian, @stali79, @Starwaster, @Lisias, @Ezriilc, @Nertea, @MOARdV, @Angel-125, @Flupster, @The White Guardian, @Nereid, @Teilnehmer, @severedsolo, @DMagic, @nightingale, @JPLRepo, @cybutek, @Poodmund, @Jatwaa, @Shadowmage, @Ser, @Crzyrndm, @Waz, @panzer1b, @KerboNerd, @pap1723, @maja, @Malah, @whale_2, @ferram4, @SpaceTiger, @NecroBones, @Cydonian Monk, @Tekaoh, @maculator, @magico13 and many more I can't recall right now not being in front of my potato. Thank you guys. For the horrendous load times. For the in-game stutters. For the low frame rate. For some weird bugs and incompatibilities with other mods. For the fun times spent deciphering cfg files and mm patches. But most of all, thank you for the AMAZING mods you guys provide for free. My KSP experience would be very different without you guys. I love this community.
  7. Hello Nertea. I have just recently got into KSP and I am enjoying it immensely. I have downloaded all you Near Future Tech mods, the station parts mod, and the Mark IV spaceplane mod. You are without a doubt the president of my KSP install, I love all your mods. Every ship or spaceplane I build has something from your packs. In fact, all my spaceplanes look the same as I only use the Mark IV due to my love for huge spaceplanes. Landing them always ends in some sort of disaster though as they tend to be seriously heavy. I am trying your Far Future Pre-release. I am sure I will be impressed as I always am with your mods.