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  1. Thanks! I have now released 1.0.5... I appear to have done as I have all too often in the past, and released something without properly testing it. Hopefully all the bugs are fixed now.
  2. No, it was not. Looks like I should be more careful with these things. I've now published a much smaller update that fixes that and brings the .version file up-to-date.
  3. After over a year of dormance, I decided to publish another update. It includes the fix for TAC Life Support suggested by @boribori, and the mod now officially supports 1.8.1.
  4. Banned for saying 3 dot when you have 4.
  5. I recently had an idea for a KSP story, and decided to try it out. I'm not sure how far it'll go, but I've got sufficient material for at least a few chapters. Without further ado, here's a little prologue, to establish the backstory.
  6. With a neat little segue in that explains why exactly everything is different now
  7. I was going to say something about that, this title seems to match the latter instead.
  8. This Boss guy is giving me some 2nd-Dimension Doofenschmirtz vibes... I predict he's missing an eye.(Based on his desire for complete control and his robot army)
  9. For whatever reason, I really like... toast. It's an opinion leave me alone
  10. This mod has been abandoned for a year and some months, please do not expect us to pick up where we left off(Heck, I'm not even sure if Cabbink is active anymore). It's a dead mod, and if you really want to revive it(I'd suggest not, I'm the main contributor and have since acknowledged that all of the things I made for this pack suck) you can. Just read the MIT license first.
  11. This would be cool if I routinely used maneuvers... All the same, I'm sure plenty of people will be happy with it!
  12. Checks By some crazy coincidence, I joined here two years ago to the day as of writing this post... not gonna lie... I was not expecting that. Anyway, congratulations to you!
  13. Er... well...4 dots aren't so bad... I guess... Anyway, congratulations!
  14. 20(+1) As an inherent hater of negative numbers, I had no choice but to choose positive.