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  1. It is in the dll. file, I can't change this. You can use the 1.3.1 version (the last version) I can't fix this because I am not good in code(C, or C++ and other). I am really sorry
  2. Normalement oui ils sont toujours valide pour la 1.4.3 (je fais une petit pause, c'est pour ça qu'il n'y a pas de MAJ, déso).
  3. I use sketchup for the 3D model, and after, blender for the texture.
  4. The prob is now ok (the plugin work with GWS and the gama ray, but, for the gamma ray it was in WIP with an other personne, but, the personne decided to stop the work (Bug thanks at him for the plugin) and like I don't understand how I can solve this, I decided to use the better idea, deleted the plugin with GWS in the same time). Version 1.8.1 for Kerbal Space Program 1.3.1 Released on 2017-12-31 Deleted plugin Deleted GWS Deleted the probleme with Gamma Ray Burst
  5. @wx6523610521 I didn't see the application (lol, seriously, I'm really laughing there)
  6. @wx6523610521I don't have the completed translation in the spoil, you can add the translation on oneDrive, or google + , or drop box pls
  7. ha ha ha @wx6523610521 When you will finish the translation, send me this by message.
  8. @wx6523610521There isn't probleme if you want create the chinese localization.
  9. @Mecripp, Yeah I see this patch, I will use this in the future update (the version is just an update so as to know what you think about the new part of Ivarr), but for the moment, I don't know how this mod work (I just need of one week so as to understand, because actually, during, 2 week, I can work sometime on those 3D moddel, but not really, on KSP directly).
  10. @Bersagliere81, so, I will explain why, how. So, there was 1 or 2 mounth, I worked with someone on a idea, and after, I was my test in the university and, him, I think, didn't want to work with me so as to finish this idea (I don't say who is this person, but he help me in the GWS so a great thanks at him) this why you have this (it was on the Gamma Ray Bust.I will fixed this as quickly as possible. I truelly sorry. (if someone want help to finish this idea, I dont say no).
  11. I'am so sorry @Fergrim, but you can't (normaly) delet this because, all is in the plugin and not what I mentioned. mm I will post a help in the add on so as to delet this ( in order to make it forgive, I'll spoiler the future of the mod, currently, I finish a complete rocket for Fenrir, and I have two idea for KSI, I will not say more, hoping that you forgive me for this mistake of my part.). Can you send me the link, like that, I will explain this
  12. Ahhhhhhhhhh I know why @Fergrim, mm how explain this ... It was a project at the begenin and know, it is in stop because I m not good in C# and I have lot of test in the university and I try to delet this actually, so ... It isn't a random event. If someone want help me to finish this, I ok with that.
  13. Yeah, it won't inclued in the future, and sorry for the CKAN user (I don't use CKAN so, sorry)
  14. I know this @linuxgurugamer but there was a bug at this moment with your pseudo
  15. Maybe, for the moment, @silentvelcro explain me how canI do for create an animation, so I will try an see if that works. But thanks for the message linuxgurugamer
  16. KSI will update at the KSP 1.3.1 this week in the same time of Fenrir L(a)uncher pack. A french version will be add
  17. No probleme @Jimbodiah, but for the name, in SpaceDock it is a bad write of me.
  18. Is suppose to be a launcher like you say, but i dicided to delete the "a" for a friend Who don't really like the english, like this, for him, it is better. Don t try to understand. And i am the creator i can what i want ; )
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