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  1. Thanks guys! These are all very good suggestions - especially the one about the TCA mod. Sounds like what I have been doing is ABOUT right without this one. And yes I have done at least a dozen attempts so far (maybe even 2 dozen!) I realized that what I need is the equivalent to the "altitude hold" feature in Orbiter. Raise the Skycrane just enough about the, say 3-4m, then hold this altitude and with SAS in Normal Out. I scaled back the max thrust of each of the 4 corner thrusters to 10% to give even more precise control. I then use RCS thrusters to position in XY to be centered o
  2. Hello, I have been playing KSP now for a couple of years. Just started a new career after my last one basically "Saturated" with science. Anyways, I am trying to accomplish one of those "Recover Part XYZ from the surface of MUN" missions. I recall experiencing similar frustrations back 2 years ago trying to do this mission type. I recall I used something like a Skycrane to snag the part using a downward facing Claw. But I do recall it was VERY hard to center the Skycrane or simply control it with sufficient fine control to actually accomplish the grab. Even in free space I find
  3. Is this the right place to ask specific questions about add on Spacecraft. For example ones downloaded from KerbalX?
  4. Not sure if this is the right place in Forums to pose this question (moderator - please feel free to move this!) I recently downloaded the X-51 Hyperion III from Kerbal-X. Its truly a beautiful craft and I (barely) managed to fly her into LKO under manual control. Used up quite a bit of fuel along the way mind you. And in the words of Mattingley from Apollo 13 "Sorry Guys, my burn rate was too high...I'd like to run the sim again". Seriously, though, I have oddles of questions on how best to use the X-51, especially the Eve Lander which comes pre-loaded in the cargo bay. Is t
  5. I checked that link but it shows Kerbin by default. I'm viewing using my cellphone, I assume on proper PC I'll be able to switch to Eve? I have a new Satellite in orbit of Eve with the full suite of SCANsat sensors so will know quite soon where I'll be landing my manned lander which expected to arrive there soon! Cheers, Jon
  6. Thanks for the very detailed help and ideas. With all your help I was able to adjust my Jupiter 6 heavy booster to work properly. The problem was the use of those radial hydraulic separators with the larger fuel tanks and the " boar" twin engines as the boosters. Seems the boosters were permanently attached even though I was careful to move them out radially to leave a gap. Visually it looked right but obviously the simulation still considered them attached. Switching to the TT-70s (2 for each) worked well and,also made for very clean separations in most cases. A possible future tweak wi
  7. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try these out tonight and back to you with the results. Is there a special trick to attaching things like the craft file ( or even screenshots) in this forum. I tried do this several weeks ago on another matter but never did get pictures to attach properly!
  8. Hi folks, I'm currently having problems setting up asparagus staging for big boosters ( for heavy lifting off Kerbin). I'm running the most recent version of KSP in Career mode. I've carefully setup to pairs of boosters around a large central core ( core is the huge four engine cluster with two large ranks above. Each booster is one if those twin engines with orange large tank an cone. I'm using a single large hydraulic decoupler roughly at the mass center of the boosters. I set up the asparagus staging using those yellow ducts to plumb from Paul 1 to pair 2 then into the cor
  9. Hey Guys, Thanks for the validation! I was going crazy trying to find Scott Manley's 11km high plateau! I'll try that Mod and see if I can find an equivalent high flat spot now!
  10. Hi Guys, I'm planning for a manned (Kerballed?) mission to Eve, which will involve landing and (hopefully) returning to Kerbin. I already have an unmanned probe in Orbit over Eve, trying to scope out a good landing spot. I'm trying to follow a guide/video on a suggested landing spot that has a high elevation. There is a video by Scott Manley (Youtube) showing a landing on a 11km high plateau located at about 88deg 23min W x 12degS. But when I overfly that location now (I'm in career mode on V1.3.1) I don't see this at all. Scott's video seems to match a topographic map I foun
  11. Thanks for your advice. I actually do have a screenshot but haven't figured out how to attach it to a post here! Anyways, the basic problem is I can't get my two rovers to "stick together" via their attachment nodes (all are Docking Port Jrs). Even though this works fine in live running tests. I'm simply trying to figure out a safe way to package two of these bad boys in a single payload to send to Duna.
  12. I spent a very frustrating 1-2 hours last night struggling with the building editor and realize perhaps I need some help! I'm running the most recent KSP version, in Career mode. I've experienced the problems I had last night on and off these past months but last night was the real kicker. I'm trying to assemble a Rover payload to send to Duna. I'm more or less folllowing one of the Modular Base Building tutorials like on YouTube. I gave up try to use the "bottom carrier" style of.rover since I experienced very strange (and violent! ) problems involving try to position the ro
  13. I've had similar problems while doing Base building tests at my nearby Kerbal test site (I test modular construction tech always on ground before wasting time launching to moons/duna/etc). Sometimes just toggling the brakes (B key) seems to "wake up" one of.my rovers after undocking it. Also, I suggest you always test your cargo-rover payload deployment at launch pad to make sure it works OK before committing to a mission. Generally, I've found that if things work ok in Kerbal gravity (meaning rover can separate from cargo pod in a non destructive manner) they should be ok in lower
  14. Is this Modular Base kit still compatible with the latest KSP? How do I download the *.zip file? The link in the original post from 2013 appears to be "stale" (no server found)?
  15. On KSP, where can you find extremely precise orbital position definitions in game? I'm trying to figure out how to time my interplanetary mission ejection burns precisely. For example, the interactive calculator (I'm using the Illustrated one) provide very precise phase and ejection burn angles say for a typical Kerbin LEO to Duna of 44.36 deg and 150.91deg. But how can you be that precise?! Clearly just "eyeballing" such things in the normal tracking station or map view can never achieve this sort of accuracy? Note I have experience playing Orbiter, which did provide such positional
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