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  1. If KSP2's ion engines have the same massively unrealistic thrust as the original, I'd be excited too. In the original KSP it's pretty easy to burn through a whole lot of xenon if you're insan- errr, inventive enough.
  2. This mod broke somewhere along the line. It needs to not be listed on CKAN for latest versions.
  3. Turns out I had the wrong version of SmokeScreen. Sorry for bugging you (no pun intended) regarding this.
  4. [EXC 21:59:55.861] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ModelMultiShurikenPersistFX.UpdateEmitters (Single power) ModelMultiShurikenPersistFX.OnEvent (Single power) ModelMultiShurikenPersistFX.OnEvent (Single power, Int32 transformIdx) EffectList.Event (System.String eventName, Single power, Int32 transformIdx) Part.Effect (System.String effectName, Single effectPower, Int32 transformIdx) SolverEngines.ModuleEnginesSolver.FXUpdate () SolverEngines.ModuleEnginesSolver.FixedUpdate () RealFuels.ModuleEnginesRF.FixedUpdate () Spammed every FixedU
  5. Any chance that playlists could have a configurable fade-out time? The snap cuts are a bit jarring and distracting; just maybe 0.5s-1s of fade depending on situation would make things much nicer.
  6. No idea where the best place to report this is, but my heavily-modded RSS-RO install randomly crashes in the KSC scene, and it looks like a Kopernicus error. Hard to tell what exactly is going on in the logs (can't even Pastebin and link the logs because they are exceedingly long), but at the end I always get this spam: (Filename: Line: -1) NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AtmosphereFromGround.UpdateAtmosphere (Boolean updateAll) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AtmosphereFromGround.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unkn
  7. No, those side boosters are side boosters. Soyuz has an upper stage (for which we have no good equivalent engine), a capsule (which we have no equivalent of, short of a round pod with a fairing stuck around half of it), and a bunch of other things we thankfully do have or can make. That aside, I would like to see some Proton-inspired radial fuel tanks, Buran-style Mk. 3 rounded tank butt with smaller engine mounts, Soyuz-like return capsules, RD-0110/0124 analogue, very long inter-diameter adapters (like N1 tanks), more sizes of hot-staging decoupler (not just a Russian thing!), and perhaps
  8. From the looks of things, not for a long time, if ever. If you want SSTU's excellent tank functionality in RSS-RO, though, it has been ported to a mod called ROTanks, which is now available.
  9. Trying to get KerbinSide (via CKAN) only caused my Kerbal Konstructs to become totally nonfunctional. The menu bar tile for the aeroplane utilities still came up, but crtl-K did not bring up a menu and my existing KK-placed test items vanished. I guess I'll try a manual install.
  10. Is Kerbal Konstructs no longer packaged with any of its own runways or other large objects? I downloaded it to try and alleviate the RSS-RO runway issues, only to find a list of useless stock runway models and a few would-be handy runway accessories in the list.
  11. Any chance an option could be added for minimum or maximum timewarp setting to play a given playlist? I play with Kerbal Construction Time (for Realism Overhaul) and having the system switching day/night KSC playlists constantly is both performance-intensive and annoying, and I ended up having to switch to a single playlist for day and night. Additionally, being able to play some effect or song while timewarping would be neat. Also, would fade-out/fade-in instead of an abrupt transition between playlists be possible?
  12. ...okay, after deleting the SSTU shader config file thing, things seem to be working rendering-wise! Now I'm just getting an SSTU-part-specific issue with the editor seizing up, but that's probably due to configs not supporting the new version properly and regardless not for this topic. Thanks a lot, either way.
  13. It would have come from me botching my install. I think I did some sort of lazy manual reinstall over a different version that I'd tried previously trying to troubleshoot a different problem... lol. Thanks for the pointer. I'll try this. EDIT: ...Errr, I'm not seeing any such folder in my Textures Unlimited. The only "SSTUShaders" I see is SSTUShaders.cfg - a file, not a folder. This isn't what you meant, is it?
  14. Well, we're in very unsupported, unknown territory, so I hardly expect any miracles here, but just in case, here you go: LINK to log I did notice this exception, if it is relevant: [ERR 13:03:06.197] [ModuleManager] Exception while calling TexturesUnlimitedLoader.ModuleManagerPostLoad() : [EXC 13:03:06.197] ArgumentException: An element with the same key already exists in the dictionary. System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2[System.String,KSPShaderTools.IconShaderData].Add (System.String key, KSPShaderTools.IconShaderData value) KSPShaderTools.TexturesUnlimitedLoader.buildShad
  15. ...Well, after quite a while more of experimentation, suddenly DX11 is magically working perfectly, but all the parts that use Textures Unlimited seem to just have no model or collision mesh, and break the editor somehow (UI becomes nonresponsive). I assume this has to do with other mods I'm messing with, so I won't bother people on this thread any more if there isn't some obvious thing I'm missing, but I just figured I'd ask in case this is a common or known issue with a known fix. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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