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  1. And now for something that irritates me: it is grammatically incorrect to use the word "they/them" when referring to a single individual. Like it or not, the grammatical rule is to use "he" when the gender is unknown. This has been "Grammar OCD with Carrot". Tune in next time to see me discuss my opinion on misplaced modifiers.
  2. I would never read Emiko in class because the school blocks Imgur so I can't see the images!
  3. Well, we may need some people to control them... sure!
  4. Well, I'd probably team up with @Just Jim and go for conquering the galaxy....
  5. Mrcarrot

    I'm joining the Squad Team!!!

    It is already, isn't it? Anyway, congrats! I hope you can assist the team and make sure we never have a release with as many bugs as 1.4 again
  6. Hmm.... you apparently did the same thing I did with the wings there... I saw an LFO option and went for it.
  7. Sees awesome SSTO Fires up KSP That thing was just too cool not to replicate....
  8. Mrcarrot

    How do YOU launch?

    Z, T, Space, in that order.
  9. Mrcarrot

    Kopernicus and 1.4.4

    Can confirm that Kopernicus is version-locked. It does that to prevent bugs in versions it wasn't built for.
  10. Mrcarrot

    What game mode do you prefer?

    Depending on what kind of mood I'm in, I'll usually play either career or sandbox. I don't think I've touched science mode since 0.90 was still the latest version...
  11. It's in the Windows 10 Game Bar (Win + G for those who are curious)
  12. Mrcarrot

    Frame drop

    Oh, I can tell you why that is... Surface Mounted Stockalike Lights uses a not-very-system-resource-friendly rendering system, and it gets worse with more lights.
  13. Yet another incredible chapter from one of the best writers on or off these forums.