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  1. Blender Planet Pack Development Thread

    @Cabbink- Ira needs the cbNameLater field under "name" or people will be getting contracts to "Explore Furia" and go like, "What the Kraken is Furia?" and annoy you about it.
  2. Planet Overhaul Dev Thread

    I am, with great pleasure, able to announce that this mod will (somewhat) function, and the homeworld exists. Unfortunately, the only reason I know this is because the main menu doesn't load if your homeworld doesn't exist.
  3. Kounter-Kerbin Development Thread

    Okay. If you want, I have it, I can calculate them for you.
  4. I think he means the future of the planet Kerbin, literally future Kerbin.
  5. Google Picture War RELOADED

    Whatever that is, this view is better:
  6. [1.3][1.2.2]MoonReorganizer 0.6

    View from above Pol:
  7. I get it, this is not really relevant to this thread, but:
  8. Blender Planet Pack Development Thread

    @Cabbink- I have found a little bug, easily fixed. Put displayName in the "Properties" node of everything in this pack. (The bug is in the name displayed by the experiment window, look closely)
  9. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Ah. So no Daily Kerbal challenges, or what?
  10. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Is the fact that you cannot see whether a mod is online from his/her profile page intentional?
  11. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    So you're a modderator? Not a typo
  12. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Is there anything you can't do that regular users can? e.g. posting Mods(add-ons), fan works, etc.
  13. [v0.2.5] Outer Space [KSP 1.3 Planet Pack]

    @GenesisPlayz how far are you towards a 0.3 release?
  14. [1.3][1.2.2]MoonReorganizer 0.6

    I forgot to include license and readme in the 0.6 download, so now, for a limited time, a small surprise in current downloads! Get it now, while supplies last! MiniAVC will not detect this special package, so get it now!