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  1. I'm having a little difficulty understanding how this works outside of perfect keostationary orbits too. Setting up a mun relay network, 4 satellites at 250km orbits. Used resonant orbit calculator and mechjeb to get them fairly evenly space. How does one use this mod now to keep them from drifting closer/further as their orbits are not perfectly the same? Or is that possible? My last run through I used hyper edit to set the orbits perfect and just forced myself to not use it for anything else, but I like the idea of having it use the required fuel. TYIA.
  2. Are there any contract packs that work with latest release?
  3. It seems when I assemble the OTAV with its winglets deployed and then retract them on the launch pad, it flies like a champ, but when I hit the launch pad with everything retracted or in "launch configuration" when I deploy it spins and nose dives. I will look into this and experiment some more, make sure I'm not doing something wrong.
  4. Any tips on flying the OTAV? Everything I try it just nose dives or wants to spins like a top.
  5. Hey just an FYI the SM Statics dropbox link is dead.
  6. Yep that's what I seem to be finding. I'm willing to learn/help make some compatibility changes assuming its permitted by the contract authors.
  7. So I have found that while stock contracts appear to be working (I don't play with them normally), addon contract packs largely do not work. I've looked around at the .CFGs and most of them call for Kerbin, some of them spawn in things that probably wouldn't be in the right place anyways (is your KSC in the same coordinates? Not sure how that all works). I have some that rely on KerbinSide which I was obviously not expecting to work. I have a progression pack that calls for the 4th planet from the sun for some flyby/base building/rover contracts, which is normally Duna but not anymore, so its asking you to send a rover to the planet you're already on lol. I think I can get most of them to work by editing the planet name but the contracts that spawn in things will probably be above my immediate skill level (willing to learn though!). Also any contract that require use of the island airstrip is of course also broken. I'll try to learn how some of this works and make patches if I can figure out how to use KerbalKonstructs maybe even get kerbin-side bases placed somewhere? I dunno.
  8. Haha, Home* planet. Epic typo sorry I'm loading it now and checking it out... there were some contract packs that stopped working with other planet mods that change the home planet, the BD armory missions that spawn in a bunch of stuff to shoot at come to mind. I'll let you know what I discover after the game loads. I'm running around 120 mods so I'll see you sometimes next week.
  9. Is the new how planet going to break contracts or mess up career progression?
  10. Are you using Fuel Wings and tweak-scaling them down? I have discovered this does not work and the craft will shake itself to pieces.
  11. A list of working contract packs would be nice... also some new bases like kerbinside.
  12. With the latest release of KW rocketry (graduated thrust) and the latest versions of Real Fuels and the stockalike configs, all KW engines explode upon separation, I've tested this at altitude under load as well as just running them on the launch pad and then staging them off. SRBs explode and any parts attached fall to the ground, liquid engines explode and the tank falls to the ground. I have tested this with several different decouplers and at different ejection forces (including 0). Even at 0 speed with the main tank attached to a launch clamp, staging and decoupling a part of the ship that has a KW engine will cause that engine to explode, no other parts of that stage are effected.
  13. Does anyone know where this giant DME gauge is from? I have a heavily modified 1.2.2 install going on, this appears in the root part of any craft I make when I turn interior overlay on. It also appears around kerbals in EVA, positioned horizonally and at their waste, but only with JSI Advanced Transparent Pods. I've been looking through mod folders for a texture or something to identify its origin but I'm coming up empty handed. Any help would be greatly appreciated! TiA Here it is in a fuel tank, after switching the root part.