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  1. Dear Everyone, This may be the wrong place to ask this but, here I go, I have been trying to download GPP and I followed the directions that Galileo posted and the game won't load, a pop up shows up with a link that I go to and download GPP_Textures and when I load the game up it doesn't load.https://imgur.com/a/BIDni Here is a screenshot Sincerely, Mk3 Maniac.
  2. Cone gets devoured by one very hungry exogorth.
  3. Krakenfront 2 is destroyed by a angry video game nerd.
  4. Dear Everyone Does anyone know what causes textures to magically disappear!? I have been having issues recently with the surface and atmosphere, the surface of the planets appear to fly away leaving squares of emptiness. Here are screenshots of what happened and the mods I have installed. wye84 Sincerely Mk3 Maniac.
  5. Dear Spricigo I have updated my question with these thoughts in mind. Sincerely Mk3 Maniac
  6. Dear Aegolius13 I updated my question with a craft file and Pictures! Sincerely, Mk3 Maniac
  7. Dear Shadoxfilms I actually Prefer to go on a slightly realistic approach and not use a IRSU. And to everyone else I also like to use a Mk3 SSTO because they can carry small rovers. Sincerely, Mk3 Maniac.
  8. Dear Everyone, I am wondering how to get to eeloo, I have made SSTOs that can make it to orbit with 6,900 meters a second in orbit, some with even over 7,000. The problem is landing, some of these crafts weigh around 350 or 400 tons, some 300 ton SSTOs have 3 nervas. The crafts I have created can't land on the Mun, what should I do to guarantee that the next SSTO I make will land on Eeloo. But another question I have is do I have to sacrifice delta V to land on Eeloo? Also I if you are wondering why I am using Mk3 parts, there is two reasons, the first reason is the mk3 cargo bay, it can
  9. Dear Everyone This challenge is old but I will still post my design! Here are is my proof, over 7,000 meters a second of delta V! Craft File:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3I_z4W2q1AGZVh6aDFiNkc3X0U/view?usp=sharing Sincerely Mk3 Maniac
  10. Dear Everyone, On the topic of SSTOs does more rapiers help provide more delta V? Cause more rapiers the faster you travel through the atmosphere and the more speed you can gain in the upper atmosphere, but then again if you are making that SSTO a interplanetary craft the more rapiers the more wasted delta V you will end up having, but then again the less rapiers the more fuel you have to burn at sea level to gain speed to climb effectively! So which is better, more fuel less rapiers or less fuel more Rapiers OR more fuel more rapiers, I hope this question can help me and possibly others
  11. Dear Everyone, I need some advice on gravity assists, I have already tried twice to get a correct encounter from Pol to Tylo to Tylo to Kerbin. Whenever I get out of Jool's Sphere on influence the craft always going the wrong direction. At what time and place does the moons need to align to guarantee that my ssto will go the right direction back to Kerbin. Sincerely Mk3 Maniac.
  12. I did not specify what I meant by using the oxidizer tanks, the oxidizer is for keeping the craft stable during normal flight, I have edited my question to represent this. I have edited the ship a bit, here is the result. I simply removed some intakes.
  13. Dear Everyone, I have created this beast, big ,slightly excessive this craft could use some improvement. The unnecessary oxidizer tanks are there to make the craft stable when taking off by moving oxidizer towards the back while leaving the front empty, so it can be stable when drained of fuel and filled with fuel. I haven't tested it yet, but I hope for good advice from the KSP community. So what Improvements can I make to improve the range and maneuverability. This craft "should" be Laythe Capable Here is a picture Sincerely Mk3 Maniac
  14. Dear Everyone, I have made an SSTO that lands on Laythe. I want to land it somewhere else in the Jool system like Val, or even somewhere like Eeloo , but the Nerve engines have to rely on the closed cycle of the rapiers The craft weighs about 300 tons. So my question is how many more Nerves does the craft need? One? Two? Three? Please give me advice oh good KSP community! Sincerely: Mk3 Maniac
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