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  1. Mrcarrot

    what linux distro do you use?

    My machine primarily runs Windows 10, but I have partitioned off about 200 GiB to run Ubuntu. I also have a Raspberry Pi, which used to run Raspbian but now is set up for Windows 10 IoT core(it was for a specific project).
  2. No glaring issues were found with the 0.1.4 prerelease, so we decided to move it into release. Same link as ever. Changelog:
  3. Try going to The link in the thread only shows the latest stable, not prereleases.
  4. 0.1.4 is now out in prerelease. Get it from GitHub! Same link as ever. I hope we didn't horribly screw up anything this time
  5. Mrcarrot

    A farewell is necessary!

    Sad to see it. I did a double take when I saw this in my notifications. May you grace some other community they way you did ours.
  6. Mrcarrot

    Sideloading Mods?

    Looks to me like that's just for UWP apps. KSP doesn't run on UWP. I don't think it'll work. However, this is purely speculation, and I may be entirely wrong.
  7. Mrcarrot

    the world beyond or kerbal star systems?

    KSS looks quite good if you can handle the system requirements and if you like a ton of eyecandy. If you don't fill both of these, go for TWB.
  8. And now, after much testing and evaluation of errors, we decided to completely scrap Epochon. It was causing problems. Available now on GitHub and Spacedock.
  9. I uploaded the Doodlebug, which requires a custom mod I made, available here. Also, @roboslacker, I added Kerbin Station in an edit to my earlier post.
  10. Here are a few:
  11. Ouch, looks like I need to get back in the game as far as replicas go... literally.
  12. If anyone's interested, my Thompberry(which is just about identical in appearance to the current one in the story) is here.
  13. Not quite... Go into the "Advanced Filters" section of the parts list and the old ones will appear, plain as day...