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  1. Awesome! Looks like I know what I'm going to do roughly 1.5 weeks from now...
  2. Mrcarrot

    Solar System Backstories

    Well, I don't think OPM requires a backstory, and GPO already has one...
  3. Ah, but there could have been a species there before the krakens came...
  4. Not if Jeb's your test pilot like he is for me...
  5. An excellent chapter, and well worth the wait. As always, you continue to amaze us with clever writing and plot twists. Thanks for making my night more fun!
  6. If I understand it correctly, any mission pack node detected in the GameData folder (even in the stock mission pack cfg) that is not from SQUAD is deleted and added to a Custom_MissionPacks cfg in the expansion's mission folder.
  7. It does require a bit of know-how, but one can quite easily create it as a config file- see GameData/SquadExpansion/MakingHistory/Missions/MissionPacks.cfg for a guide.
  8. It should be... but in this story, things are often far different from how they should be.
  9. It's definitely interesting enough that I want more...
  10. Mrcarrot

    KSP Future DLC Ideas

    Why would SQUAD make us pay for something that mods can do- and shouldn't have to do? The planets in KSP have been in need of an art pass since they were released in their current state.