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  1. Hello All. Just a planning question I think? At what altitude does the upper atmosphere start on Duna?
  2. Probably not well. No radiators, except on the solar panels. Multiple antennas, Lab, Hitchhiker Pod, a couple of 2 kerbal lander pods, a cupola. Its a science station put into solar orbit for a contract and I want to do a "close approach" for some extra science. Just looking for a ball park number here...
  3. Hello to you all. Hope everyone has had a good night, been a while since I have had any questions. However, as you can tell from the title, I want to know what is the closest you can get to the Kerbin Sun without burning up?
  4. Well that's a pain in a little green Kerbal's backside. Such a minor design flaw. Thanks for the help guys. Not what I wanted to hear, but...
  5. Well, I re-extended the landing legs and they are about 1/4 Kerbal height from touching the ground as the drilling process is running. I had raised them after deploying the drills because the drills lifted it off the surface. So, what your saying is I am going to have to reposition the drills that much up or the gears that much down?
  6. Hello All. I have established a mining operation on Minmus. I have 4 drills going on the craft with 4 medium thermal control systems cooling the units, and everything looks like it is running smoothly. However, when I go to leave the operation and head back to the tracking station, or anywhere else for that matter, it tells me that I am on a collision course and cannot leave without reverting back to a previous save. Anybody got an answer to this problem? Here is a picture of my setup:
  7. Sorry to annoy you...I thought it looked cool.
  8. Got a math question for those more intelligent than me. I am trying to transfer fuel from my refueling station to another vessel. I don't want to "fill er' up", I just want to transfer enough to get to where I am going. I also don't want to over or under estimate the amount of oxidizer I need compared to the liquid fuel. Can someone give me the math, or direct me in the right direction, to figure up the liquid fuel to oxidizer mix ratio?
  9. I have had this same problem in the past. Would you by chance be using a design that has 3 boosters and 3 tail stabilizer fins? If so, I found that adding a 4th of each of these, to make the craft more symmetrical, tends to stabilize the annoying roll you mentioned and made the launches much smoother, and a little more efficient since your not having to make adjustments the whole time. This is just from my experience, I am also no prodigy.
  10. Hello to you all an this Monday morning. I hope everyone had a pleasant weekend. I have an unusual question, perhaps bug, I need answered or pointed in the right direction for. I have a contract to put a satellite in a designated orbit around Minmus. The satellite I dispatched for this contract is called Minmus Satellite IV. While in route to Minmus to complete the contract another contract became available to alter the orbit of Minmus Satellite IV that was orbiting Kerbin to a different, and outlandish, orbit of Kerbin. Is this a glitch? It's asking me to change a orbit on a satellite that isn't even in a completed position yet. If it's not a glitch, what's the reason for this? I have had other contracts to alter orbits on satellites, but they have been satellites that have been in set positions for some time. I am slightly confused about this and could use a pointer or two. Do I accept the new contract? Do I decline it?
  11. Excellent! Thanks for all the info @bewing, once again you have been truly helpful.
  12. Sorry, one last question @bewing, is there a certain place along the polar orbit that the scan should be done, or, does it matter?
  13. Ok. Then I have a few follow up questions @bewing. 1. What is the significance of the different percentage cutoffs for the different color maps? 2. The ore reading is 4.46%, does that mean that's the entire percentage of ore on the planet? 3. What about other resources, or is ore the only thing that there is?
  14. Good day to you all. I am in the process of deploying orbital survey scanners into polar orbits over all 3 of the Kerbin celestial bodies. I have one each heading towards the Mun and Minmus, but the one for Kerbin is completely setup at 750 KM and have conducted my scan and received 10 science points. My questions are 1: What are the significances of the different color maps? (i.e monochrome, inverse, heat green, heat blue) 2: How do I interpret where the resources are? 3: What I am I doing wrong? 4: Can more the one scan be done?
  15. Thanks guys, and especially you @bewing, you have really helped me out a bunch with all my trivial questions, I really appreciate it. Makes the game more fun when you have people like you guys explaining things that I can't figure out on my own. Kudos!
  16. Ok, @FancyMouse and @bewing, would tracking 648 asteroids have anything to do with it?
  17. Hello all. When I first started my career if I didn't ejected my stages or other disposable parts properly that they would stay in orbit as debris. Now, I know that you can terminate those parts in the tracking station, but, in order to have more realism I chose to leave those parts floating about. However, I have noticed recently that when I eject parts from my spacecraft that should stay in orbit they have been just disappearing after a bit. Have I accidently change some kind of parameter in my game or is this some kind of bug? If this is something I accidently changed can someone tell me how to change it back? It would actually make for some nice self made missions to go retrieve those parts, now that I know how to do that.
  18. Thanks for the info. I didn't know how to read that so I wasn't really paying attention. Much appreciated.
  19. Hello again everyone. Quick question. Will a medium thermal control system sufficiently cool a convert-o-tron 250 or does it need the larger model?
  20. "Yes I am a pirate, 200 years to late.  The cannons don't thunder, there is nothing to plunder, I'm an over 40 victim of fate..."  Jimmy Buffet

  21. I rolled over it while on the crawlerway. I just didn't backup before I did the screenshot.
  22. On this topic I would also like to pose a question. The holding tanks do not mention a weight when the containers are full. So, how much does the ore weigh per unit? I have a contract to extract ore, but it doesn't say anything about having to process it. Is it feasible to extract say 1500 units of ore and return it to Kerbin? Her is a picture of my intended mining craft:
  23. Not really a question, merely an observance of a total eclipse from the Astronaut Complex on Kerbin:
  24. Hello again fellow Kerbals. I have a rover that I have been testing around the KSC and I have been trying to learn how to use the Kernet aboard my Rovemate. I have located a "?" mark on the Kerbnet that when I am on top of it just happens to sit right in the middle of my crawlerway. My questions are: 1. How do I interpret this map? 2. How do I figure out what the question mark is? 3. What can I do with this info? Here is a picture:
  25. Thank you @bewing. That's what I have been trying to figure out! I.ve been under the assumption that you had to plan this all out from one maneuver from Kerbin. Now it makes sense. Plan several out along the flight path to your destination. Also, thanks to the rest for the valuable input. I will take a look at @PLAD post history as @HebaruSan suggested as well. It was all much appreciated.
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