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  1. I cant seem to find an area to resize the app after it randomly resizes itself. Also why cant people name things what they are called....kerbal alarm clock is triggerautech or some such?
  2. I think it has a lot to do with the 10% core heat transfer rate, not sure why that's there but it is. So you need 10x the amount of radiator if you use the amount of heat radiated number. So a rad that states 200kW of radiating ability will only move 20kW of core heat.
  3. I don't know why, but I keep coming back to KSPI to try to get a grip on it's mechanics, and fail every time. The more I play with it the more it seems to be an exercise in radiator spamming. I have a few questions about beamed power. What is "moisture modifier" and how is it controlled? Does it finally keep climbing until the transmitter no longer functions? What is "Wall to beam power"? It looks like some sort of power indicator, but how can we find out what it will be before building a rather expensive transmitter that doesn't work? Is it just the MJ supply that keeps my transmitters from operating at their stated power level? Or is it that I need to spam yet more radiators to my beam craft? Also I have noticed that just using the "long infrared" wavelength setting I get a few different numbers for atmospheric and moisture absorption and efficiency. Shouldn't the same wavelength have the same properties coming out of different producers? I am comparing the Diode Laser Array and the Diode Infrared Beamed Power Laser both set to far infrared. I have read where you stated that wavelength matters for the distance between transmitter and receiver....any way to find out that info? Also I see sliders for some items like the super capacitor, but I don't really notice a difference between setting it fully to MJ or EC, it still stores both and discharges both for me. Also on some of the fuel tanks they have sliders, don't really see a difference there either. Anyway to get a KSPI lite? Just a simple and straight forward parts pack? I don't need 10 different reactors or 18 different beamed power things. Just enough to use the thermal engines and a simple beamed power grid. Sorry if it sounds like I am attacking you or the mod, I am surely not and it's not my intention, I just feel a bit frustrated by not understanding what makes the things in KSPI tick, other than spamming more radiators. Anyway thanks for a fun and super frustrating mod that has parts on all my craft
  4. Any way to do the same with a laser transmitter in space? I can't seem to get much in KSPI to perform near to what people are showing in their pics. Ok got it working some of the time, mostly...woo woo.
  5. They worked much better on the KSC launch pad and not in space. Also the ranger pack says something about using geothermal to cool, shouldn't work at all in space? Then again this heat thing is still a bit too far over my head, I just slap a crap ton of radiators on my ship till it doesn't explode too early
  6. I am trying to set up a test rig just to see what the ISRU is supposed to do and how to set it up. I am not having much success. First issue was the heat generated by the 1.25m fission reactor, at first I tried a bunch a radiators, silly me, which did a tremendously poor job of radiating the core heat from my reactor, so bad in fact that with 8 graphite double edge radiators I could only run the reactor at 17% in space or have it shut down due to core heat buildup. Then I tried a "Ranger" cooling module and that one module can cool 3 reactors running at 100%. Next issue was with Uraninite processing. The ISRU never goes into online mode but my container of Enriched uranium is going up and my uraninite is going down and I cannot see where the depleted uranium goes, I have a tank for it but that tank never fills. Also are the buttons in the "Refinery Window" supposed to do anything? No matter where I try to click them nothing happens, on Kerbin in space and the mun are where I have tried. Trying to love the nuclear, but its not working for me at this time Here is a picture of my test rig on the launch pad. http://imgur.com/IRUNeAN Not sure how to post inline pictures.