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  1. Put the files in the download in GameData. You will need
  2. KSP Weekly: Starman to Ceres

    Unity 2017. (I know this isn't the latest weekly, just answering the question)
  3. Planet texture.

    I have uploaded a zip archive with all of the maps in png form here:
  4. Planet texture. Let me know if you need these as png.
  5. How badly do the stock planets need a retexture?

    I agree, the stock planets have been in need of a retexture since they came out. My main focus, however, is Jool. I can create a texture that (in my opinion) looks better than Stock Jool in ~20 minutes. Why can't Squad?
  6. KSP Challenge: Visit Eve's atmosphere!

    Hmmm... I see.... well, I'm terrible at interplanetary voyages, so we'll see... Also, first!
  7. KSP Challenge: Lithobraking!

    Badges have been sent out to all submissions I could find/remember. @Casualnaut, as said before, you will be receiving your badge as soon as your images are up, but I will allow you to take all the time you need.
  8. KSP Challenge: Lithobraking!

    Sorry, the 10 points for <150 m/s are only for ships that are destroyed in the crash, so, 65 points!
  9. Planet texture.

    If you mean that you want maps like that of the stock planets, I recommend checking out You can find all of the textures there.
  10. KSP Challenge: Lithobraking!

    Tomorrow at about 16:00 UTC, we will begin sending badges. You will be able to pick between the badges by @DiscoSlelge and @cratercracker.
  11. Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    Gets back after school "Hey, Dad, what's that game?" 3 and a half years later, I'm still playing it.
  12. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. The computer crashed in the '90s. I wish I had a better graphics card.
  13. Rephrase the scentence above. Let‘s see where we get.

    Those who assist with keeping this website.... uh, whatever it is they do.... are transporting organs that would otherwise be in the cranial cavities of people or animals.
  14. Make a wish... and have it horribly corrupted!

    Granted. You have half the skills of a modder who happens to be an awesome person, but is not great at the modding part. I wish for a powered robot.