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  1. Version 0.1.1 has been released. Changelog: * Fix load failure due to malformed MM patch
  2. Mrcarrot

    How famous are you?

    10/10 Why hello there...
  3. Mrcarrot

    Mastodon Engines on Eve

    Let me see here... The Mastodon's Atmosphere Curve: atmosphereCurve { key = 0 290 key = 1 280 key = 9 0.001 }
  4. A simple MapDecal could do this quite easily...
  5. Mrcarrot

    Does KSP have a time limit?

    A double works both ways...
  6. And it looks like you're 2-for-2 with amazing mods so far...
  7. Mrcarrot

    G'day from THEdragon

    Welcome to the forums!
  8. Mrcarrot

    [1.4.x] NovaPunch Rebalanced - Out of Beta

    Must have forgotten the details then. In any case, I didn't find the mod until it was already several versions obsolete, so I never got to try it.
  9. Mrcarrot

    Weather Chat Megathread

    How to describe the last three weeks: rain. Rain. Rain. I'm not entirely certain MInnesota has not been moved to Britain.
  10. Mrcarrot

    The Ctrl+V thread!

    -18 1i 18 1i 1i 1s 26 1s 2g 26 2q 2g 3e 2g 3o 26 4c 26 4m 1s 50 1i 5a 18 5k u 68 k 6i a 76 a 7q a 84 0 8e -a 92 -a 9c 0 9m -a a0 -a aa 0 ak -a b8 -a bs -a cg -a,d4 a do a ec a em k f0 u fa 18 fk 1s g8 1s gi 26 gs 2g hg 2g hq 2q ie 2q io 34 j2 3e jc 3o jm 42 k0 4c kk 4m l8 4m,ls 4m m6 50 mq 50 n4 5a no 5a o2 5a om 5a p0 50 pk 50 pu 4m q8 4c qs 4c r6 42 rq 42 se 3o t2 3o tm 3o ua 3o uk 3e v8 3e vi 3o vs 3e 10q 34 11e 34 122 34 12m 34 130 34 13k 34 13u 34 148 2q 14s 2g 156 26 15q 2g 164 26 16e 1s 172 1i 17m 1s 18a 1s 18k 1i 198 18 19i u 1a6 u 1aq u 1be u 1bo k 1c2 a 1cc 0 1d0 0 1dk 0 1du 0 1ei 0 1es -a 1f6 -k 1fq -k 1ge -a 1go 0 1hc 0 1hm -a 1ia -a 1ik -k 1iu -u 1ji -u 1k6 -u 1kg -k 1l4 -k 1lo -k 1mc -k 1mm -a 1na -a 1nu -a 1oi -a 1os -k 1p6 -u 1pq -u 1qe -u,1cc 0 1d0 0 1dk 0 1du 0,ls 4m l8 4m,cq -a d4 0 d4 a,cq -a cg -a,-3e -68 -3e -5k -3e -50 -3e -4c -3e -3o,-3e -50 -34 -4m -2q -4c -2g -42 -2g -3o,-3e -68 -34 -5u -2q -68 -2g -5u -2g -5a -2q -50 -3e -50,-1i -68 -1s -5u -1s -5a -1s -4m -26 -42 -1s -3o -18 -3o -k -3o -k -4c -k -50 -k -5k -u -5u -18 -68 -1i -6i -1s -68 -1s -5u,k -68 a -5u 0 -5k 0 -50 0 -4c a -42 a -3o,1i -68 18 -5u 18 -5a 18 -4m 18 -42 18 -3o,26 -5u 1s -5k 1i -5a 18 -50 1i -4c 1s -42 1s -3o,2q -68 34 -5u 3e -5k 3o -5u 42 -68,3e -5k 34 -5a 3e -50 3e -4c 3e -3o,4m -3o 5a -5u 68 -3o 76 -5k 7q -42,92 -5k 84 -5a 84 -42 9c -42 92 -5k,a0 -5k a0 -4c aa -42 ak -4c ak -5k,au -42 au -5k bi -42 bi -5k,c6 -5k c6 -42,bs -5k cg -5k,cq -42 do -5k ec -42,d4 -4m e2 -4m,f0 -5k f0 -42,em -5k fa -5k,em -42 fa -42,fk -42 fk -5k g8 -42 g8 -5k,h6 -5k h6 -4c h6 -42,h6 -5k hq -5k hq -50 h6 -50,i4 -42 io -5k jc -42,ie -4m j2 -4m,kk -5k jm -5a ka -50 jm -4c,li -5k ku -50 li -4m kk -4c#-18 k -u a -k 0 -a -a a -k u -k 1i -k 1s -a 26 0 2g a 34 a 3o a 42 0 4c -a 4m -k 5a -u 5u -u 6i -18 76 -18 7q -u 8e -u 8o -18 9c -18 9m -1i a0 -1s ak -1s b8 -1s bs -1s cg -26 cq -1s d4 -1i de -18 e2 -18 ec -u f0 -u fk -u g8 -u gi -k gi -a gs 0 h6 a hq a ie k ie 18 io 1i jc 1s k0 26 kk 26 ku 2g li 2g ls 2q mg 2q mq 34 ne 34 no 3e o2 3o om 3o pa 3e pu 3o qi 3e r6 3e rq 3e s4 34 so 34 tc 34,4c -a 50 -a 50 0 5a -a 5k -a 5u -k 68 -a 6i -k 76 -k 7q -k 7q -u,cq -a d4 0 d4 a,tm 26 ua 26 uu 26 vi 26 106 26 10g 2g 114 2g 11o 2g 12c 2g 130 2g 13k 2g 148 2g 14s 2g,15q 26 15q 1i 164 18 16e u 172 u 17c k 180 k 18k k 198 k 19s k 1ag k 1aq a 1be a 1bo 0 1cc 0 1cm -a 1cm -u 1d0 -18 1dk -18 1e8 -18 1es -1i 1fg -1i 1g4 -1i 1go -1i 1hc -1i,15q 26 15g 26,156 26 15g 26,tm 26 tm 2q tc 34,c6 -1s cq -1s,c6 -1s bs -1s,0 -a a 0 u -a 18 0 1i 0 1s -a,0 -a -a 0 -a -a#C 6s 0,C f0 0,C 130 2q,T 9c 0,T aa 0,T fk 1i,T m6 4m,T vi 3o,T 156 1s,T 180 1i,T 1ag k,T 1s0 -k,O 1qo -k,O 1rc -a,O 1sk -a,O 1t8 -k,O 1u6 -k,O 1uq -k,O 1ve -k,O 202 -k,O 20m -k,O 21a -k,C 1dk -a
  11. Mrcarrot


  12. Mrcarrot

    [1.4.x] NovaPunch Rebalanced - Out of Beta

    Oh, I've seen this! Too bad I didn't get the game until 0.25, so I never got a chance to try this mod. I'm looking forward to doing so. Good luck!
  13. From what I've read of what you've written, I don't think you'll have much trouble getting anything published if you do finish it...
  14. It's a stock mechanic that(as far as I know) is used by only modders. If I understand correctly, modders have to use parts as a sort of "visual aid" to represent these upgrades. These parts are usually unusable(not available in career). The complaint is that these parts still use up system resources, and should be better optimized.
  15. Mrcarrot

    You have just bought 6 seats on the BFR luna flyby

    I'd agree there... playing KSP while actually IN SPACE sounds like about the coolest thing that anyone would have done since actually setting foot on the moon.