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  1. Yes it is a amazingly great game even with a bad port and yes I have learned a ton of things and how to do things. I totally agree with the knowledge I have learned that you totally can't do buy or pull out of a hat the only thing that hurts really is the lost space craft that I have designed to tell you the truth and the save kerbals and other then that. I'm totally a addicted to this game even with this set back and lost save I will play extremely enjoyable game for years to come I'm totally counting the days telling we get long waited update. Klesh thanks for your great answer's and reassurance I hope to see a multiplayer option one day I would totally fly with you anytime. Happy launching.
  2. Yes I totally agree with on that I invested a lot of time in the that career play is over 200 hours plus on my career game play talk about taking the wind out of your sails I had almost all the the science tree completed and the KSC fully upgraded I love this game even with this happened I will still play this game I can't wait for the update I hope it comes soon I wish we had a ballpark date for the update would be awesome
  3. Went to rusume my career play and all my career saves are just gone they just disappeared what the heck happened anyone have a answer for this this is the first time I have had any real problems with the saves on KSP
  4. Have a look at this article it pretty much somes it up for you on spec's and that PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S: Which console is better?
  5. Well being a xbox fan I would suggest the Xbox one s I like controler for the Xbox it way more comfortable spec's are pretty much the same me myself i have both consoles and I use my Xbox way more I have KSP for the Xbox one and I have not really had any problems with it I had one corrupted save but it was caused by mergeing space craft otherwise then that it works fine but it really up too you on what console you you want I hope this helps you out happy launching